Sometimes you need to fuck your boyfriend to get fucked a lot.

When I woke up this morning, my morning boner was harder than usual.

Even when I stepped out of bed and went to brush my teeth, my cock refused to go down

It was a bit surprising because less than seven hours before waking up, I had emptied my balls all over my wet body and enjoyed eating my cum right after.

Here's a short video of me playing with my love hole and cock and getting ready to shoot and eat my cum.

Then I remembered my last dream just before waking up, and I knew straight away why my cock had refused to go down and why my hole felt so sensitive when I touched it.

The last dream was about Julian fucking me.

Who's Julian?

I've known Julian (or Jul) and Brandon (or Bran) since 2008. They are such an amazing, loving couple. They've been together for 15 years or so. Both of them have made love to my ass numerous times but never together.

The weird part is that both of them want me to keep it secret from the otherr. Consequently, I’ve told neither of them that his partner also fucks me.

I've no idea how they keep it a secret from each other. It's not considered cheating because they're in an open relationship. However, they have a rule not to have sex with friends.

I'm the only guy who makes them break this rule, to my best of knowledge. It's not a big deal because, on average, I fuck with either one of them only once a year.

Which one of them honored my horny ass first?

It was Julian, and it was an absolute surprise for me.

Well, it wasn't such a big surprise because I knew from the start that he was attracted to me. Also, I was far more attracted to him than to Bran. Julian is 100% top and very dominant, while Bran is versatile. Julian is also of German descent on his father's side like me.

All the Germans who've fucked me have had huge cocks.

Julian's cock was no exception to this rule.

A few months after I first met them, I hosted a dinner party on my rooftop. I invited 14 friends over and a guy I was dating at the time.

The party was a great success.

This photo was taken on that night, 11 years ago. It's my old kitchen before I renovated it.

Back then, I didn't have an enormous rooftop jacuzzi, which made the roof even more spacious than it is today.

After three hours, we were all happy and somewhat drunk.

I was getting tired, but I knew it would be another hour at least before people started leaving. I looked at my guests and saw that they were laughing, smoking, drinking.

Jul was standing alone, drinking red wine (I'd bought his favorite), and Bran was sitting with a group of friends. I remember how I was looking at them and admiring their lifestyle. I also looked at Jul's shorts and noticed (again) that he must have an impressive or even a huge cock between his muscular legs.

With these sweet thoughts in mind, I felt that I could take a few minutes to myself downstairs after attending to my guests' needs for several hours. I started clearing away some plates from the dinner table as an excuse to go downstairs.

"Theon, need any help?" Jul asked.

My first instinct was to say, "No, I'm fine," but my ass was answering instead of my brain: "Sure, thank you."

When we got to the kitchen, I put the dirty dishes in the sink, turned around, and found Jul inches away from me. His piercing, blue eyes were looking deep into mine. It was such an intense moment that I find it hard to explain in words.

In a matter of seconds, we were kissing with so much passion that I felt he was trying to swallow my head.

Jul had little trouble pulling my shorts down because, just as in this photo, I was wearing very short shorts that evening.

He pulled them down but left the jock because he enjoyed seeing my ass framed by it. He turned me around and started eating my love hole with gusto.

"Theon, I'm dying to fuck your hot ass!" he muttered while eating my ass and caressing it like dough.

I could barely hold myself from screaming because of the intense pleasure he was giving me, and I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than letting Jul shove his massive German cock into my ass.

However, there was the issue of Bran and the other 13 guests who might come downstairs any minute. Not to mention the guy I was dating and was planning on inviting to stay over and fuck me later (which he did, by the way).

"What about Bran? and the others, including my date?"

"I don't care; it makes it even more exciting."

That's how I found out that what excites Jul the most is fucking a guy when he might get caught.

Julian dropped his shorts and pulled out his massive hammer from his blue bikini underwear. His cock was not only huge but also hard and amazingly beautiful. He slapped my ass with it while fingering my love hole.

"Theon, your smooth hole is so tight and warm. I have to know how it feels to be inside you!"

