1/2 liter of cum in my balls? Sweet, but I don't think so

I get lots of questions about my sex life, and I think it's time for some answers.

People who follow my blog sometimes get the impression that I have sex all the time and always get fucked.

Others believe that I'm a "sex god".

They think that I'm capable of getting hard and shoot cum like a geyser several times a day.

Here's a message I got while writing this blog post:

"You must store 1/2 liter of cum in your beautiful body. So many luscious mouthfuls! "

Perhaps the most absurd thing that people tell me is that Felix must be fucking me all the time because my ass is so hot.

I don't deny that I've got a very fuckable ass.

A very sexy guy sent me this message about my horny ass:

"I woke up early this morning and browsed your sexy blog. Before I knew it, I was covered in my penis juice from looking at your beautiful exposed male butthole, dreaming of having your smooth asscheeks pressed onto my face. Great work, stud :)"

I was flattered and impressed by his message because I don't drain my balls so casually.

Question #1: How often do I ejaculate and how?

I enjoy emptying my smooth balls 5-6 times a week.

Milking my cock, just before going to bed
Milking my cock, just before going to bed

How do I do it?

  • I get fucked by Felix 2-3 times a week.

  • I have sex with other guys, usually once or twice a week (much more during beach season)

  • I masturbate.

When masturbating, I almost always have one of my anal vibrators (I've got four different kinds,) stimulating my horny ass at the same time.

Here's a demonstration:

If my vibrators are not charged, or I'm too lazy, I use my fingers instead.

Question #2: How can I cum without touching my cock?

I can usually cum without touching my cock or balls when a guy is pounding my submissive ass. My trick is using my powerful ass muscles to squeeze my prostate.

People who have seen me on cam (or at the nudist beach), have had a demonstration of how muscular my ass is.

I try to do it in sync with the top's thrusts. I don't want to pressure his cock simultaneously because it could make him cum too quickly.

Here are other factors that help me experience an orgasm just from being fucked:

  • How horny I am

  • How passionate the top is

  • How thick his cock is

  • A cock that bends downward makes me cum effortlessly because it directly stimulates my prostate

While masturbating, I apply the same method and rapidly squeeze my prostate using my muscles. I use hot water which massages my cock at the same time.

Another way to help me cum without touching my cock, is playing with my sensitive nipples.

I was playing with my nipples while stimulating my prostate.
I was playing with my nipples while stimulating my prostate.

All of these techniques create an incredible feeling because it's a very gentle way to masturbate.

I'll explain by using the following example:

Imagine a masturbation scale between one and ten. 1 is when you start playing with your soft cock, and ten is when you lose control and cum shoots (or oozes) out of your hard cock.

When I masturbate without touching my cock, the scale becomes 1 to 100.

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It means that I can get very close to the point of no return without crossing it. When I'm at "95," for example, it's like an orgasm that never ends. I feel the cum getting ready to erupt, but if I stop massaging my prostate or move the hot water away from my red cock for a few seconds, I can return to 90.

It's a most addictive activity.

If I didn't care about wasting water, I'd probably do it for hours. Usually, however, after an hour, I let my cock fire its load.

Here's a video demonstrating my technique:

After watching this video and witnessing how I shoot massive amounts of cum without touching my cock, you might believe that I am a sex god, after all.

I'm sorry to disappoint; I'm not a sex god!

Once my balls are empty, I'm relaxed, and it's rare for me to seek another sex partner or wank again for the next 24 hours.

It doesn't mean that I'm capable of having sex only once a day!

I often return from the nudist beach after I've had one or more sexual encounters.

If Felix spends the night with me after I've had fun at the beach, I gladly help him with my mouth, hand, or sometimes even my ass (if I haven't been fucked too hard at the beach). But rarely do I shoot again. I could if I wanted to, but I don't make an effort.

Question #3: How often do I get fucked?

During beach season I get fucked much more often (sometimes by several guys in one afternoon!).

But during the rest of the year, I'm delighted with my boyfriend making love to my ass 2-3 times a week. Also, I serve another cock 1-2 more times a week (usually one that belongs to a fuck buddy).

I'd say, on average, I get fucked 3 times a week when it's too cold to get my ass pounded at the nudist beach.

Question #4: Why don't I like my cock sucked?

A lot of guys refuse to believe that I don't enjoy a blow job. But it's real, and the reason is that most guys give lousy head.

Most guys ask me before we fuck: "Will you let me suck your beautiful cock?"

I can take care of my cock better than any man
I can take care of my cock better than any man

My answer is always the same: NO!!!

When I perform a blowjob, my focus is the same as when I get fucked. My goal is to give my partner the ultimate pleasure until he gives me his sweet seed to play with and swallow.

I use my hands, fingers, and tongue to pleasure his entire body simultaneously or when taking a break from my lover's cock. Of course, it's incredible for me to serve a man with my mouth, but I distance myself from my needs and do my best to give my lover the best feeling.

