How should I handle sweet messages and sexual innuendos?

After nearly two months of being locked indoors, I finally hiked semi-naked in the forest close to my apartment.

While hiking, I tried to decide what my next blog post should be about.

I ended my previous blog post with the following paragraph:

"At that moment, we were laughing, loving, unaware that a disaster was upon us, a terrible blow that could have shattered our world into thousands of pieces.
I'll write more about that in my next blog post. "

Here's the link to that blog post:

A dilemma: be greedy or let my man enjoy my lover's huge cock?

I received a lot of messages from blog followers asking about this somewhat disturbing ending. Thank you, guys, for being worried that something was wrong between Felix and me.

Everything seems to be fine now, but we went through a hellish week.

Luka almost died; that's the real reason why we stopped fucking.
Luka almost died; that's the real reason why we stopped fucking.

However, I'm not in the mood to write a sad blog post right now (despite a happy ending!), so instead, I want to share with you how intriguing it sometimes is to have a popular gay nudist blog.

Every day I receive at least 100 (more when there's been a new blog post) weird/funny/moving messages and comments from people from all over the world.

I don't write about them because I have even more exciting topics to discuss.

However, today I do want to share a few interactions I've had recently.

The first story is about an Israeli who contacted me via the chat feature of my blog.

Here's the transcript of our chat:

Him: "Listen, your blog is incredible, shocking!"

Me: "Thank you very much. Are you a subscriber?"

Him: "No, just browsing from time to time."

Me: "What did you like the most?"

Him: "The videos demonstrating how you shoot your load. It's unbelievable how you do it without touching yourself!"

You can find those videos here:

Cum Shots Videos

Him: "And also the photos showing how you suck cock.”

Here's one:

Sucking is the second most enjoyable act I enjoy.
Sucking is the second most enjoyable act I enjoy.

Him: "I masturbate and cum while watching your videos and photos a few times a day. You are so hot; it's so much better than watching porn!"

That's when I got suspicious regarding his age. Experiencing an orgasm "a few times a day" is typical for a teenager, not an adult.

Me: "How old are you?"

Him: "16.5"

Because he was so young, I decided to end our conversation. Although16 is the age of consent in Israel, I find it inappropriate to conduct a very sexual conversation with a teenager.

Me: "I guess you didn't expect to chat with me, but now I have to get back to work. Thank you for the compliments."

Him: "I didn't! It was such a sweet surprise, like a dream come true! I'm still masturbating, thinking of your hot ass as we speak."

Me: "Thanks again, have fun!"

That was it.

If you've been following my blog, you probably remember me saying that Gidi, the 20-year-old soldier, has been fucking me since he was 16.

So why was it OK to let him enjoy my ass, but not OK for me to chat with someone (a bit) older than Gidi was the first time he fucked me?

Was it my attraction to Gidi's beauty and huge cock that made me decide to let him dominate my ass, despite him being only 16?

No, that wasn't the reason (even though he is gorgeous and his cock is massive). Gidi had lied to me, saying he was 18 before we first met.

How was I fooled so easily?

When he arrived at my apartment that first time, I was confident that he was even older than 18.

Why was that?

  • He was much hairier than me. There was more hair on his ass than on my entire body.

  • He was taller than me (& I'm 6` foot tall)

  • His cock was thicker and longer than mine.

Gidi's cock is 1.5 times thicker and longer than mine

And the last reason is that I'm so damn naive!

How did I find out that he'd lied to me?

The nice thing about fucking with Gidi is that he never leaves after his seed is in (or on) me. He loves to shower with me and chat.

A year had passed since he'd first fucked me and, once again, after two hours of incredible lovemaking, we were showering together.

While he was caressing and soaping my satisfied ass, I asked him: "How come you're not in the army yet?"

Gidi was behind me, where I am in this photo.

In Israel, every man serves in the army for almost three years after finishing high school. Gidi should have already been over 19, according to what he'd told me.

"The army??? I need to finish high school first!!!" he replied with a cunning smile.

"What? How old are you? You told me you were 18 before we fucked the first time!"

He started playing gently with my sensitive hole, no doubt to calm my anger.

"My 17th birthday was two months ago. I lied to you because I wanted to lose my virginity fucking a hot ass like yours. I also knew that I could learn a lot from an experienced bottom like you."

I turned around: "You liar!" and I spanked his hairy ass.

He dominantly pushed me against the shower wall and hugged me from behind while the hot water was running over us. I felt his massive cock getting hard again.

"Are you regretting it now? Did you not enjoy my 16-year-old cock?"

Without waiting for my answer, he started sliding his hard cock back into my still loose hole. "Oh fuck” was my immediate response.

"Yeah, I know you want my hard cock again, but if you won't admit to having enjoyed my cock when I was 16, I'll pull my cock out of your beautiful ass!"

The little bastard had his huge cock back inside my ass and was moving very slowly in and out of my body. He knew that when his terrific tool was spoiling my hole, I'd do and say anything to please him.

I screamed in response: "Of course I enjoyed our first time! You are so sexy!"