He turned me around again, pulled my jock down, and kissed me again. He was pressing his red, thick cock against mine and fingering my hole the entire time. He managed to have three fingers inside my oven at that point.

My ass was ready for his powerful cock.

But I knew I would feel much more relaxed anywhere else except the kitchen. We couldn't even hear if anyone was coming downstairs because the music was loud.

I took Jul to the utility room.

Jul ripped my clothes off and then got naked as well. I was standing just as in the above photo when Jul started to command my ass and body.

Prep was not an option back then, so Jul fucked me with a condom. I handed him the lube, and in two minutes (it took me some time to get used to his massive hammer), he was pounding my ass.

How did his cock feel?

Terrific and very intense.

I wouldn't call it love-making because we both needed to hurry. Jul enjoyed fucking me while risking getting caught, but he didn't want it to happen!

As for me, I wouldn't know what to say to the guy I'd just started dating had he caught us!

Jul was holding my body tight, fucking me hard, and spanking my cheeks while doing so. His thrusts got powerful and faster until he was fucking me frantically. I reached back and held his massive balls. That made him almost scream, and I felt in my palm the explosion and the intense pulses that forced his multiple cum shots into the condom (and sadly not into my cum hole).

Jul pulled his red pole out of my satisfied ass, leaving my hole wide open because his cock was so thick. He handed me the condom with an embarrassed smile.

"I better head upstairs before someone gets suspicious," he said.

"You definitely should!"

He kissed me gently and held my ass cheeks, massaging them at the same time. I moaned softly.

When he'd left, I took a good look at the condom.

It had so much cum in it, and I didn't want to see it going to waste. I emptied it on my palm, licked most of it, and used the rest as lube to shoot my load while finger-fucking myself.

As I said at the start of this blog post, my cock was so hard this morning because I'd had a dream about Jul fucking me just before waking up.

I rarely wank in the morning because I need to start working and answer phone calls. However, the dream about Jul's terrific cock fucking me had made me so horny that I had to masturbate immediately.

I shot my load all over myself, so I could eat it right after and think of the taste of Jul's love juices.

I love the feeling of cum in or on my body
I love the feeling of cum in or on my body

Did I think about the first time Jul had conquered my ass while I yelled and emptied my balls this morning?

Not quite.

I was reliving the last time Jul felt my ass and filled my hole.

It happened four weeks ago.

Four weeks ago, Felix, Jul, and Bran and I were soaking in my rooftop jacuzzi. It was a lovely Friday evening, and I'd invited them to stay over and go hiking with us the next day.

It was also the night before I fucked my boyfriend for the first time (we've been together for ten months).

My lover, angel, boyfriend
My lover, angel, boyfriend

If you're reading my blog post for the first time, you might be wondering why it is such a big deal that I fucked him. In other words: You might be puzzled why took me such a long time to make love to his terrific, hairy hole.

The reason is that I'm a total bottom. When something is buried in my ass, it drives me wild.

Therefore I rarely fuck, and Felix always showed tremendous interest in fucking my ass and dumping his seed in it. Thus, even though his ass is muscular and sexy, I never felt any desire to fuck it.

Until that Saturday night.

As I was saying, the night before, the four of us were in the jacuzzi the previous evening. Bran and I were naked, but Felix and Jul were wearing dull swim trunks. Felix is shy and isn't a nudist.

That's why he wasn't naked. As for Jul, it was his way of hiding his erection or suppressing it.

We were smoking weed (except Felix), which made us very relaxed and playful.

We had a typical top/bottom gay talk.

Jul asked first: "Felix, don't you bottom?"

"No," Felix answered.

"Then you are like me. I can't imagine anything going into my ass, not even a finger. It's an exit-only zone."

"Oh no, I love to get fucked as well, but Theon never does.", Felix said, and for the first time, I sensed some frustration in his voice. The weed was making my mind focused on small details as it usually does.

"Wouldn't you want him to?" asked Bran.

