What makes me so confident about my gay, nudist life?

Yesterday, I got a violent response from a Grindr user. It was perhaps the most aggressive response I had ever received. The person responding was a 27-year old.

It reminded me of a conversation I've had with a follower who is over 80 years old. He sent me a message in response to my complaint that some older men can be very nasty for no apparent reason. 

I wrote about it here:

The Car Mechanic

Here's his response:

This vulgar guy is so young and already behaves terribly. I dare not think what kind of an older adult he'll turn out to be. I probably won't be around to witness it. Vegans do live longer, but if he gets to be an older man, I'll probably be gone by then.

What triggered his violent reply?

His profile description contained a spelling mistake in Hebrew. It was a mistake that changed the entire meaning of what he was trying to say. It's hard to explain but think of using "leave" instead of "live."

He checked my profile, that's how I got to read his.

I sent him this message:

"You have a tiny spelling mistake.", and then I told him what it was. 

Hebrew is my mother tongue, yet I also make mistakes sometimes because I type fast. People have corrected me more than once. It's no big deal. 

What was his response?

"Half of your government is illiterate, and you are trying to find my faults? Go to hell, another fucking native Israeli, piece of garbage, loser".

Was I hurt?

I couldn't have cared less.

A few years ago, such a response would have sent me downhill. It could have made me close my Grindr account for a few weeks, months even. Or, it could have made me avoid any contact with men out of fear.

Most likely, I would have blamed myself in the past.

That's because I'm an empathetic guy. 

Not anymore, though. Or more precisely, not without limits. 

I'm still compassionate, but I'm in a different place in my life right now. It's not only the fact that I'm not ashamed to show pictures of myself naked. I haven't been ashamed of my naked body for many years.

Nor am I ashamed to demonstrate how I enjoy my two sex organs:

I don't care anymore about such vulgar people because I feel good about my life and I've been feeling like that for that last couple of years. There was a short period just over a year ago when I became disabled due to neurological damage.

I took this photo shortly after I was diagnosed. 

It shows how scared and lonely I felt.

During that time, I became very vulnerable again, but it is mostly over by now.

So what makes me so confident in my life that I care very little about such violent responses?

  • I'm financially stable. 

  • I have a fantastic flat that is paid of.

  • I have great friends that I can count on. 

  • My family is very supportive. Felix and I are having them over tonight for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot

  • I have a terrific job, and I'm highly valued.

  • I have an incredible work-life balance. I work two days from home and three days at the office. Monday, and Wednesday, I stop working at 3 PM. 

  • My body functions like a much younger man except for my disability (I'm 30% disabled). Having good health also contributes to feeling confident and happy.

  • Sexually, everything works wonderfully:

My cock gets hard when I want it to, my ass gets soft when I need it to. 

How did I respond to his violent reply?

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was harassed by many guys, was in a bad mood, misunderstood me, and so on.

I already know that people are complicated. 99% of fights between people are because of misunderstandings. I decided to end our chat peacefully:

"It's a shame that you were so aggressive towards me. I was only trying to help you. I wish you a pleasant evening".

His response came back straight away: 

"Mind your own Goddamn business if you don't want people to be aggressive towards you."

I yawned and blocked him. 

There's another why I feel so secure.

That's because I have a boyfriend. 

I never thought that having a boyfriend would make me feel so good. Of course, Felix is not my first lover, but he's so unique. He gives and gives. I'm not talking about the gallons of cum he pours inside my ass; I'm talking about everything. Felix is a giver.

He's so generous. 

I often think about him when I masturbate.

I have a fabulous lover/boyfriend/partner who loves me so much (of course, I love him too). On the other hand, I still enjoy getting fucked by other people whenever I want to. Felix knows how important it is for me to feel free, and he couldn't care less that other people also shoot cum in my ass.

This rare combination makes me incredibly confident and secure about my life. 

Felix doesn't mind that other people take control over my ass from time to time because he knows that I always come back to him to give him my heart and sometimes also my ass.

As I did last night.

My legs were on Felix's muscular shoulders, and I watched his facial expression while he was making love to my smooth ass and having the time of his life. When he started screaming, I grabbed his balls and his massive cock. I wanted to feel the powerful contractions that force his seed deep into my ass.

When my ass was full of his cum, Felix stayed inside; his cock still rock-hard. It takes Felix a while before his cock gets soft. 

He's such a stud!!!

Felix kept on fucking me, albeit very slowly, and gently played with my cum-loaded balls. I felt his cum leaking out of my love hole.

It drove me insane.

I masturbated while he was doing that. You can hear how amazing my orgasm was. Warning: You'd better turn the volume down because I was screaming so loudly.

I always scream like that when my ass is loaded with cum and a guy keeps fucking me while I drain my balls.

And even more so when that guy is the man that I love:

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Spring 2020

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