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PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3???

Do you know the God of War series on the PlayStation?

It is one of my favorites.

I played all the titles a few times. I played them on the PS2, PS3, PS4. I also played the remastered versions. I have at home two PS3, two PS4 and one PS2.

Why do I have multiple systems?

My "PS4 Pro" & PS3 are connected to my projector in the movie room. The legacy systems (XBOX/XBOX 360/PS2/anothert PS3/PS4) are connected to my 60 inch TV.

Playing on a 100-inch movie screen or a 60-inch monitor is a different experience. It's like going to a movie theater vs. watching a movie at home.

I Skyped with a cute guy from the States. He asked me if it's OK to talk about my brain injury. I hesitated a bit since I don't like to talk about it. It's enough that I have my demons to deal with, especially when I am alone, especially at night.

Eventually, then I told him:

"Sure, what would you like to know?".

"Well, you look fine to me; how did this brain injury affect you?"

So, I have told him about a few things, and when he said, "oh shit," then I stopped.

I am not mad at him that he has asked. He wanted to help; perhaps he wanted to know what to say. It was all done in good heart; I am sure about it.

There was one thing though that I forgot to tell him.

I can no longer play God of War (or any similar titles).

Something with my hand-eye coordination is forever gone. My mind gives the order to my hand, but I can sense a 2-5 seconds delay. It is maddening sometimes. I know I should press the joystick button to avoid the next obstacle or to jump a ledge, but by the time I do it, it's too late.

I started playing "Dante's Inferno" two months ago. It's a similar title. I was hoping that I can finish it.