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I screamed while Felix was shooting cum into my ass.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, my hard cock reflected my feelings

How come?

I felt so alive because the night before, Felix and I had had incredible sex. We usually have great sex, but this time it was intense.

How did our love-making begin?

Felix was making dinner downstairs while I was running on my treadmill. I ran for an hour and, right afterward, I entered my rooftop jacuzzi to help my muscles relax. I knew that Felix was cooking, so I didn't bother inviting him.

But a few minutes later, he showed up, took his clothes off, and presented to me his half-erect massive gun.

Obviously, his gun isn't so massive...
Obviously, his gun isn't so massive...

On seeing his sexy body, lovely smile, and terrific cock, I smiled back at him.

Felix has a way of knowing when I need his breeding tool the most. I was hoping we'd fuck before dinner because it had been two days since my hole had had a fresh supply of his delicious cum.

"What about dinner?" I asked him.

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"Fuck dinner; I think your hole needs a good fucking before that!" he replied and grabbed my ass. I released a loud-pitched scream of a fake surprise when he did that.

I got on top of him, and we kissed while he kept playing with my horny hole and sensitive nipples. Felix pressed my anus, tapped it with his fingers to make sure it relaxed enough for him to start fingering my ass.

When his fingers began to explore my ass, I broke off from our kiss and released a scream.

After fingering my love hole for a while, Felix stood up, but he didn't need to say anything because I knew what was expected of me. I started sucking his pink cock while playing with his balls. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth.

After a few minutes, he took his penis (which was now more red than pink) out and slapped my face with it a few times.

The color of Felix's tool is amazing
The color of Felix's tool is amazing

"I'm so close to shooting all over your face, but would you rather let your ass have it?" he asked. I knew that he preferred to aim his cum shots at my open mouth rather than opening my hole.

However, I wanted his cum shots at the other end of my digestive system.

"Not so fast!" I told him while looking into his beautiful blue eyes, "Didn't you mention something about my hole and fucking?"

I knew he was so horny that he'd shoot his load into my horny ass in a matter of minutes, but I wanted to get fucked for longer than that. I had to let Felix's cock relax for a while before it started fucking me.

"Go shower and wait for my ass in bed," I told him, "I'll be downstairs soon."

When I went downstairs, Felix was lying in bed on his back with his hard cock, ready to spoil my love hole.

Felix's cock natural state: hard and ready to shoot cum in my ass
Felix's cock natural state: hard and ready to shoot cum in my ass

Without further ado, I jumped on his made-of-steel cock, and in less than a minute, I was riding it and screaming like an Italian opera singer.

I didn't expect my boyfriend to scream like me. After all, he's an alpha male.

Instead of screaming, Felix kept yelling and moaning while grabbing my smooth ass. I tried to delay his orgasm as much as I could because the feeling of his mighty cock owning my body was so intense.

But eventually, Felix decided that it was time for him to take the lead.

He began raising and lowering his hips and pounding my ass with fast movements. On feeling his penis getting thicker in my ass and pushing deeper, I started screaming even louder.

Eventually, his cock exploded in my ass while he was shouting, and I was screaming. His shots were so strong that I could feel them inside my ass.

Felix slowly lowered his hip down but kept his cock in my ass. His cock was still hard, and I wasn't going to let it out of my smooth ass so soon. I held the base of his cock and loosened my hole a bit to allow some of his manly juice to leak out.

I took it, tasted some, and used the rest as lube for my cock, balls, and nipples.

At first, I continued riding his tool with slow, calculated movements.

I kept riding his hard cock
I kept riding his hard cock

But I knew that his cock would soon go soft. I wanted to empty my balls while his cock was still hard and leaking cum in my love tunnel.

Therefore, I increased my rhythm and begged Felix to carry on fucking me. He resumed his powerful thrusts deep into my ass, and I started raising my voice when I felt my orgasm approaching.

Finally, I began screaming again, and when my cock was shooting loads of cum on Felix's angelic face, I screamed so loud that I'm sure all my neighbors heard me.

The thought that my lover's cum was deep in my ass, along with his cock while I was shooting mine, was driving me insane with lust.

Click "Play" to listen to my screams as I shoot my load:

When it was over, I felt exhausted but so happy that I kept laughing. When I let Felix's cock out of my ass, I released a final scream and rolled on my back, my heart racing.

Felix came closer and gave me another sweet, long cum kiss.

"That was so intense," he whispered, "We should do it more often!"

"More often?" I laughed, "You've been fucking me so much lately! Have some mercy on my poor hole!"

"Your ass demands to be fucked, and I'm happy to provide it with as much cum as I can produce."

"Oh, your balls produce a lot! Trust me! There's so much of it in me right now!"

Felix woke up before me that Saturday because he had some errands to do. He caressed my body and love hole while I was still sleeping.

It felt like a dream.

Shortly after, he left.

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