Go Back!

When I woke up this morning, the headlines were all about an illegal alien from the Philippines. She and her 13 years old son were deported back to their country.

She came over legally to work.

After working here for six years, instead of going back, she decided to stay illegally. Her son was born here, and the father is also from the Philippines.

Her case went all the way to the supreme court, and the ruling was that she and her son have no right to stay here.

She screamed, and he cried when they bordered the plane. The immigration officials had to use force because they did not cooperate.

I thought to myself that in a way, it resembles what is happening in the States with illegal immigrants from Center and Latin America. But, honestly, I don't know enough about it to pass judgment.

I can pass judgment on what is going in Israel, though.

Before passing harsh judgment, Here is a photo of me and sweet Luka at the beach yesterday.

Yes, the big smile indicates that I have had a lot of anal fun, but I will share that with you in another post.

This is a serious post, hopefully my smile makes it lighter

I'll begin with the media.

People have lost their faith in the media because of the way such events are being reported.

The media gave more emphasis to the crying of her son and not to the fact that she stayed here illegally for 15 years.

She is not a refugee; she has a country and a family to go back to. As for her son, the fact that he was born here does not make him Israeli.

Israeli immigration rules are straightforward:

If you are Jewish, you have what is called the "Right of Return."

You can immigrate and become a citizen. Even if you are a devoted catholic, and so were your parents, but your grandpa was Jewish, you have this right.

Many Russians who have absolutely no connection to Judaism used this loophole to have a better life.

You can also stay here and become a citizen if you are married to an Israeli citizen. This also applies to gay marriage or common-law marriage (since 2000).

The "Right of Return" law, was created because the so-called "free world," has repeatedly proven that he has a desire to humiliate and murder Jews.

In Europe, the Germans, with the aid of almost all other European countries, murdered 6 million Jews.

Now, 74 years later, Europe is once again an anti-Semitic garbage can with the Germans leading the cheering crowds. Every day a Jewish cemetery is desecrated in Germany. Yes, every day.

But the Europeans want to teach us morals.

Maybe we should listen to them?

After all, they belong to the "religion of love."

The roots of Christianity are based on antisemitism.

The "fathers" of the Catholic Church and also the apostles were antisemites. The holocaust is a natural consequence of their teachings.

Luther, the one who created Protestantism, was a disgusting antisemite who specially wrote about the need to get rid of all the Jews.

The Catholic Church organized a network that helped prominent Nazi criminals escape judgment and flee to South America.

I think the Europeans are the last people that can lecture us about morals.

Muslims are even worse.

While 20% of the Israeli population are Muslims, there is not a single Jewish community in all of the Muslim world (in the Middle East and Africa).

The States, Canada & Australia are the only safe places for Jews.

We all pray that it will stay like that for many more years. But, history has shown us that it can change, sometimes very quickly.

That's why we have Israel.

Israel is a place for Jews to be free.

Here, we have our army, police, judges, laws, and the power to influence our future.

The "Right of Return" was created because the free world has proven over the last 2000 years that Jews have no rights.

Even the right to breathe air was deprived of us by the Europeans in the gas chambers.

So, save us the lectures.

If you are Jewish, you are welcome to return home.

If you want to join us by marrying a Jew or by converting to Judaism, you are also welcome to live among us.

All others need to go back to their own countries.

It's that simple.