I've stopped getting fucked and started drinking whisky

Luka and I haven't been to the nudist beach for over three weeks.

Is this the reason why I've stopped getting fucked?

Not at all.

I have several fuck buddies who live close to my place. During beach season, I fuck with others only at the beach. That's why I haven't written about them for quite some time.

During beach season, my sweet boyfriend, Felix, has been the only one fucking me in my apartment.

Has it been too cold these past three weeks?

On the contrary, the weather has been perfect for swimming, nude bathing, and outdoor ass pounding.

So what's happened?

I'm housebound like the rest of the nation.

The lockdown isn't as bad as it was in March, but, since this is the second time there is a nationwide lockdown, it's tougher to accept.

Besides the nude beach, I can't go hiking, visit friends, go to restaurants, and so on.

I feel trapped indoors, and I want to break out.

Getting fucked by my fuck buddies and others would have been a great way to relax during these challenging times. However, as I've stated, that's no longer an option.

The only plus of being indoors for so long is that I have plenty of time to market my blog and answer followers in a more timely fashion.

For example, this week, two guys have asked me about my body hair.

The first one asked me if the cock in this photo was mine:

I was surprised by his question.

"Of course, it's mine. Why would I claim it was my cock if it wasn't?"

"In other photos, you don't look so hairy. You look smooth, almost hairless."

The second guy began his chat with me thus:

"You OOZE natural sex out of every pore of your body! I am pretty sure you were broken in as a very young, hairless, prepubescent boy faggot! HOT!"

I was first fucked when I was 16, at roughly around 8:30 PM. Ever since that evening, my hole has been used beautifully by countless guys. Each time a new cock starts exploring my ass, I feel as excited and submissive as I did then.

In truth, that first time wasn't particularly exciting, but that's a story for another blog post.

However, the guy was right.

My ass was "broken" at quite an early age.

I told him that.

After chatting some more, he sent me this surprising message:

"I didn't think you could be sexier, but with less hair, you are even sexier! KUDOS!"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean when you are manscaped, like in some of the pics on your site."

I don't "manscape," "shave," "trim," "tidy up," or do anything with my body hair. I shaved my bush once in my early 20s and hated the bald, boyish appearance of my cock.

I love my pubic hair.

It's so much fun.

The reason why I appear hairy or smooth in different photos has nothing to do with "manscaping."

In general, I can look hairier or smoother, depending on:

  • The time of day

  • How much light shines on my body

  • If it's natural light or camera flashlight

  • If I'm wet or dry

  • The quality of the photo

  • Black and white photos tend to make me look hairier.

If flash reflects from my wet, zoomed-in cock, I may look very hairy. Just like in the photo, the first guy asked me about it.

I look smooth when I'm dry and soft light shines on my body.

It's always the same cock and the same amount of hair around it.

As for no longer getting my smooth ass fucked:

My decision to keep my love hole closed for the time being wasn't because of what had happened to me the last time I was at the beach.

That was three weeks ago.

The government was about to declare a lockdown because infection rates were off the charts.

The numbers were appalling:

There were nine thousand new cases of CV-19 every day. Compared to the States, that's like 350,000 new cases a day.

In April, there were only 23 new cases per day.

That afternoon, at the beach, I was horny.

However, because there were so many people at the nudist beach, I realized I wouldn't find a secluded place where I could get nicely fucked. Still, I got lucky because no one was at the citadel. That's where Brian had fucked me the previous week.

You can read how Brian fucked me here:

How I got fucked at the Citadel by Brian

An hour before sunset, I saw Brian again. I recognized him from afar.

He was walking naked towards me and his massive thick cock dangled between his muscular legs.

Brian is shortsighted, so I enjoyed staring at him, smiling, and thinking of getting fucked again by him. He didn't realize I was looking at him until he was near my horny ass. Only then, did he notice me; he smiled, and came over.

"Sweet Theon, it's so good to see you!"

We hugged, kissed, and just like last week, he firmly grabbed my ass and played with my love hole.

"I'd say that someone needs a piece of ass," I told him.

"I always love playing with your hot hole, but no, I'm not in the mood for fucking."

"What's wrong, babe?" I asked.

