My blog focuses on gay sex. What kind of requests do I receive?

I've mentioned before how many people follow my blog (over 10000).

You can read more about it here:

Safe Sex and Prep: What are the rules for protecting yourself?

Naturally, when having so many followers, there is also a lot of positive feedback and some strange requests.

As for feedback, here's one example:

"Dear Theon, You worry too much about one comment from a really not too intelligent a person. The hell with it. You look hot, you're happy with the way you are (So am I, love your photos). Don't think about it too much, his messages probably reflect his problems with his OWN self esteem. Don't let it disturb you. You are fine just the way you are, and there are so many people who enjoy your writings and photos. You can't expect the whole world to like you, so do not let one idiot to upset you. You are beautiful and smart, and most of us, your followers, like you a lot. So, keep up the good work. Love, xxx"

He gave me that feedback in response to this blog post:

Am I a "hairy beast from the jungle" or a sweet smooth bottom?

His feedback has made my day!

But what about the requests?

The most frequent request is to share videos of Felix (or other men) making love to my ass until cum leaks out of my hole.

Let's first talk about a video of another man fucking me.

I have several such videos from the nudist beach. One video is of me riding a cock, and others of me getting fucked in doggie. In one of them, I even yell in Hebrew "Yeah, fuck my ass!"

I will share them when I write about those hot fucks.

For now, here's a video of me enjoying fingering my hole

Why are there so few videos showing how I get fucked?

Most people who see me holding a camera at the nudist beach run away in fear.

They don't want to be photographed!

I have no problem sharing nude photos.
I have no problem sharing nude photos.

If I mention filming how they fuck me, they will most likely decide not to make love to my ass at all.

Recently, I've had sex with a beautiful guy in his 20s.

His response to my camera was different.

He was intrigued and later asked me to take photos of him. I took pictures of his body, incredibly light furry ass, and unforgettably thick, bent cock.

The one he used later to fuck me.

While taking photos, our cocks were erect or semi-erect.

My semi-erect penis
My semi-erect penis

After he'd shot his seed into my ass, he stayed a bit longer, and we chatted. He was such a cutie-pie. He asked me to send him the photos but never to publish them anywhere. I have incredible pictures of his cock pressed onto my ass, that I can sadly never share!

As for videos of Felix fucking me:

When I first started dating Felix, I was confident that I could convince him to make such short videos...

...especially since he doesn't mind me sharing photos of his naked body.

I'm so attracted to him!
I'm so attracted to him!

With Felix’s occasional agreement we made several videos demonstrating how I serve his cock with great pleasure.

You can actually see his thick cock entering my tunnel of love.

In one video, he fucks me doggie-style, in another while my legs are in the air, and a few more in the shower.

I especially like to give his body pleasure while we take a shower together.

Felix took this photo after fucking me for a while, hence my open love hole.
Felix took this photo after fucking me for a while, hence my open love hole.

However, he's not too fond of making such videos.

I can understand why.

When we make love, we both want to focus on the act and not worry about the filming. I don't want Felix to hold the camera. I want him to hold my balls and kiss me while he's fucking me.

That's why I add audio recordings of us fucking and ejaculating to blog posts.

It records our voices, laughs, moans, kisses, and screams without requiring anything from us. It allows us to focus on pleasuring each other.

I will share those videos in the future.

Until then, here's a video that demonstrates how I enjoy playing with my balls.

Occasionally, I get sexual requests...

... such as this one:

I'm sorry, but I can't perform such acts and most certainly not for money.

I have nothing against those people who work in the sex industry, but I don't. I maintain my blog out of caring for other men who need my advice and want to learn from my experience.

I don't do it for profit.

I know a lot of guys masturbate while looking at my photos.
I know a lot of guys masturbate while looking at my photos.

And lastly, I get a lot of strange requests, like this one:

I wish I had time to write about all the topics I believe are of interest to my followers. I have a list of over 100 ideas that I want to write about!

As it is, I can't accept specific requests for blog posts (unless they already appear in my list). However, I'd love to know what you think about the blog and ways for me to improve it.

You can always email me directly at:

Kisses, Theon

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