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A future proctologist fucked me. Read on to find out where and how!

Yesterday daylight-saving in Israel ended.

The sun now sets before 5 PM.

I've experienced beautiful sunsets recently.
I've experienced beautiful sunsets recently.

It means I can only go to the beach during the work week if I take half a day off.

Until now, I went to the beach three times a week.

I will miss the feeling of being naked outdoors and having my ass spoiled with hot semen delivered primarily by horny married guys.

I satisfy my desire to be naked outdoors by hiking almost naked.

I wear a jock to protect my thick cock and smooth balls.

Felix fucked me during this hike.
Felix fucked me during this hike.

How do I satisfy my need to get fucked often when I can't go to the beach?

I use Grindr.

However, as most of you know, finding a suitable top is a frustrating experience. Sometimes I spend an entire evening talking with guys, and the result is sperm still in my balls but none in my ass.

Most of my fuck buddies gained much weight since Covid, and I no longer find them attractive.

There's Brandon, with whom I've been fucking primarily outdoors since last February. He fucks me in an abandoned house, usually after midnight.

It's a terrific experience to make love to him at this exotic location.

Unfortunately, he's mostly out of town.
Unfortunately, he's mostly out of town.

Another thing that changes during this time of the year is my body's tendency to gain weight.

Staying in shape is a constant effort, even during the warmer months and I get many questions about it.

Here's one example:

"Please give me some encouragement and some tips to be motivated to get fit again. I know I still have potential. If I can manage to do the work, I know I can look 40 again. Seriously, I can, but the urge to give up feels too strong. Please help!"

A proper answer to his request will require at least two blog posts (or even more!). For now, know that I, too, struggle each time before I start jogging on my treadmill.

Two things encourage me to avoid the temptation of enjoying a video game and chocolate cake instead of jogging 7 miles.

The first is the incredible feeling and satisfaction once it's over.

My sweaty jock right after finishing another night run.
My sweaty jock right after finishing another night run.

The second is that jogging makes my ass muscular and fuckable.

It looks particularly fuckable after I finish jogging:

It also makes my ass dimples quite noticeable.
It also makes my ass dimples quite noticeable.

The change of seasons also inspired me to get rid of my colossal bed frame.

I wrote about it in this blog post:

My new year resolution was to become a top. Read on to discover why.

This project is progressing nicely.

Felix and I picked quality wood for the outside frame, and Felix bought pine boards for the inner one.

He spent most of the weekend cutting, sanding, sealing, and painting the boards... you can see in this photo:

Felix is so butch!
Felix is so butch!

Lastly, as some may have noticed, I've put some parts of the blog behind a paywall.

You can read more about the reasoning behind this move here:

Do you want to become popular? Think again because it will cost you!

The paywall is very reasonable (7 cents a day or less).

You can think of it as a donation since you enjoy my blog. In any case, most of the blog is still free for you to appreciate and explore.

Please follow this link to become a supporting member:

Become a supporting member!

The main topic of this blog post is telling you who was the last stud who fucked me at the beach this season.

But before that, here's a photo of an uncut breeding machine belonging to a blog follower:

It must feel so enjoyable to get fucked by this thick beauty:

The veins are gorgeous!
The veins are gorgeous!

As you know, I rarely have sex with a top that completely removes his pubic hair. I think pubic hair is a terrific decoration and fun to play with.

That's why I neither trim nor shave mine:

My cock during my morning shower.
My cock during my morning shower.

Noam, The last guy who fucked me at the beach, said I'd look even more desirable if I shaved my bush off.

An hour before Noam's terrific hairy cock began fucking my smooth cum hole, I was fucked by Josh.

Josh is the 61-year-old stud I've known for several years, but only recently did he start dominating my body and breeding me.

Our first lovemaking turned out to be a lovely beach orgy where my ass and mouth were the prominent celebrities.

Most of the guys were stoned and playful.

I’ve never been fucked by so many guys since Covid.
I’ve never been fucked by so many guys since Covid.

Since that enjoyable afternoon, Josh has fucked me a few more times (sometimes with his friend.)

Each time, it was an honor and a special privilege to serve his terrific mature, long cock.

I wasn't bored by serving his very demanding cock. Still, I was hoping to get fucked by a new cock last Thursday.

That's why on seeing him sleeping on his back, his beautiful pink cock exposed for everyone to see and admire, I decided to keep walking.

However, he'd noticed me and signaled me to get closer.

"It's so lovely to see you, Theon," he said, and I noticed that, as always, he was stoned.

I kneeled, smiled, and kissed him.

Besides us, there was no one at the beach.
Besides us, there was no one at the beach.

Josh handed me half a joint.

I smoked it while he caressed my ass and fuck hole. His cock boned immediately and started leaking as well.