Brian was in a bad mood because of the coming lockdown. I couldn't blame him, since I was depressed as well.

We talked for a while, and just when he was about to leave, he pointed out a very sexy guy who was lying face-down, naked, his hairy legs spread, not too far away from me.

Just as how I am in this photo, he was faced down, except he was hairy and very muscular.

"Who's this guy? His ass looks amazing!"

That hot guy had more than just a stunning hairy ass.

He was also unbelievably sexy.

He knew it and kept showing off his body the entire afternoon. He teased every passing guy without any intention of offering his godly, muscular ass or thick cock to us mere mortals.

"I thought you couldn't see that well," I told Brian.

"Oh, I can recognize a great ass even without glasses."

"This guy is an Adonis. But, don't waste your time on him because he's full of himself."

"Well, at least I'll check him out."

"I thought you weren't horny!" I protested.

"I'm not! But I want to have one last look at another sexy ass like yours before I'm buried alive in my apartment for a couple of weeks."

"It's not like my ass. You told me last week that you can't stand a hairy ass!"

"Don't be a bitchy jealous bottom, darling; it doesn't suit you!"

Brian was right.

I was giving him a hard time over nothing. He just wanted to check out that sexy guy. He'd probably never fuck him because, indeed, his ass was so hairy.

As for me: I thought that his ass was beyond beautiful; it was godly, just like the rest of his body.

We kissed, and, again, he grabbed my ass. I grabbed his smooth big balls and thick cock. We both moaned while kissing. I got hard again, but Brian got only semi-hard. The fact he didn't get rock hard was clear evidence that his mind was elsewhere.

After Brian had finished checking the Adonis's hairy ass, he pointed at it and showed me with a "thumb down" sign that he preferred mine, which was very sweet of him.

Shortly after, he was gone, and people started leaving as well.

I was still wearing my jock because an ass wrapped in a jock has a far greater chance of getting fucked from my experience.

And once again I was right.

A muscular, tall guy passed me and checked out my horny ass. From his appearance, I recognized he was Muslim. From the massive bulge in his shorts, I could also tell that he had a typical Muslim cock.

What's a typical Muslim cock?

Dark, thick, and extra long.

He was drawn to my ass, as I was to his huge cock. Last season I had some great fucks with several Muslims. However, this season, no Muslim bred me.

That afternoon was the last one of the season before lockdown.

I figured that having Muslim cum leaking out of my smooth love hole would be a perfect ending to another great season and a final departing gift.

He came over and we started talking. He was 27, single, and in the closet. He didn't have to tell me that.

I could tell from his behavior.

"Do you liked getting fucked?" he asked me.

"Very much."

"Show me your ass again!"

He was demanding, which I liked because I enjoy being submissive. I turned around to let him have a closer inspection of my ass.

"You have a beautiful ass. It's so smooth, like a woman's."

I'm used to guys saying that about my ass.

You can read more about it here:

Once and for all: Is my hole a Cunt or an Anus?

He hadn't touched my ass, which I found odd. Looking back, that was the first warning sign.

But at that moment, I thought it was because he was embarrassed that his massive cock was hard. When I turned back, I could quickly tell he was hiding a monster in his beach shorts.

Since he was shy, I decided to help him release his cock and later his load. I pointed at his shorts and said:

"You have a massive cock. Why don't you take it out?"

"Really? Do you want to see my huge cock? Would you like to suck it?"

"Of course, I'd love that.", I responded.

He kept his shorts on but took his cock and hairy balls out.

His dark hammer was like a dream come true.

At that moment, I felt that it was going to be such a fantastic finale to this beach season.

His hairy balls were also big. I moaned just by looking at them and thinking about how I was about to use my ass to extract every last drop of his white gold from them.

I kneeled and started serving his cock.

I didn't do it for too long because he was trying to force all of it deep into my throat. I can take up to 9 inches of thick flesh in my ass, but my throat is another matter.

I tried to make him stop choking me with his dark tool by playing with his hairy balls. Most guys have an intense sensation when their balls are massaged and played with.

It makes them forget about everything.

But not him.

He grabbed my head and tried to choke me again. I nearly puked because he wouldn't let go of my head.

"Do you like it? Say that you like my cock!!!"