"Well yeah. Theon's cock is awesome. It's soft now, but when it's hard, it gets massive."

"Plus, he shoots so much cum. It'd be fun to feel his cum shots in my ass instead of on my face!"

My third cum shot. There's cum on my left elbow.
My third cum shot. There's cum on my left elbow.

I'd never told Felix that both Bran and Jul have not only seen my hard cock but also shoved theirs into my ass. The three of us were stoned, and at any minute, someone might reveal the truth about our past fucks, which could be disastrous or unpleasant at the very least.

I had to divert the conversation in a different direction.

"Jul, are you trying to ruin my sex life by convincing my boyfriend that I need to fuck him? It's bad enough that he doesn't spank me!"

"Why don't you spank him?" Jul asked, "Theon loves to have his ass spanked while he gets fucked, and it's perfectly shaped for it."

Bran was too stoned, and Felix too naive to suspect how Jul knew I enjoy getting spanked when a guy pounds my ass.

"I love him, and I don't want to cause him pain," Felix explained.

"You are so sweet," Jul laughed, "but it doesn't hurt if you do it right. Let me show you how it's done correctly."

"Get your ass out of the water, Theon," he ordered, "Bran, let's show Felix how it's done right!"

I positioned myself in doggie, and both of them spanked my horny ass cheeks. Jul spanked my right ass cheek and Bran the left.

They took turns doing it until both cheeks turned nicely red.

I screamed while they were doing it because it was so much fun and arousing.

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Shortly after, Felix and Bran left, showered (separately), and went to the movie room to see a show. The movie room opens directly on to the rooftop.

Jul and I stayed.

To say that I wasn't surprised when Jul took off his swim trunk, stood up, and presented his massive, hard cock for me to lick and admire would be an understatement.

I knew that Jul would be extra horny for my submissive ass after spanking it and seeing my wet love hole. Because Felix or Bran could catch us fucking he couldn't resist the temptation.

In no time, he was fucking me doggie style in the jacuzzi.

The last time his massive cock had entered my ass was about a year ago in their apartment, before Felix had entered my life. My love hole welcomed Jul's thick tool like greeting an old friend

Just like 11 years ago (and also one year ago), Jul fucked me quickly.

He was very excited about the fact that we could get caught by our boyfriends. It intensified his pleasure. I was too stoned to care, and it felt like a dream when he was pounding and spanking my wet ass.

I couldn't hold my seed for too long, and I'd started screaming long before my orgasm started. The jacuzzi jets were making enough noise (and massaging my balls), so our boyfriends couldn't hear me.

Nor did they hear Jul.

On hearing my yells, Jul intensified his thrusts until we both were screaming and shooting our loads at almost the same time.

It was our best fuck ever.

Jul got out first. His giant cock was almost as hard as it had been in my ass. I stayed and enjoyed the feeling of his seed slowly leaking out into the jacuzzi from my open love hole.

It was such a relaxing sensation.

The morning after, as planned, we went hiking.

It was lovely, and I was so happy that everyone was getting along so well. Because of CV-19, I never got a chance to introduce Felix to all my friends properly.

I felt that this weekend had been a success. The fact Jul fucked me was a nice bonus as well.

Halfway along the trail, when I was taking this photo, Jul was standing next to me.

Bran and Felix were ahead of us and out of sight.

Since I was wearing my "fuck me" short shorts, Jul's fingers were quickly playing with my sweaty, smooth hole. He took them out, smelled, and licked them.

Then he did it again, fingering my hole this time. I moaned loudly on feeling his fingers exploring my insides. Jul took his fingers out of my loose hole and brought them to me so I could smell my hole, get horny, and lick his fingers.

"Theon, let's do it again! You are an incredible bottom, and you make me so horny!!!"

Did Jul breed me again on the trail?


I had no way to properly clean my ass had he shot a river of cum inside me. Plus, there is a difference between taking a risk and taking a dumb risk. Jul was raising the chances of us getting caught because it excited him even more.