Gidi held my hips and started pounding my smooth ass again: "Do you still enjoy it? I'm not 18 yet! Should I stop fucking you?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I mean no!" I screamed, "Don't stop fucking me! I enjoy it."

He fucked me for five more minutes, before pulling out his awesome cock and spanking my ass and hole a few times with it. Then he said: "So will you still allow me to fuck you from now on even though I'm not 18 yet?"

I turned around, and we kissed.

While we were kissing, one of his hands lovingly fingered my open hole, and with the other, he forcefully held our two hard cocks together. Mine looked ridiculously small compared to his.

"I don't want to stop seeing you because you are such an amazing lover," I told him looking straight into his big black eyes," but never lie to me again!"

"I won't. I promise!"

We didn't cum a second time, but it was so lovely of him to get hard at such short notice and pound my ass again after he'd bred me.

Today I received a chat message from another Israeli.

He was a married guy in his 50s which means he was more than three times older than the teenager mentioned earlier. He told me that he also goes to the nudist beach, but he doesn't recall seeing me.

"Where do you usually sit?" he asked.

"I sit in the northern section of the beach. How about you?" I asked.

"I go south. That's probably why we've never met."

He asked me many questions and then said that I should feel comfortable questioning him as well.

"Are you attracted to men?" was my first question.

I wasn't attracted to him at all. Still, I was curious about his sexual preference since he'd given me many compliments about my body but hadn't said anything about wanting to fuck my ass or wishing to give or receive a blowjob to/from me.

"No," was his answer, "I don't think that I'm into guys. I get horny when guys see me naked or watch me fucking a woman."

He sent me two photos from the beach. A woman was giving him a blowjob or licking his balls, while some guys were in the background. His cock was quite small but she didn't seem to care.

"Don't you get horny when guys look at your beautiful naked body or when people see you getting fucked?" he asked. "You publish so many nude photos from the beach!"

A lot of blog followers ask me the same question. The answer is "NO!"

I'm don't enjoy it when people stare at my naked body at the beach.

And I most certainly do not want people to watch me while I'm getting fucked!

That's why I go north and not south. The northern part of the beach is secluded, and fewer people go there. It's also quite a long walk to get there.

So why am I naked at the beach if not for getting horny from people looking at me?

I'm naked at the beach because I'm a nudist. I don't associate nudity with sex.

That's why in most of my beach photos my cock is flaccid. Of course I have a lot of awesome sex at the beach, but that's not why I go there.

Being naked in a public place relaxes me, which is the opposite of being horny.

Later that day, another chat with an Israeli guy in his 20s came to an end.

We had been chatting for several days.

He complimented me on my physique and my ass quite a lot and expressed his desire to fuck me in various ways and places, including the beach and my rooftop jacuzzi.

He also sent me a few photos of his hard cock. I complimented him because his cock was a dream: thick, dark, long with a matching pair of large hairy testicles.

When I asked for more photos, he said that he's married and in the closet. I respected it, but I wasn't going to offer him my ass without seeing pictures of his face as well.

Yesterday at 11 PM, he started chatting with me again:

"Theon, listen, I must have your ass! Let's meet!"

"You have an amazing cock," I responded, "But I also need to see photos of your face and body. It's only fair since you even know what my hole looks like."

"Isn't it enough that you like my cock?"

I hate it when guys say that to me. I don't meet with a cock, and they don't meet with my anus. We are people, not sex organs.

"No, I also need to know if I'm attracted to your face and your body."

"What kind of men attract you?"

"I'm attracted to guys with a body type similar to mine or muscular" I replied.

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I want the guy fucking me to be toned like me or muscular.

"Then there's no point," he answered, "because I don't look like that at all." A few minutes later, he blocked me.

My answer to him wasn't entirely accurate.

I'm attracted to guys my age or younger only if they are toned or muscular.

However, when I meet with older guys, I'm not that picky.

It's more important for me to feel a mature hard cock penetrating my submissive ass while being kissed from behind and spanked. The feeling of an older guy making love to my ass and breeding me satisfies a particular psychological need.

It makes me feel cuddled and protected.

Speaking of mature men, I get a lot of sweet offers from older guys from abroad. Some even invite me to stay with them during a possible future visit. Others express their hope that one day we will meet.

Here's a message I received yesterday:

"Hello Theon, I am so grateful to you for posting your pictures and videos. I like them very much and see them often. Besides being so handsome and sexy, you seem to be a wonderful man; I like that very much. Maybe someday our paths will cross. Hugs & Kisses!"

Sadly, I will never meet anyone from abroad unless they come to Israel.

Why is that?

In 2018, I vacationed twice in Europe. The first vacation was in Germany and Austria in June.

The German guy I hiked and fucked with took this photo.

And the second vacation was in London in October.

When the plane from London landed in Israel, I didn't know that I'd suffer brain damage ten days later—since then, flying again could risk causing more damage to my brain. It's a minimal risk, and some people in my condition choose to ignore it and keep flying.

I understand them because they don't want to live in fear.

