Before we made love he asked me if I was a CIA agent

Almost two years after he'd made love to my ass, I saw my sweet Arab lover again.

I wrote about our encounter on 7.30.2019, and yesterday, 6.30.2021, I saw him again at the nudist beach.

Even our reunion, 25 minutes before sunset, didn't change the fact that my beach experience yesterday was rather dull. It was so disappointing that today I decided to stay at home and cool myself on my roof terrace.

It was my first rooftop shower of the summer.

I don't care if my neighbors see me naked.
I don't care if my neighbors see me naked.

I love the heat (and hate the cold). It's so awesome to be naked at the beach, cooling off in the Mediterranean while drinking a cold beer.

However, yesterday that wasn't an option.

Ouch: The water is full of jellyfish particles.
Ouch: The water is full of jellyfish particles.

I got stung twice by jellyfish even though I was in the water only for a few seconds. Therefore, I suffered from the extreme heat without being able to cool myself off.

Sadly, fucking was also not an option.

Even though I was lying next to sexy Asher and his terrific cock was rock hard, there was no chance that he was going to take it out of his blue speedo.

I tried to tempt Asher to let me play with his tool, but he wouldn't. I turned a few times on my stomach to tease him with my smooth ass - to no avail.

Asher fondly caressed my ass and played with my hole.

Asher's touch was fantastic.
Asher's touch was fantastic.

But he still kept his breeding equipment locked away.

What was wrong?

Asher is very shy and he never gets naked when people are around

I don't care at all if people see me naked, but I walk a lot to get to the northern end of the nudist beach. In that remote location (which is so beautiful), I'm mostly alone.

However, yesterday, oddly enough, there were seven people there while the rest of the two-mile-long beach was empty.

"Asher, please, just get one ball out so I can play with it."

"Theon, cutie, you know what I'm like!"


Asher raised his legs, took my left hand, and put my fingers inside his speedo from below. I moaned on feeling his huge testicles and terrific, moist hairy hole.

His balls were so large, hairy, and tender. I knew they were full of fabulous, sweet semen.

Asher can come 2-3 times in one afternoon. I wrote about it here:

Can men ejaculate more than once? Some can, and it's incredible!

At that moment, I hated the people around us.

Why did they get to this location? The shallow pools are my spot!

All seven of them were checking us out. They were no doubt waiting for us to start fucking. Two of them were already masturbating while looking at us.

After Asher had left, I was so angry that I left as well.

I walked half a mile south and found a secluded spot. Shortly after, one of those masturbators had followed, sat next to me, and started masturbating again while looking at my naked body and cock.

I wasn't sure what he was looking at because my cock was so small since I was still angry.

I was hoping that he would shoot his load and leave, but he continued to masturbate while beckoning me to join him.

I took my backpack and hid behind a rock.

I could see his head, but he couldn't see my body.
I could see his head, but he couldn't see my body.

Only then did he leave and I was finally alone.

Two hours later, I re-united with Arif, the sweet Muslim.

I watched him as he was walking, with his beach bag and baseball cap.

I didn't recognize him.
I didn't recognize him.

He checked me out but kept on walking north.

Ten minutes later, he returned. He placed his backpack almost at the same spot where the annoying masturbator had been, got naked, and walked towards me.

I still didn't recognize him.

"At first, I thought you were a tourist," he said.

It was a weird way to start a conversation.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because of your speedo."

I was wearing my speedo at that moment.
I was wearing my speedo at that moment.

"I'm happy that you're not a tourist because I dislike uncut cocks. They are so gross," he said ,along with an expression of disgust..

"I disagree; I love uncut cocks," I said. "I can't wait for the tourists to return. Besides, maybe I'm uncut, and you've insulted me now."

"I know your cock is cut."

I took off my speedo and said "And now you can also be sure of it!"

"You don't understand. I know you. I've seen your cock before, but I guess you don't remember me."

Arif's dark, thick cock, seemed very familiar. I looked at it again. It was semi-hard, and I had a vague notion that this beautiful cum-pipe had been inside my ass.

His voice was also very familiar.

Then I remembered him and proved it by telling him where he lives, what he does for a living, and how extraordinary our lovemaking was.

"Still, you didn't remember me at first!"

I never forget someone who'd made love to my ass, especially if he'd bred me, like Arif. True, I've had sex with countless guys since 7.30.2019, but that wasn't the reason why I didn't recognize Arif.

What was the reason?

I did recognize his magnificent dark cock. However, the rest of his body had changed dramatically.

Arif was no longer muscular. He'd gained nearly 15 kilos or 33 pounds! I assume his wife is a great cook.

Of course, I wasn't going to tell him that. Instead, I smiled and told him how happy I was to see him again.

He hugged me, groped my ass cheeks, and we kissed: "Enough games! I'm so happy too!!! Do you know how many times I've masturbated while thinking of your hot ass? We had such a terrific time together!"

Arif was still charming and hairy.

His massive hard cock was now pressed against my horny ass cheeks while he was hugging me from behind. I felt his precum on my smooth crack.

"You don't need to dream anymore," I told him. "My ass is here, and you can fuck me if you want to."

"I can't! It's too late, and I have to rush back home. But I want to look at something before I go."

Then, he got down on his knees and spread my ass cheeks.

That's what Arif saw.
That's what Arif saw.

"Your hole is so beautiful, just like it was two years ago. In fact, you haven't changed at all. It feels as if we fucked only yesterday."

I wasn't going to tell him that he had changed quite a lot.

Instead, I pushed my submissive hole towards his face, and, just like two years ago, he licked my love hole while I was screaming in ecstasy.

