Gideon's Yemenite Hammer

I thought about the nudist beach this morning while taking a shower

Dor, my best buddy (and former (-present?) fuck buddy), told me that the cops have sealed the entrance to the nudist beach because of COVID-19. I'm not too worried. The last time it happened, someone brought his toolbox and opened it.

Nothing can stop us, gays, from nudity and fun.

Later today, I will be at the nudist beach. It has been a while since a guy made love to my ass there. The last one was Gideon. Gideon was a Yemenite Jew who came over to check me out. It was already nearly sunset.

I had an erotic dream about him last night, most likely because I was doing cam sex with a black guy before going to bed.

It was so hot.

I must have had that erotic dream because the black guy's massive cock reminded me of Gideon's.

"Bring your sweet hole closer to the cam, so I can check it out."

Two minutes later, his colossal black cock shot multiple loads of delicious white cream all over his black upper body while looking at my open pinkish love hole.

Gideon's dark cock did not shoot cream all over his body.

He filled my ass instead.

As I was watching his approach, I decided to put on my jock. I was very horny, but I had no patience for another disaster with a bottom. I wrote about the sex I've had at the nudist beach with a submissive guy like me here:

3 Married guys

That evening at the nudist beach, I wanted a top to worship my smooth ass while I serviced his cock. I was not looking for anyone to mess with my cock. I needed my ass and, more importantly, my love hole to be spoiled rotten.

Why did I put on my jock?

Very simple:

A top can't resist a muscular ass like mine that is wrapped in a jock. Unless, of course, he prefers a hairy ass. I'm still to meet a top that prefers his bottom to present a hairy love hole.

Gideon casually kept walking past me. I knew he was checking my ass and my body. I counted up to ten when he'd passed me, and just as I expected, he stopped.

He pretended not to care about anything. He was looking north then south. There was nothing to see; I was alone at the beach.

I knew that, while he was looking south, he was looking at me, and so I turned around, so he could enjoy looking at my wrapped ass.

Then he started walking back.

I suspected that he was interested in fucking me. I also guessed that he was most likely married because he was afraid to come closer to my demanding ass.

Therefore, I smiled at him and bent down as if to pick up my belongings to pack them away, but in truth, to show him my sensual smooth love hole.

I'm sure that you know these cruel mouse traps. You put cheese inside, and the mouse can't resist it—the minute the innocent victim licks the cheese, the door slams behind him.

Rats are smarter; you can't trick them that easily.

Thankfully, a horny top, is almost always like a mouse, not a rat.

And once he sees the dark lips of my hole, he can't resist getting closer to lick them. Before he knows it, the door to my body tightens on his hard cock.

Gideon was a mouse, and he swallowed the bait instantly. Thankfully he had a cock like a bull. At that time, I did not know it. I guessed it, though, because all the Yemenite guys who've fucked me have had massive cocks.

"Your ass looks amazing in that underwear. It’s the first time I’ve seen it worn casually. I thought one only wore it while exercising or playing ."

I almost released a sigh of relief. Gideon was a top, thank God!

I wanted to tell him:

"Don't worry; we are going to exercise in a few minutes." But before that, I had to do something. I had to make sure Gideon knows that I'm a bottom. For some unknown reason, guys usually mistake me for a top.

I have no idea why. Can't guys hear my ass sing?

"Bottoms like me, often wear a jock.", I smiled at him, "You know, it's a good way for them to show off their ass."

After I'd said that, I noticed his monster cock had become huge in his shorts. Whatever was lurking in his pants was gigantic - and now hard.

"Those tiny freckles on your ass, they make it so damn sexy. I can't resist staring at it."

My smile widened.

"Why just stare? You are allowed to touch my ass. That is if you want to..."

When his warm hands started caressing my ass, I immediately released a loud yell. Although it was a cold evening, his warm hands had sent an electric current through my entire body.

It was not long before that his thick fingers found my smooth hole, and I released a loud cry as he pressed it gently, not fingering me yet.

