Grower or Shower?

I'm a grower, not a shower.

If you are not familiar with these terms here's a quick explanation:

A shower is a guy whose cock is massive when it isn't hard. In most cases, it does not grow a lot when it gets hard.

A grower is a guy whose cock is small when soft and grows a lot when it gets hard.

The Belgian stud I made love to in the summer was a classic shower:

Does it make any difference to me?

Would I have liked to be a shower instead?

Perhaps the following facts will give you some more insights on my approach to nudity when it comes to deciding on whose shoulders I place my legs before opening my ass.

Every day, I get plenty of messages from guys wishing to make love to my ass. However, there are two types of messages that I detest the most:

The first one is: "Send me your pics."

And the second one is: "How big is your cock?"

How do I respond to these messages, and why do I hate them so much?

When a guy demands that I send him my photos, I already know he's going to be a lousy lover. I know that because, on Grindr, I have five photos showing both my face and my body. In all my pictures I'm wearing either a swimsuit or a jock (frontal) and of course, I'm shirtless.

When a person asks to see "my pics," in reality, he is asking to see my ass, hole, and sometimes my cock.

As my blog follower, you know I have no problem showing any part of my body.

I also don't mind sharing photos showing how I get fucked:

Sex and nudity are normal to me.

However, the person asking to see my ass/hole/cock already sees my body and can see that I'm quite toned and muscular.

I don't believe that seeing my colorful hole should help him decide if he wants us to make love. If seeing my smooth ass is so crucial for him to make up his mind, then he's probably going to be a terrible lover.

How do I respond to this request?

If I have been speaking with the guy for a while, I will respond by saying that I don't have nude photos. If the guy wants to see my photos after only a few messages, I ignore his request.

Are there cases when I do send my nude photos?

Of course.

If I have been talking with the guy for quite some time and we get to know each other, then I don't mind showing him my naked body. I know that we are going to fuck, and seeing my naked body will only make him more eager to shoot his load in/on my ass.

That was the case with Shay, the guy who fucked me in my car on Wednesday night. We had been talking for over a month before the beautiful moment of him fucking me had finally happened.

As for being asked: "How big is your cock?"

Why am I against this message?

First of all, I'm a bottom. If a guy shows such great interest in my cock, it means he's interested in the wrong body part.

My love hole is the most sensitive part of my body,

then my ass

then my balls

then my nipples

and finally, my cock.

If a guy wants to know more about my cock and less about my ass, then clearly, he's not the kind of top I'm interested in.

The second reason why I hate this message has nothing to do with the fact I'm not a shower.

I can always send a photo of my hard cock:

erect cock
My hard cock in bed, this afternoon

However, when it's so essential for my potential sex date to see my cock, it means he's going to be a disastrous lover.

You know me, I LOVE cock.

The feeling of a hard cock firmly entering my ass makes me scream each time as if I have never been fucked before. I love the shape, smell, taste, and of course, whatever comes out of it (piss not included).

And yet, I never ask for a "dick pic" because a sex date is so much more than having a big dick taking control over my ass.

When I fucked with Shay, in my car on Wednesday night, his terrific cock didn't enter my body right away. Only after 30+ minutes of body contact, nipple play, kissing, rimming (my hole), sucking (his cock), fingering (my hole) did he start fucking me in doggie.

How did it feel when he was fucking & spanking me?

Unbelievable, even considering that five hours beforehand, another guy had fucked me at the nudist beach.

How was the first part before he fucked me?

Also unbelievable and very sensual. The fact that his cock was big and thick had nothing to do with it. His lovemaking techniques were far more critical.

How do I answer someone who asks me: "How big is your cock?"

The same answer I've been using for many years:

"It's tiny, actually it's minuscule, that's why I never share photos of my cock."

99% of times, I never hear from this guy again. On average, 1% of guys realized that I'm kidding. No guy would ever admit that his cock is small. And usually, when he sees my hard cock in bed, he makes fun of how "tiny" it is.

Bottom line (pun intended):

I don't mind that I'm not a shower.

On second thought, I'm happy that my cock does not attract special attention at the beach.

Waving a big dick when I'm not hard would have attracted the wrong kind of guys at the nudist beach. I prefer to attract guys that care more about my entire body and are more attracted to my smooth ass than my cock.

That was the case with Gideon, the hot stud who had fucked me at sunset on Wednesday, five hours before Shay did.

But that story belongs to another blog post.

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