In comparison, almost all guys who have sucked my cock, were focused on their own needs.

They didn't want to suck my thick cock; they wanted to suck a thick cock because it gave them pleasure.

They get horny and excited from the sensation of a thick cock like mine going down their throat, and for good reason since it's a fantastic feeling.

But to me, it feels as if they are using my cock to mop the floor - no sensation at all.

A typical scenario is me standing next to a man on his knees. He is giving me a blow job by moving his head back and forth while holding my hips.

It's so boring, I could fall asleep.

It happened to me so many times in the past that I don't bother anymore. I only meet with guys that agree in advance to leave my cock alone and focus on my ass and hole.

Besides, my ass and hole are far more sensitive than my cock.

Question #5: Do I work-out naked?

The answer is yes and no.

I have a home gym on my second floor. I have weights, TRX, a treadmill, ropes, a bench, and other accessories.

Every other day I weight lift, do push-ups, sit-ups, and the like

On the days when I don't weight-lift, I jog on my treadmill. I run 7 miles for an hour at incline 6. It's a very strenuous workout, but I do it for several reasons:

  • It keeps me thin even though I eat a lot of sweets.

  • It gives me strong leg muscles.

  • It keeps my ass in shape and fuckable

  • Thanks to it, I have a low heart rate (in the low 40s when sleeping)

On the days that I don't run, I always work out naked.

However, when I jog, I keep a jock on.

It's not comfortable to have my balls and cock swinging while I run. I tried running naked once and got my balls chafed so bad. I had to stop running for a week.

The idea of running naked is similar to having a monogamous relationship. It sounds lovely but doesn't work in real life.

This leads me to the next question:

Question #6: Why is Felix not enough for my horny ass?

Some guys ask me why Felix doesn't fuck me more often. Or, in their words, "If I were Felix, I'd fuck your hot ass a few times every day."

Of course, it's total nonsense.

I love Felix to death, but that doesn't mean I want him fucking me a few times a day (or every day!).

I want our lovemaking to be special and not something that happens very often. Thanks to my way of thinking, after 15 months of being together, we still fuck as much as we did when we started dating.

It makes our relationship rock-solid as far as sex is involved.

It was always vital for me to make Felix horny and hungry for my body and not get used to it, even from the start. Of course, it also applies to me. I don't want to get used to Felix's terrific cock and muscular body.

It's the reason why I'm never naked indoors when he comes over.

I feel most comfortable being naked.
I feel most comfortable being naked.

I want Felix to be excited when he sees my naked body. If he sees my cum-thirsty hole each time I bend, it's not going to make his cock instantly hard the way it usually reacts.

Even if Felix wanted to use my ass a few times a day, I wouldn't let him.

After I get fucked by a thick cock like Felix's, I must allow my ass to relax and tighten. I rest for a day before letting another cock use my hole.

However, this discussion is purely hypothetical because Felix and I have a different libido. Felix only needs to ejaculate 2-3 times a week (I release my seed twice as often). It's quite rare for him to require the pleasures of my warm hole more than that.

That's the main reason I seek other guys to keep my ass happy.

Recently, we didn't fuck for a week and barely communicated because we'd had our first fight.

Three days after our argument, we finally met, and Felix confronted me about my blog.

"I read a few of your blog posts and looked at the photo albums."

From his voice, I knew that there was a problem.

"And….?" I asked.

"You're always horny, and you have sex all the time, especially at the nudist beach!"

"It’s not only at the beach where I get fucked," I told him, "Take last week for example: I met with the young bartender I told you about a year ago. After two years of not hearing anything from him, he reached out. Apparently, he'd kept my phone number."

Felix was staring at me, not sure how to respond.

He knows that I'll never let anyone control when or how or with whom I fuck. I wasn't going to sugarcoat this fact. I'm a very sexual being. I'm not obsessed with sex, but it's part of my freedom.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!" replied, almost shouting.

"Why is that a problem?" I yelled.

"Because I can't be like you! I'm not so horny."


"Well, maybe I'm not enough for you."

I looked straight into Felix's blue eyes:

"Whenever you want me, I'll always choose you over any other guy. You are my first priority in life, love, and lust," I said.

It took us two more days to make peace and have make-up sex. That weekend Felix was horny like he hadn't been for a long time. He came three times in my ass and once in my mouth.

Two days before our make-up sex, I masturbated for an hour.

The bartender wanted to come over, but I wasn't in the mood for anyone. It didn't feel right to have another man's seed in my ass before making peace with my boyfriend.

Therefore, instead of riding the bartender's thick cock, I pleasured myself using my anal vibrators.

After Felix and I started fucking again, I thought about our open relationship.

It works so well because I satisfy my sexual needs with other guys without being too demanding of Felix.

That wasn't why we had our first fight. It happened because I was a selfish bitch. Sadly, it was so bad that we failed to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Question #7: What exactly happened?

More about it in my next blog post.

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