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Today, I am adding a new feature to the blog:

At the end of each month, I will post a summary blog, with the photos and short descriptions of what I posted during the last month.

This feature is also for me.

The blog serves as a diary for me. We remember very little of our life. Of course, we all remember the significant events, the good ones, and the tragic ones. But there is so much more to life.

It could be a lovely afternoon spent with best friends, or awesome afternoon sex with a tourist at the beach or a new lover giving you a present for the first time.

When I read my blog, it is like reading a diary.

To those of you that follow, thank you for showing interest in my life's journey.

I came up with this idea while hiking today in the forest with Luka. I was not naked today because on a Friday there are too many people in the woods, families also.

However, here is a photo from Monday of this week. I hiked in my jocks for nearly an hour and later sat at this spot and played with myself.

So, what happened in my life this month?

The most significant thing was, of course, deepening my relationship with Felix. He's an awesome guy and very beautiful. He was on a ski trip for one week this month, and he got me a present when he came back. It was adorable, but not as adorable as he is. I always loved him, like I love all my friends, but I can now say that I am also in love with him.

I fucked with Dor, which is my best friend. We did not fuck for several years, but when Felix was abroad, we have had the most intense lovemaking. By the way, tomorrow I plan to hike with both of them. Both of them made love to my ass this month. Who's a better lover? I'll answer that in another blog post.

I did not write about it, but my co-worker that has been bullying me at work has finally started to behave nicely. Our work relationship is almost back to normal. I am still on guard, and I have the full backing of management, including the CEO.

My connection with my new 24 years old German friend has deepened as well. He views me as his sex/life/vegan mentor, and that is a great honor for me as well as a huge responsibility. We talk a lot (chat & voice messages) every day. He is so talented besides being fucking sexy. So far, I have been having sex with his beautiful mind. I hope that one day, I hope to kiss him while looking deep into his eyes.

A decision I made this month was that I will no longer have sex at home with people who still eat meat. That decision came after fantastic sex with Dean, who could not care less about the suffering of animals.

And I posted two videos. In one video, I am shooting my load while thinking of the German prince. In the other one, I am masturbating in my rooftop jacuzzi. I added both of them to this post as well.

Without further ado, here are the posts from this month with a featured photo and a short description.

You can click on the photo, the title, or the attached link to read the actual post.

3.1.2020 - Blood, Cum, Tears, and Sweat

"I wanted to get Felix to be naked outdoors and cream my ass and I was successful in both. Mission accomplished"


5.1.2020 - I'm not Monogamous

"I will never be monogamous. Not as long as I have such intense sexual desires. They are too strong for me to commit to one cock." https://www.imjudas.com/post/i-m-not-monogamous

6.1.2020 - A German Devil

"I hear him cry my name aloud for a few times, he masturbates frantically.

Then he shouts my name again and shoots his cum."


8.1.2020 - It's That Simple

"Felix told me that he never fucked anyone in a jacuzzi before.

I wanted to show him how intense it feels."


12.1.2020 - The Ass Highway

"If I am with him at the beach, it is going to make it tricker to have sex with other guys. It's not that I am cheating on him."


13.1.2020 - "I Love You"

"When you smile, there is such a light in your eyes. I am speaking from my heart here, I mean it: I love you with all my heart."


15.1.2020 - "Better than Viagra"

"I removed my clothes in this order: Shirt, shorts, and finally, my jocks.

It felt great hiking naked, even though I was cold"


20.1.2020 Dor's cum back

"Even though we were both stoned beyond belief, we got naked in record time. We were rolling in my bed, kissing, licking & sucking"


24.1.2020 - Opera in Bed

"Before showering, I squeezed my soft cock and milked my prostate with my ass muscles. There was still lots of cum as you can see."


28.1.2020 - It's Pink!

"From time to time, he would lean forward and kiss me for a very long time while his cock was deep inside of me. It made me moan loudly."


29.1.2020 - Fountain of Youth

"What would you say if I told you that you can have the same testosterone levels as if you were a guy in his early twenties?"


30.1.2020 - A Million Dollars

"I took a video of myself enjoying my cock and my hole in my rooftop jacuzzi. I hope that you like it."

Here are the two videos that I posted this month:

I hope that you have enjoyed this month as much as I did. I also hope that you like this new feature. I will do the same for the previous months as well.

Lots of naked hugs,


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