I was tempted to start riding his cock, but I was still hoping to ride a new cock. Therefore on finishing the joint, I licked his balls, sucked him for a few minutes, and left.

Two hours later, he was walking toward me.

I was standing naked and waiting for him.
I was standing naked and waiting for him.

"Theon, are we friends?" he asked.

"Of course!"

"I need a favor."

"What do you need, handsome?" I asked.

"I really need to fuck your holes. I'm so horny."

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I hadn't seen anyone for two hours and seriously doubted anyone else would fuck me that afternoon.

Besides, Josh is an incredibly sexy 61-year-old. and his cock was hard and demanding my attention.

Therefore, I kneeled and serviced his cock. Shortly after, he ordered me to enter the shallow pools and expose my fuck hole for him.

I obliged without hesitation.

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Josh began pounding my cum hole and didn't stop until his cock exploded while I ejaculated simultaneously.

After saying goodbye to Josh (probably till Spring) and cleaning my ass, I put on underwear.

I suddenly felt cold and strangely also a bit sad.

I realized that the next time I'll get fucked at the beach will likely be in March.

It was a depressing thought.
It was a depressing thought.

Shortly after, the next cock that was about to breed me that afternoon came over.

It belonged to Noam, a 30-something medical student.

I knew he was checking me out and was especially fascinated by my lace underwear. It was still too soon for me to be horny again, yet I noticed his stocky, hairy body even though he was fully dressed.

"He'll probably return," I thought, and I was right.

It was 20 minutes before sunset, and I was no longer sad nor clothed. I also began feeling horny again.

I walked naked towards him and looked straight into his eyes. He turned his gaze, but I knew he'd turn around to check my ass out.

I strolled, counted to ten, and then turned around.

Just as I expected, he'd been checking my ass the entire time.

On turning, I smiled at him, and he reciprocated the gesture.

However, he left, which was a shame because I was getting excited at the idea of pulling down his jeans and sucking his hairy cock.

I concluded that he was a closeted bisexual and that I'll probably never see him again.

The sun was about to sink into the Mediterranean. Therefore, I stopped thinking about him.

Instead, I let the sun kiss my loose cum hole for the last time in 2022.

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At this time of the year, it gets dark very quickly after sunset. Therefore I packed my belongings, put on a jock, and began the 1-mile hike back to my car.

I wasn't expecting to see Noam again.

Goodbye, wonderful beach and summer life.
Goodbye, wonderful beach and summer life.

However, while walking south toward the exit, I did see Noam again

I knew he'd return for my fuck hole.

I also knew I'd better make the first move because he was too shy, scared, or both.

"Back again?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was wondering if there was anything to see further north."

It was such a lame lie.

There was no one at the beach, and there was still enough light to realize it. Still, I wasn't going to tell Noam directly that he'd returned to fuck me.

We began talking, and I learned that he was indeed bisexual and had recently broken up with his girlfriend.

He told me that he was planning on becoming a proctologist.

A proctologist had examined me in the past, but I'd never been fucked by one.

The thought of a future proctologist examining my hole with his cock made me sexually aroused.

"When was the last time you fucked a guy?" I asked Noam.

"It's been a long time. It's hard for me to find the right bottom."

"What kind of bottoms attract you?"

"I'm attracted to guys like you," he explained. "I like a bottom to be feminine but also manly. Such bottoms are hard to come by."

"So you think I'm feminine?" I smiled.

"I hope it doesn't offend you," he replied.

I laughed. "Not at all. I do enjoy getting fucked and being submissive. I'm only curious about what makes me feminine, in your opinion."

"Well, the bracelets on your legs, for one."

I started wearing those this summer.
I started wearing those this summer.

"That makes sense. What else?" I inquired.

"You have a manly build, yet you are almost smooth, and I can tell it's natural. There are a lot of fit guys like you that are smooth, but they trim or remove their body hair. I prefer a natural look like yours, but it's hard to come by."

I smiled, "How can you tell it's natural? It's already quite dark to see clearly."

"That's true, but I checked you out before."

The sexual tension at that point was so thick that you could cut it with a blunt knife.

Yet, Noam still didn't say or do anything to help his cock find its way into my fuckable ass.

"Well, I'm mostly smooth but have noticeable body hair in two areas," I told him.

I demonstrated the first one by exposing my right armpit.

Shaved armpits are even worse than shaved pubic hair!
Shaved armpits are even worse than shaved pubic hair!

"The second place is my pubic hair," I told him but didn't reveal my hard cock.

I adore my brown-red-orange pubic hair.

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I'd expected Noam to ask to see my cock, but he didn't.

But he didn't ask to see it because it was of no interest to him.

"I've noticed your pubic hair before, but what attracted me to you was your smooth ass. It's gorgeous and definitely feminine."

"Yes, I hear that quite often," I said and turned around.