Goodbye 5779

Today is the last day of the Jewish year, 5779.

5780 starts this evening.

I will be celebrating the new year with my parents, sister's family, and three vegan friends.

It will be at my parent's place. They are both 79 but insisted on having us all over.

My parents are real fighters.

That's how I became one as well.

The meal will be 100% vegan.

I will never understand how can you say "Happy New Year" when on the dinner table there are corpses of victims and blood splashes everywhere.

During the traditional dinner ceremony, you express wishes and blessings using various types of dishes. You wish for prosperity, peace, health, and so on.

Here are some of the "blessings" foods from last year's dinner:

Traditional New Year's dishes for making wishes

A beach friend took this photo of me two weeks after what happened to me. It was the end of the beach season 2018.

I suffered neurological damage to the right side of my brain. 6 weeks after that, my mom had a heart attack.

"I did not do the blessings with all my heart", my brother in law said afterward. "I wished for health and looked at what has happened."

Of course, it was not his fault, but it was a troubled year, no doubt.

After what happened to me, I was in a state of shock.

Vital functions of my brain/body connection were damaged, and I knew that they will never come back to me. I became 30% disabled in a matter of minutes.

I did not feel comfortable with my body. Even being nude was weird for me. That's why I was not naked in this photo. I was sad, depressed, ashamed.

I used to cry a lot during that time.

I knew that it would take me months to recover back some of the functions that I have lost.

It took me a while to accept this fact.

I was so depressed and afraid of my body that I did not have sex for nearly three months, nor did I get hard.

The doctors told me I have a 25% chance that it will happen to the left side of my brain in the next five years. Damage to the remaining part of my mind will make me 90% disabled.

A year has passed, and I am still here.

I woke up this morning and decided I should come out to my blog readers with my new glasses.

I was still naked in bed (I always sleep naked), as you can see in this photo.

I wanted to take a picture of triumph.

One that shows I have struggled with my demons and my disability and had won.

You see, my vision became impaired because of what has happened. I did not want to admit it. I did not want to appear with glasses. I felt ashamed for a long time.

Two weeks ago, I gave up.

The glasses can't restore my vision to were it was before the damage, but it does help a lot. It also takes the burden a little bit of my left eye.

Getting the glasses was perhaps the final answer to the question that I was asking myself since it happened to me:

How can I go on?

How can I live my life knowing that there is an ax above my head, ready to strike at any given moment?

Now, I know exactly how I am going to live my life from now on.

The same way I have lived my life so far.

I do have a beautiful life. A loving family surrounds me; my best friends are genuinely like angles (a fact I am even more aware now), my job is very fulfilling, my sex life is terrific, my hobbies bring me lots of joy and so on.

Happiness is here, close to me, every day.

Being naked and watching the sunset at the beach or watching the sunrise over the desert

Enjoying sensual and prolonged anal lovemaking with a lover who deeply enters my body and feeling this fantastic man2man connection.

Laughing in a vegan restaurant with my best friends

Seeing my beloved parents

Spending time with my amazing nephews and nieces

Everything is here close to me, within reach. I will continue to live, to love, to make love, to create, to be who I am

And to be optimistic.

Because honestly, I have no other choice

What about my new glasses?

For months after I suffered the damage, I was depressed, taking massive amounts and steroids and lost any interest in sex.

My cock did not even get hard in the morning. It turned into a peeing device, nothing more.

I did not masturbate as well.

As you can see, my cock and my mood are both up this morning.

Oh - and these are my new glasses by the way,


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