Have you heard about Grindr's new policy? It can greatly improve your sex life!

Last night I had an erotic dream about Daniel and me kissing passionately.

We were both standing naked, in my bedroom, right here.

I usually make out at that spot before fucking in my bed.
I usually make out at that spot before fucking in my bed.

Daniel's hairy, thick cock was pressed against mine while we were kissing. Making out with him for the first time felt like a dream which wasn't a surprise since it was a dream!

Whenever I tried to turn around and offer him my love hole, he held me firmly, so I had to keep kissing him.

I remember saying to myself in the dream: "I knew he wouldn't want to fuck me." However, it didn’t worry me.

Each time we were about to cum, someone entered the room: Co-workers, cleaning staff, my parents. It was so weird.

Finally, I woke up.

It was 4 AM and my cock was rock hard and throbbing.

My cock on waking up from the dream.
My cock on waking up from the dream.

I tried falling asleep, but my cock refused to relax, thus keeping me awake. It begged me to release the pressure from my balls which I'd already done with Daniel on cam only 3 hours earlier!

I squeezed my hard cock, hoping to release some of the tension.

My reward was ample precum.

My love juices in the middle of the night.
My love juices in the middle of the night.

Eventually, my hard cock left me only one option.

I went to the toilet and gave my penis a few tight strokes to shoot my seed into the sink and get rid of my erection.

Most of my cum hit the mirror instead of the sink, as you can see in this video:

I counted more than 15 cum shots...

"I'd better not say anything about that to Daniel," was my thought before falling asleep. "Sexual tension between us is already off the scale!"

What is going on between us? Why haven't we fucked yet, and why isn't Daniel interested in my smooth hole?

It all started after Grindr had revised its guidelines regarding profile pictures. As a result, I've been receiving countless messages all day long from horny men.

One of these horny men was Daniel.

What were his thoughts before contacting me on Grindr?

In his own words: "I thought to myself: This guy has an amazing ass, and there's something special about him. I'd better send him a message and see what happens!"

But how have the guidelines changed?

Up until now, Grindr has been strict regarding nudity. You couldn't add a photo showing your ass, ass crack, even a little bit of your pubic hair, and God forbid if your VPL was even remotely visible.

What's a VPL?

"Visible Penis Line," as you can see in my photo from the beach:

How can I hide the fact that I have a penis?
How can I hide the fact that I have a penis?

What are the new guidelines?

Grindr now has the same photo guidelines as Instagram. That is, you can't post photos featuring your hole, cock, balls, bodily fluids, sexual acts, and erotic postures.

Previously, Grindr was more strict regarding male nudity than Instagram. It was such a crap.

I'm happy about this change because the previous policy was idiotic since Grindr is an application whose primary purpose is to help guys cum together.

I can finally add photos, such as this one, to my Grindr profile:

It's from my recent visit to the nudist beach.
It's from my recent visit to the nudist beach.

Having found about this change, I've uploaded three new nude photos showing my ass in the following locations:

  • Hiking in the forest

  • The nudist beach

  • In the shower

And two photos of me wearing underwear (with a very prominent VPL). One at the beach and one while hiking.

I've chosen this photo to be my main profile image:

I have several thongs like this one.
I have several thongs like this one.

I usually don't have a problem finding horny tops on Grindr. However, adding nude photos featuring my ass has given me an unfair advantage compared to other Israeli bottoms.

Is it because my ass is so smooth and fuckable?

Yes and no.

99.9% of Israeli men are hairier than me. Therefore exposing how naturally smooth my ass is draws a lot of attention from potential breeders.

But being so silky smooth wasn't the main reason why, after uploadeding photos of my ass, I've received so many messages.

The real reason is that Israelis are prudes!

As far as I can tell, I'm the only bottom in Israel who has no problem publicly exposing his ass (I'm pretty sure tops don't upload photos of their ass).

After I'd asked Daniel why he didn't include nude photos like mine in his Grindr profile, his answer was: "My friends would have said that I'm a whore and would have made fun of me."

That's the general opinion of gays in Israel regarding nudity!

Apart from having so many thick cocks to choose from, one of the other benefits of uploading photos of my ass is that it clearly indicates that I'm a bottom.

Wasn't it evident before Grindr changed the rules?

Apparently not.

Here's the hiking photo from my Grindr profile

Another example of a VPL.
Another example of a VPL.

I know that bottoms, like apples, come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But that photo makes me appear like a dominant top.

And I'm nothing of the sort. I'm a total, submissive bottom.

Don't you believe me? Then you should listen to this short audio recording of my boyfriend fucking me doggie-style.

On hearing my high-pitched voice and how I begged him to pound my ass, I'm sure you will never think of me as a top ever again!

Why do I mind if people think I'm a top?

I don't mind at all (it's even somewhat flattering). However, it wastes my time when I'm horny and searching for a sperm donor.