And an even a louder cry when he started fingering my gates of heaven.

"What a hole, OMG, it's perfect and smooth. It is red hot inside. And your ass, it's amazing. So smooth, soft, and strong."

Then he held my ass firmly and spanked both cheeks.

"Fuck, it makes such a beautiful sound too."

In case you are wondering if he ate my ass:

He gave me fantastic rimming.

The feeling of his warm hands spreading my cheeks and his wet tongue exploring my hole, nearly made me faint. My cock was of no interest to him, thank God. He was entirely focusing on my major sex organ.

Let me fast forward 20 minutes.

I was in doggie, and his cock was deep inside my love tunnel. We were both very close to traveling together to the heavens.

"I'm so close," I told him.

In response, he thrust his cock deep inside me, 3-4 more times before stopping. I screamed again. He had such a huge cock. Each time his dark mushroom reached my spine, I felt that my body was now his.

I wondered if his wife allows him to fuck her so deeply and powerfully.

From the way he was making love to my ass, I guessed not. He was so excited that he could push his entire huge cock inside my oven. He expressed his astonishment that I could take it. Not an inch was left outside my thirsty hole.

"I am also so close. Would you come for me while I'm fucking you?"

"Don't you want to come first or with me?"

"No, I want to be inside this amazing ass while you shoot your load. I'll fill your ass with my sperm straight afterward. I have so much sperm for your ass. You won't regret it."

I never regret it when my thirsty ass gets to drink the cream of love.

But the problem is: after I come, my ass tightens. A normal size cock can continue fucking me for about ten more minutes before it becomes painful for me.

But there was nothing "normal" about the size of Gideon's cock. Three minutes, five at most after emptying my balls, and I would have to ask him to stop fucking me.

I told him that.

"Your ass tightens after you come? Hmmm, that must feel amazing."

In response, I tightened my grip on his massive cock using my powerful ass muscles. I could milk it just like that without either of us moving.

"Damn, Theon, I get your point. Now come for me, babe."

It was already somewhat dark, and there was no one at the beach. Therefore I allowed myself to scream and beg him to fuck me while I was emptying my balls.

Gideon was fucking me slowly during my orgasm, probably because he was so close. He kept spanking me hard the whole time. The combination of pain and pleasure intensified my orgasm to incredible heights.

When it was over just as I'd feared, I felt that my ass was starting to close. If Gideon's cock hadn't been so huge, I'd have taken it out and lubed it with my cum and then pushed it back in. However, I knew that if I'd taken his Yemenite hammer out of my no-longer-loose hole, chances are I wouldn't be able to offer him my ass again.

I wanted to give him my ass for his ultimate pleasure because he had been fantastic so far (and also charming - lucky wife).

"Your ass contracts powerfully when you shoot your load. It feels so extraordinary. It gave me a mini orgasm."

"What about your major orgasm?" I asked him and reached my hand and massaged his huge balls. I rubbed my cum on them.

Gideon didn't need any more hints. He put both his hands on my thighs and started fucking me with force. I grabbed his balls.

Holding the balls of the guy who makes love to my ass is the quickest way to make him come. Gideon yelled like a caveman when he was shooting his massive load in me. He was not joking when he'd talked about how much love juice he had in his balls.

He held my ass, panting heavily when he was over. Then he took his love tool out, and I screamed one last time when I felt my body becoming my own once again.

I turned around and licked every drop of cum off his cock. Gideon was still hard even though his balls were empty. Then I took some cum that kept leaking out of my open hole and licked it from my fingers.

I wanted to demonstrate to him my gratitude for giving me such a terrific gift. I'd given up any hope of serving a man with my ass that afternoon until he showed up.

Six hours later, Shay was fucking me in my car. But that story will have to wait for another time.

My boss is also a Yemenite. I've never seen his cock, but he is the cutest boss ever.

However, unless I start working, I fear that even my muscular ass will not help me escape his anger.

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