However, I'd rather die than lose the rest of my brain. Therefore, my flying days are over, which means that destinations like the States, Australia, or even Germany are out of the question.

Does that make me sad or depressed?

Not at all, because I don't need to fly abroad and spend a ton of money to feel happy and to recharge.

All I need is my backpack and a chance to get naked & fucked outdoors.

A few hours before the young, non-athletic guy blocked me, I had a rather odd conversation with a sexy, athletic young guy.

He sent me this message:

"Hey sexy, how are you? We've met before, and I long to fuck you again."

His profile had no photos, so I asked him, "Please remind me."

"It was a long time ago, but no one can forget your ass…

…especially the stunning, beautiful dimples above it."

Then he sent me a photo of him, shirtless and smiling. He was somewhat hairy and very sexy.

"Do you remember me now?"

"Of course I do; I could never forget a beautiful hairy body and such a lovely smile."

Another photo of his hard cock followed. It was thick, dark, and it looked huge.

"Would you like to feel my thick penis pounding your hole again? Fucking you was incredible, I want us to experience it again!"

"Fuck yeah!" was my response. "It felt so good last time!"

However, I lied.

I barely remembered him at all!

I think he was a soldier when we fucked four years ago, but I'm not sure. I tried to get more details from him regarding our lovemaking, but I couldn't ask him directly without risking him knowing that I hadn't a clue who he was!

I consulted with one of my lady friends.

"Theon, you are such a slut! How can you forget someone who was inside your body???!!!" was her response.

"That's not fair!" I protested.

"Why is it not fair? Because you sleep with so many guys? Hmm, that makes you a slut, my darling."

"Take this Monday, for example," I insisted, "When I returned from the nudist beach, I met with two young sexy guys in the nearby forest."

It was incredible.

They were good looking, and both had amazing thick cocks. They took turns fucking me until both loaded my ass with so much cum. I hope to find time to write more about this terrific fuck.

The other guy took this photo moments before they started pounding my hole.

I love fucking in the woods above the nudist beach.
I love fucking in the woods above the nudist beach.

"If I don't see them again for five years and one of them contacts me, I doubt I'll remember either of them."

"If you weren't meeting with so many guys, you'd remember!" she laughed.

She is probably right, and I hope that they will fuck me again before 2026!

As for the young guy, which I've no recollection of him taking care of my hungry hole but we've already said that we will fuck “again" soon.

It could be interesting!

Some guys ask me why I don't write about current events or politics. Others share with me their political views or try to discuss religion.

I'm sorry, but I don't plan to share my political views in my blog or during a private chat.

I want to connect with my followers and not upset them. If you follow me thoughtfully, you can put the pieces together and understand my political views, but I'll never share them with you openly.

The only belief that I openly share with you is veganism.

That's because my heart goes out for the poor animals.

I want to show my followers that it's easy and healthy to be vegan.

By the way, the damage to my brain is from a defect I was born with. It has nothing to do with my diet. In fact, high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, and other conditions are known risk factors for brain damage.

Since I eat a healthy vegan diet, I'll probably not suffer from such conditions, which means a lesser chance of more damage to my brain.

Lastly, I want to share with you a message I received from a woman two days ago.

She and many other women, like my cock

Here’s what she wrote:

"I have enjoyed this more than you could ever even imagine!
Everything about you is just fucking fabulous, dear. I mean, that cock is out of this world, hun, and your body and beautiful face!
I enjoyed your stories so much, OK, maybe a little too much yes, my wet pussy was literally throbbing so intensely I couldn't handle it any longer, so then I got out my vibrator and decided to fuck myself and oh my, did I ever have the best orgasm.
Thank you!
I find you so mesmerizing and just hot. I love gay men. It turns me on! I'm so glad I came into this today you made me and my pussy so happy. 😉"

This lady was straightforward, but I get similar messages from other women. Alas, I have zero attraction to women. I feel bad saying it, but honestly, what makes me scream and moan is the same thing that makes women do the same:

I love getting fucked, a lot.

I'll never be interested in fucking a woman but that doesn't mean that I'm anti-women!

I have many female friends.

Several have told me that if I ever want to experience how it feels to make love to a woman, they'll gladly let me try. However, they know it'll never happen. It makes our bond stronger and unique because there's no sexual tension.

After reading this blog post, I hope that now you understand why I still haven’t found time to try my new anal vibrator which arrived on Sunday.

It is my fourth vibrator.

The vibrator arrived Sunday, but I still didn't find the right time to test it.
The vibrator arrived Sunday, but I still didn't find the right time to test it.

Enjoying a new vibrator is exciting. I want to devote at least an hour to explore and enjoy the new sensations it will undoubtedly deliver to my horny ass.

I wished I could have tried it after my workout yesterday morning.

However, I'm not clean enough in the morning for such deep penetration. And as for testing it last night, well, I had something much better than any vibrator in my ass.

Felix's cock visited my ass and deposited its seed deep inside me.

Nothing compares to a thick, cum-shooting cock.
Nothing compares to a thick, cum-shooting cock.