Full Frontal Friday

Felix, my boyfriend, is finally back from Germany (after ten days). I just kissed him goodbye after spending a beautiful full day with him.

He saw some massive lube stains on the sheets before I had a chance to change them.

That's from the night I met Yuri's mom while his massive bent cock was making love to my ass.

Here is the first part of the story:

Eating Cum & Yuri's Mom

I forgot to change the sheets because I was so excited to see Felix after such a long time.


Don't worry, Felix fucked me on clean sheets, twice. My ass was even cleaner than the sheets.

The other funny thing that happened today was a conversation I had with a potential sex partner on Grindr.

He sent me two photos of his massive cock. Then he asked me:

"How's your ass? Smooth & fuckable?"

I always have a lousy feeling about guys that start a conversation with dick pics.

"Did you read what I am looking for?"

In response, he sent me his photo—such a sexy guy. The only problem is that his picture is at least four years old. I know because he contacts me once a year.

"Ahh," I told him, "We spoke already, this is an old photo of yours."

"You are correct; I don't upload a new photo every week."

No doubt that was meant to piss me off.

I upload a new Grindr photo once a month. I think it's only fair for potential fuck partners to see a recent picture of my body and my face.

"You don't need to upload a new photo every week," I told him, "How about once a year?"

I never heard back from him.

But I got so many sweet messages today that I could not care less, here is one of them:

"I started following your sexy blog about a month ago. Endless hours of pleasure stroking!"

That the whole point: Stroking, fucking and having fun!

Happy Full Frontal Friday!

-- After I published this post, I got some nasty messages regarding my bald head. You can read more about it here: Lost my Hair

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