Besides, I wanted to stay horny for Felix. I was sure he was planning on loading my ass with his sweet American seed later that night.

Although he eventually didn't….

Shortly before sunset Bran and Jul left because they had to return early to their kids (they have three), and I was left alone with Felix.

The clouds were beautiful that evening, and so was Felix.

It was so romantic. We kissed gently and passionately, only stopping when we saw people approaching.

"Do you remember the first time you fucked me while hiking?" I asked him during one of our kissing breaks.

"How can I forget? It was so intense and you know I've done such wild things only with you!"

You can read about our first outdoor fuck here:

Blood, Cum, and Sweat

I pushed my fingers into his shorts and found his hard cock.

"I'd love for us to do it again!" I whispered.

"Maybe this time you will fuck me instead!"

"Honey, do you want me to fuck you? Because I will if you want me to."

"Why not? I've fucked you so many times." Felix added somewhat angrily, "Not everything is about your ass, you know!"

That was quite an intense statement, which I hadn't expected.

When we got back to my apartment, we went straight to the jacuzzi. Our muscles were aching, and the jacuzzi was something we were fantasizing about on the trail.

Less than 24 hours ago, right here, Jul had loaded my ass with his sweet seed. I got horny from the idea that Felix was just about to do the same.

I played with his sweet balls in the hot tub, knowing that it would get him hard immediately.

But it didn't.

I tried teasing him a few times by offering him my ass to use and enjoy.

But Felix didn't try to do anything with my ass nor the rest of my body.

I assumed that it was because he was tired from the hike. I still didn't consider the possibility that Felix was indeed interested in me shooting my DNA into his ass.

The last time his massive cock had entered my ass was about a year ago in their apartment before Felix had entered my life. My love hole welcomed Jul's thick tool like greeting an old friend

When I came back with a glass a water for Felix, I saw him sitting like this.

Felix was offering me his hot ass, it's was so obvious!
Felix was offering me his hot ass, it's was so obvious!

It was the first time he'd sat like that. He always sat facing me so I could admire his beautiful hard tool and get excited from it.

The "I want you to fuck me," bells were ringing. But I still wasn't convinced. It's not that I have a problem fucking a guy (even though it pales in comparison to getting fucked).

There was something else.

I still couldn't believe he was genuinely offering me his ass to fuck and cream!

Felix was behaving like a submissive bottom, and, up until this point in our relationship, he'd been a dominant top, eager to pound my hole and load it with cum.

Felix showered first while I was emptying our backpack and taking care of Luka.

When I got out of the shower and saw Felix waiting for me in bed, I had no more doubts.

Usually, when Felix is horny, and I step out of the shower, that's how he always welcomes me to bed.

His breeding tool is hard and ready to take care of my smooth hole.

Felix no longer shaves his pubic hair. He knows that a shaved cock is less attractive to me.
Felix no longer shaves his pubic hair. He knows that a shaved cock is less attractive to me.

We usually kiss for a long time, and then I start riding his cock until my ass is loose and fuckable (which takes about a minute). Then he starts pounding my love hole in any position he sees fit.

Usually, he loads my ass with cum while my legs rest on his broad shoulders.

However, that night, this is how Felix welcomed me to bed:

Five minutes later I was pounding Felix's love hole
Five minutes later I was pounding Felix's love hole

It was no longer a question.

Felix wanted me to fuck him, and I was honored to do so.

If you want to hear our voices, moaning, and screaming while I fucked him, then check the following blog post:

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Four weeks have passed since the night I shot my hot cum into my boyfriend's muscular, smooth ass for the first time.

Had it happened again since?


Might it happen again?

I think Felix wanted my seed in his ass because it was a power struggle between us.

Felix felt that, in bed, I was getting everything that I wanted (which meant him fucking me almost every time). He wanted to know that his wishes while we make love are also important.

That's why he wanted me to fuck him.

Ever since that night, he's been fucking me more often than before.

He used to fuck me 2 or 3 times a week before he bottomed for me. Since then, he makes sure my ass goes to bed happy at least four times a week.