He stood up, hugged me again while his fingers were dancing on my aroused anus, kissed me, and was gone.

As for our previous encounter, here's my blog post from two years ago:

"Are you a CIA agent?"

That's how my conversation with a beautiful Arab stud started.

I didn't expect to meet an Arab stud at the beach.

I came back to the beach looking for the Belgian horse that had made love to my ass two days earlier. I was hoping to feel his enormous cock shooting semen deep inside me again.

This was his soft uncut cock.

He had an incredible love machine
He had an incredible love machine

I didn't find him.

Instead, I enjoyed getting fucked by a married, 25-year-old Arab stud from a small Muslim village. Surprisingly, It turned out to be the best sex of the season thus far.

What made him such a fantastic lover?

I'll give one example: He rimmed my love hole and ate my ass 15 minutes after our orgasm while we were watching the sunset. It was so sensual - WOW!

Apart from his lovemaking techniques, Arif was also cute and very sexy. He was dark-skinned, shorter than me, but muscular. His legs and hairy ass were particularly muscular.

His cock was to die for.

It was a beautifully shaped, massive, almost black cock. Arif's big hairy balls made the whole package a delight to look at (and later to play with).

How did my ass get to serve his delicious cock?

Well, that's quite a story.

I was walking south towards him.

I was wearing a jock and carrying my backpack.
I was wearing a jock and carrying my backpack.

Arif was packing his things, and it made me happy since I was hoping to be alone.

When I got closer, Arif was already 200 feet away. Then he looked back and saw me naked. On seeing me, he turned and started coming back.

He strolled as if he was trying to decide if I was worth the effort of staying.

Finally, he was 20 feet away from me.

He put down his backpack, took his shirt off, and stared at my naked body. I stared back at him and noticed how hairy and sexy he was.

I also noticed there was something unusual about him.

Finally, he came over and offered me a cucumber. The cucumber was small, but I could already tell that his cock was big since it was pretty noticeable.

Then he asked me: "Are you a CIA agent?"

I laughed out loud.

I have been asked many weird questions at the beach and have done so many crazy things. But I've never been asked such an odd question.

"No! Why do you think that I am?"

"You have such self-confidence, and you are athletic. You have piercing eyes. The way you talk and walk reminds me of a CIA agent."

A lot of guys say that I seem harsh at the beach.

I don't know why! I'm such a sweet guy!!!
I don't know why! I'm such a sweet guy!!!

"How many CIA agents have you seen walking around naked?" I asked.

We both laughed.

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He was still wearing his sneakers and swim trunks. I knew he was attracted to me, and especially to my ass. I could tell from the way his cock grew each time I turned my back on him.

His swim trunks couldn't hide his massive erection.

We were silent for a few minutes. I wasn't sure what to say or do to make Arif comfortable enough to take the rest of his clothes off.

Suddenly, while having another erection after turning my back on him, he said the most unexpected thing:

"I'm like a bird," he said. "I came here to be free. My soul yearns to be free. You can't understand how I feel because you're free and you do what you want.

The only way for me to be liberated is to be naked in such a beautiful place. But it's so hard for me to take off my clothes and be like you, especially since this is my first time at this beach."

He was right: for me, being naked, is liberating.

And yes, I do what I want!
And yes, I do what I want!

I felt sad for him because Muslim society, in general, is anti-gay. If you are brave enough to be openly gay (especially if you are a bottom), you have to leave your family.

That is if you are lucky.

If you're unlucky, your brothers and/or father will murder you for shaming the family.

Suddenly a big wave came over and got Arif's sneakers all wet.

"Damn, fuck."

"You see," I told him, "If you were truly free and naked, that wouldn't have happened to you."

He looked at me, and I knew that he was struggling. It wasn't just with his fear of being naked in public. He knew that being naked next to me meant that we were going to fuck.

Even though he wanted my ass, he was also terrified of it.

At first, he took his wet shoes off but, right after, also his swim trunks.

I finally got to see him fully naked and admired his incredible, dark cock. I was emotionally ready to drop to my knees and beg him to marry me!

...or, at least, to fuck me first.

Instead, we talked for another half an hour before his fingers found my love hole and my lips found his mouth, and shortly after, his hard cock.

Even though we only talked, it was very erotic.

We sat close to one another all that time.

It was borderline painful to watch his amazing cock & hairy body so close to mine and yet do nothing. I couldn't wait to kiss him, lick his hairy balls and suck his terrific cock.

Why didn't I attempt to grab his cock or, at least, touch his upper legs?

I felt that I needed to earn his trust first because he had a beautiful soul. I also knew that he was afraid of getting too intimate with another naked guy.

He explained that he had to lie to his parents, friends, colleagues, and, most importantly, his wife to get to the beach. He'd fucked guys before, but not very many and certainly not very often.

The last time he'd fucked a guy was almost a year ago.

After half an hour, I was too horny and decided to speed things between us by turning around. It's the oldest trick up a bottom's sleeve.

Offering my ass like this almost always gets me fucked.

I know many tricks to make a guy lose his inhibitions.
I know many tricks to make a guy lose his inhibitions.

In response, Arif lowered his left leg, and I saw his hard cock. It was so thick, and suddenly, it started leaking sweet drops of precum.

And, more importantly, he wanted me to see it.

"You have an amazing, huge cock!" I told him. It was the first time I'd said anything about his breeding tool.

"And you, Theon, have such a beautiful ass. It's so damn smooth."

I almost moaned when he said that because now I was confident that his amazing cock was about to make love to my hole.

"My hole is also smooth," I told him.

"No way!"

I spread my legs almost as wide as possible and said: "See for yourself."

That's how I invited Arif to inspect my love hole.