Full Frontal Friday

I am starting to like this new tradition of FFF - Full frontal Friday. A light blog post to mark the start of the weekend combined with a photo of my thick cock.

My weekend started yesterday.

In Israel, our last workday is Thursday. Coronavirus fear is spreading in Israel, but I don't want to talk about it right now. It's too depressing; I will share an update with you in a separate post.

This photo is from my laundry room. It was warm enough this week to start walking around naked in my apartment. I am after my workout, which of course, I do naked.

I was also naked at the beach yesterday, it was lovely, but I will share with you more about that day in my next blog post.

I wanted to thank everyone who is sending me feedback. I get lots of feedback, either from my contact page or by direct email.

I wanted to share with you two lovely feedbacks that I have gotten this week. There were many more. Most of the feedbacks are compliments about my body/ass/cock. Please keep it coming 😀😀😀

Some guys also express their desire to suck my thick cock or that I fuck them. 😱😱😱

It's an excellent time to remind my readers: I'm a total bottom, and I rarely enjoy a blow job, instead, please lick and eat my smooth hole 😜 😜

Here is the first feedback:

This was a very enlightening article for me. Thanks for doing it on such a touchy subject for some. You have given me such a wonderful perspective from the bottom's point of view. Plus, it shows you how important it is to know our bodies more than we do. Had I known what I know now 50 years ago, things definitely would have been different sexually for me.

This feedback was about my Anal Sex Guide

Here is the second one:

Reading your blog is like breathing a breath of fresh air. So many of us married men are envious of your fairy life. You are not only a beautiful specimen physically; you come across as beautiful on the inside as well. Thank you for allowing us to share in your life.