Since I'm a nice guy, I reply to anyone who sends me a message, bottoms included. When they hear that I'm not interested in fucking them, most bottoms move on. But some don't give up. Daniel was one of those guys.

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Daniel was one of those bottom.

His first message was: "You have an incredible body and ass. What's going on?"

I checked his profile and noticed that he was sexy, handsome, in his mid-30s, and I could already tell he was most likely a bottom.

There were no photos of his body in his profile. Therefore I said: "I'd love to return the compliment, but I can't see your body...."

The first photo he sent me was of him standing naked, proudly showing his hairy muscular ass.

"I knew it," I thought to myself, "he's a bottom!"

However, the second photo featured him, sitting naked, with a massive hard-on. I was surprised how smooth his upper body was (sadly trimmed, shaved, and after laser treatments).

Daniel had covered his face with a huge emoji. I wasn't surprised because I rarely receive a full-frontal nude photo (including face).

Guys are particularly ashamed to show full frontal with a hard-on.

I don't see what's the big deal about it!

A hard cock is just another expression of a man's anatomy!
A hard cock is just another expression of a man's anatomy!

I complimented Daniel on his good looks and terrific cock. He reciprocated with compliments and then said: "Can I see more photos of your body?"

I knew that he was interested in seeing my cock.

However, I sent him this photo instead.

This photo is just after I'd finished running 7 miles.
This photo is just after I'd finished running 7 miles.

I told Daniel that this photo had been taken at the end of my 1-hour jogging routine.

"Damn! I'm drooling over the thought of your manly scent and sweaty hole. I really would enjoy licking and sniffing your ass all over!"

I was surprised.

Perhaps Daniel wasn't a bottom after all.

I decided to test this new development by teasing Daniel: "But you haven't seen my hole yet. How do you know that you would like to lick it?"

"Oh, I'd be amazed if your terrific ass wasn't equipped with an equally beautiful hole. In any case, what are you waiting for? Show me!"

Since I thought that Daniel was a top, I decided to play hard to get.

From my experience, taking my time before finally revealing my love hole always makes the top more enthusiastic about fucking me.

Therefore, I sent him this photo first.

I can't wait for it to be warm again so I can be naked indoors!
I can't wait for it to be warm again so I can be naked indoors!

"FUCK!" was Daniel's response. "I want to kiss, lick and eat that perfect ass. But I want to see more!!! Please show me your hole, Theon. I've got to see it!"

I felt good about myself since my trick had worked.

Now it was the right time to send him a photo of my fuck hole to ensure future delivery of his seed deep inside my ass.

Here's the next photo that I sent him

This photo is right after I'd finished my mid-day workout routine.
This photo is right after I'd finished my mid-day workout routine.

"OMG! Your hole is perfect. I want to smell, lick and kiss it for hours!!! I want to bury my nose inside that hole!" was Daniel's enthusiastic response.

"You'd be disappointed," I told him. "My hole has a very faint scent. And before you ask, I know it because I play, finger, and caress my hole quite often during the day."

"I don't care! I need to eat that hole!!!"

I wasn't too excited by Daniel's excitement regarding my love hole. Sure, it was lovely to be complimented on my primary sex organ. But something was missing.

What was it?

Daniel failed to use any of the following verbs:

  • Fuck

  • Pound

  • Penetrate

  • Breed

  • Seed

  • Use

  • Own

Nevertheless, I gave it a shot: "I thought you were a bottom. I'm happy that I was mistaken."

"I am a bottom just like you. But I can't resist the urge to eat a perfectly smooth ass such as yours."

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

"When a guy eats my cum hole, I scream and moan," I told Daniel, "but that only increases my desire to get fucked. I don't enjoy myself that much if my hole gets only oral attention and my ass doesn't get pounded. It's like having an amazing first course but nothing else."

"In that case, let's bring another top to fuck us both," Daniel suggested.

"It wouldn't be fair to you because your ass is so hairy, and almost every top would prefer a smooth ass like mine!"

"What the hell! I can suck your cock while he's fucking you!"

I knew he would suggest that and that he was about to ask to see my cock, which I wasn't looking forward to.

Why was I reluctant to send a photo of my cock?

One reason is that I'm a grower, not a shower. In other words, my flaccid cock is not that impressive.

Like in this shower video from this morning

So why don't I send a photo of my hard cock instead?

Because if a guy is interested in seeing my hard cock, I don't think we will be a good match in bed. I want the person I'm about to fuck with, to ignore my cock and focus his attention solely on my ass.

And besides, I don't even enjoy getting a blowjob.

I explained all of that to Daniel after he'd asked to see my cock just as I anticipated.

"OK! No blowjobs! I'll masturbate your cock while the other guy is pounding your tight hole."

