Are you fearful of aging? I have some encouragement for you!

As a young gay man in my 20s, I had some concerns about getting older.

Me as a young bottom at the age of 21.
Me as a young bottom at the age of 21.

I was never concerned about getting sick or dying prematurely.

What were my concerns?

  • I was a bit afraid that I'd be lonely.

  • I was sure that no one would want to fuck me beyond a certain age.

  • I thought that I'd look pathetic going out to clubs as an older gay man.

  • I was terrified that I'd lose my ability to get hard.

I was never worried about how younger guys will treat me when I get older. It was never a concern because I'm such a nice guy. I never treated anyone differently, just because they were older than me.

I do find most older guys unattractive. That's not because of their age, lack of hair, white pubic hair, or wrinkles.