I rose and took a look at his massive erection. Suddenly, I didn't fancy it that much.

I enjoy being submissive, but I realized that he wasn't dominant. If anything, he was abusive.

In an attempt to make myself horny again, I grabbed his cock. It was so warm and throbbing. In response, he moaned loudly.

"Turn around; I want to fuck you!"

I didn't like how he said it, but I'm used to guys ordering me sometimes to serve their cock. I thought that once his tool was inside my ass, things would be different.

I'd already lubed and fingered my love hole with three fingers.

I got my hole open while I was trying to suck him properly. I had to do it before he was about to fuck me because his tool was so massive. Now my hole was open and ready for his enormous mushroom.

I was about to ask him to start fucking me slowly. But, before I had the opportunity, he shocked me.

He took out a pair of black rubber gloves and put them on before lubing his dark cock.

That's exactly the kind of gloves he put on
That's exactly the kind of gloves he put on

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm not going to touch your ass without gloves."

"Oh, no. I don't think this is going to work out." I told him.

His massive cock was ready and lubed, and so was my open hole, but I wasn't going to get fucked by a guy wearing rubber gloves.

It was also stupid because he wasn't using a condom. However, the reason for him using gloves had nothing to do with fear of diseases.

In Muslim culture, as long as you're doing the fucking you're not considered gay. By putting on gloves, he probably distanced himself even more from the fact that he was fucking a guy.

That's bullshit, I thought and pulled up my jock.

"Please, please, let me fuck you. You are so sexy. You won't mind the gloves that much once I start fucking you."

I'm a nice guy, that's my problem.

Also, since he'd complimented me, I softened somewhat. The warning signs were still there, but his compliment, combined with his massive erection, clouded my judgment.

I always try to think positively. I'd probably have refused to believe we were all about to die until the very last minute if I’d been on the Titanic!

So, I decided to give him one last chance to prove that his inexperienced cock was worthy of my skillful ass.

"Ok," I told him, "But start fucking me slowly. Your cock is huge."

I turned around again and was expecting him to make the first move.

While waiting, I almost smiled, remembering that only my family doctor had ever checked my love hole while wearing gloves.

Of course, my doctor never had his lubed cock next to my horny hole. Therefore, I assumed this guy would press his thick cock against my crack and only then spread my cheeks to take a closer look at my open hole before fucking it.

But he wasn't about to do any of that. Instead, he said: "Wait for my cock in doggie."

"That makes sense", I thought to myself. He was a dominant top, and most dominant tops prefer fucking in that position.

I was going to wait for him like this.

I started to kneel, but what happened next horrified me. He pushed me so forcibly I was practically thrown to the ground.

"What the fuck?" I yelled, "What do you think you're doing?"

I was mad as hell.

"That's it; I'm leaving."

It was a good thing I'd already packed my belongings. I put on my jock and was about to leave.

"I'm sorry, please don't leave. Look, I'll even take the gloves off for you. See? I'm taking the gloves off."

"We're done here," I told him. I put on my backpack and left.

"Come back here, you fucking slut”, he yelled.

I ignored him, and while walking, I realized that I was trembling.

Luckily there were still some people at the beach, and it wasn't yet dark. I placed my beach mat next to them and waited for him to leave.

It took him a while. I guess he was masturbating. Ten minutes later, he walked by without looking at me.

After he was gone, I got naked again and took a photo of the season's last sunset.

The irony was that where I was sitting, there were a few cute naked guys. Once I stood up and got naked, I could tell from how two of them were staring at my ass that they wanted to fuck me.

However, I wasn't in the mood.

I was still in shock from what I viewed as a near-rape experience.

I was raped at the age of 17, and what had just happened brought back some bad memories.

You can read about it here:

Raped @ 17 - Part 1

I waited for another 20 minutes before leaving.

I had my pepper spray ready at hand when I walked back to my car. But I guess that after he'd emptied his balls, he was no longer interested in my ass.

So, was this horribly, scary experience the reason why I've stopped getting fucked?

No, not at all.

I love getting fucked. Even after I was raped all those years ago, I got fucked again quite soon afterward.

So why is my love hole closed for business?

Because of fear of getting Covid-19 😢

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