Full Frontal Friday

I am starting to like this new tradition of FFF - Full frontal Friday. A light blog post to mark the start of the weekend combined with a photo of my thick cock.

My weekend started yesterday.

In Israel, our last workday is Thursday. Coronavirus fear is spreading in Israel, but I don't want to talk about it right now. It's too depressing; I will share an update with you in a separate post.

This photo is from my laundry room. It was warm enough this week to start walking around naked in my apartment. I am after my workout, which of course, I do naked.

I was also naked at the beach yesterday, it was lovely, but I will share with you more about that day in my next blog post.

I wanted to thank everyone who is sending me feedback. I get lots of feedback, either from my contact page or by direct email.

I wanted to share with you two lovely feedbacks that I have gotten this week. There were many more. Most of the feedbacks are compliments about my body/ass/cock. Please keep it coming 😀😀😀

Some guys also express their desire to suck my thick cock or that I fuck them. 😱😱😱

It's an excellent time to remind my readers: I'm a total bottom, and I rarely enjoy a blow job, instead, please lick and eat my smooth hole 😜 😜

Here is the first feedback:

This was a very enlightening article for me. Thanks for doing it on such a touchy subject for some. You have given me such a wonderful perspective from the bottom's point of view. Plus, it shows you how important it is to know our bodies more than we do. Had I known what I know now 50 years ago, things definitely would have been different sexually for me.

This feedback was about my Anal Sex Guide

Here is the second one:

Reading your blog is like breathing a breath of fresh air. So many of us married men are envious of your fairy life. You are not only a beautiful specimen physically; you come across as beautiful on the inside as well. Thank you for allowing us to share in your life.

I can't describe in words what it means for me to know that the stories about my simple life are helpful to other people.

When I get such feedback, I have a wide smile on my face.

Another thing that you may have noticed is that I added Andrew Christian banners to my site:

I hope that you will not find it too intrusive.

I don't plan to make my blog flooded with ads. I'm not too fond of Google Ads that pop up everywhere. I will only advertise items that I love and have purchased myself.

I have been wearing Andrew Christian jocks and thongs for many years. The quality is amazing. Their jocks don't break, and trust me, I have had many sex partners hold firm and pull my jocks while spanking and fucking me.

I use these ads to purchase from Andrew Christian myself because they offer a discount.

Lastly, I also get a lot of questions about sex, nudism, and life from guys of all ages. One question yesterday was so sad. It will be the subject of my next blog post (among other things). This young top (22 years old), has asked me:

"Am I ugly?"

More about him and his beautiful thick cock tomorrow.


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