"It's not going to happen," I told him. "I don't want anyone touching or doing anything with my cock."

"Theon, you are so weird," Daniel sighed. "Well, can I at least see what I'm not allowed to touch or suck?"

I sent him this photo.

My semi-hard cock in the morning.
My semi-hard cock in the morning.

"Your cock is so beautiful, just like you," Daniel responded. "Can I see a photo when it's hard with the rest of your body?"

In response, I sent him this photo

What made my cock so hard is a story for another blog post...
What made my cock so hard is a story for another blog post...

"OMG, you have such a huge cock. How big is it?"

Now I was confident Daniel was a bottom. Only bottoms are so curious to know the size of my penis.

How big is my penis?

It's 18 cm (7 inches) long and quite thick.

Since the size of my cock is completely irrelevant when I make love, I replied by saying that I've never had complaints before.

"Theon! I want to suck, lick, kiss, and masturbate your enormous cock. I want to suck every last drop of your cum!"

"Daniel....," I reminded him, "Try to remember what I've just said about toying with my cock...."

"Well, how if I only lick your balls?"

I have a few items of lace underwear.
I have a few items of lace underwear.

As a matter of fact, I enjoy my balls being licked.

I love sitting on my lover's face and letting his tongue dance between my loose cum hole and my balls while I play with my cock.

It's a fantastic feeling.

I didn't share this knowledge with Daniel. Instead, I told him that I preferred my balls to be left alone.

Why did I lie to him?

Because I've been down this road with so many bottoms before. They start licking my balls, then grab my cock, and the next thing they try is to give me a blowjob.

When I was younger, I used to meet with bottoms all the time.

9 out of 10 times, it was a disaster. I was trying to grab their cock. They were trying to grab mine. I showed no interest in their ass, and they couldn't care less about mine.

And even if they’d promised to fuck me (as Daniel did), it never happened.

Do I honestly think that two bottoms can't have amazing sex?

What about using a double-headed dildo, for example?

I enjoy playing with dildos and vibrators.
I enjoy playing with dildos and vibrators.

I have a few dildos and four anal vibrators. But when I meet with another man, I need his thick cock, not a substitute.

While writing this blog post, Daniel sent me a message on Skype: "I miss you, Theon. Do you have a few minutes?"

A few minutes turned out to be thirty. I'm a good listener, and he wanted to share with me some trouble he was having at work and seek my advice.

"Theon, thank you! You are so sweet!" Daniel said after our discussion was over. Then he took off his shirt revealing his perfect (sadly smooth) chest and added, "I really want to hug you now."

45 minutes later we were both covered with our seed after another enjoyable cam session.

What was Daniel looking at while he was shouting my name and experiencing an orgasm?

My cum hole that he's so eager to sniff and lick

I bent over and showed him my hole
I bent over and showed him my hole

Daniel loves to cum on cam while looking at my submissive hole, which is really confusing since he's a bottom.

The first time we Skyped, he tried showing me his hairy hole, but I immediately told him that, although his backside is indeed beautiful, it’s his thick cock that excites me the most...

...and that was another lie.

I prefer the guy fucking me to have a furry ass and hole. The hairier, the better.

A smooth body like mine doesn't appear dominant enough for me!

A top that is smooth like me is too feminine for my taste.
A top that is smooth like me is too feminine for my taste.

Why did I lie to him?

Because Daniel is a bottom and, had I shown even the slightest interest in his hairy anus, he would have never shown me his terrific-looking, dark cock.

Daniel doesn't mind that I get horny from his cock, because he wants me to suck him off.

I've sent this photo to Daniel to show him how much I love cock!
I've sent this photo to Daniel to show him how much I love cock!

What's going to happen between us?

Daniel is a terrific guy, and I think I will want him to eat my ass at least once. He said that, when we meet, he will eat my hole as long as I want him to.

Even though he's a bottom, he has some very appealing benefits.

What are those benefits?

  • He's sexy,

  • He loves kissing,

  • He's crazy about my ass, body, and cock, even though he knows my penis is off-limits.

  • I'm crazy about his hairy ass, sexy body, and delicious-looking cock.

After two months of chatting and wanking together, we've become good friends even though we've never met.

What's stopping us?

He lives in Tel Aviv, a long way from my apartment, and doesn't have a car. I have a car, but I hate driving to the big city, especially when it's so cold.

Most importantly, because of Omrikon, I rarely meet with guys. Israel is the #1 in the world as regards infections.

So is there a chance of him eating my ass any time soon?

Although I suggested the nudist beach, it's still too cold…

...even though I was there last week after a few months!
...even though I was there last week after a few months!

But I don't want to wait till June for his tongue to explore my love hole! I'm very attracted to him and still have an unrealistic hope that he will eventually fuck me.

I plan to go to his place when Felix visits the States in March.

I promise to keep you updated...

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