Fucked by an Angel - Part II

Today, while driving to work, I was thinking about Ofir. Ofir is the angel that made love to my ass at the beach last Thursday.

You can find the first part of "Fucked by an Angle" here:


Shortly after I took this sunset photo, we were kissing passionately while he was holding my ass.

I kept thinking about him all weekend because he was incredible, and we have had such a fantastic connection. Every time I thought about him I had this stupid smile, and I got rock hard.

Our special bond was not only while he was fucking me. It started from the moment we exchanged looks to the moment he was hugging me strongly from behind even though I was covered with a massive amount of cum.

I also thought about him in comparison to other guys.

He was only 20, just a soldier. But he had sexual & emotional wisdom of a guy twice or even three times his age.

He was nothing compared to the three following guys who wanted to fuck me this weekend. I picked the worst cases, but there were several others:

1) Friday at 6:50 AM, a guy already sent me a message. I recognized his photos because we talked before, and his photos are at least three years old. He is in his late 40's.

"What a chest, what an amazing body, do you want me to fuck you this morning? I've got a 7-inch cock. I will make you feel good."

"I'm sorry, but it seems that we have already spoken in the past. Have a good day."

I thought I was clear enough, but he has sent me another message:

"And...what happened after we spoke?"

"What an idiot", I thought to myself. My patience was low, to begin with; I have had so many errands to do that morning.

"Well, do you remember fucking me? Certainly not! so you can imagine that it was not a good fit."

He blocked me - whatever.

2) The second guy was hot, woof, smoking hot. I kept his profile on Grindr so I can write about our conversation. I am looking at his photos now; I will block him after I finish writing about him.

Why would I block such a fantastic stud?

Well, let me first describe how he looks like:

He is 22. His body is toned and hairy, although he trims his upper body. He has a marine-like haircut, and his face is adorable. He has beautiful blue eyes and big lips.

He also sent me a photo of his cock. It's enormous, a real monster cock.

"I want to mince your ass, to grind it, interested?"

To me, that is the worst sentence a guy who wants to fuck me, can say. It's the last thing I want a guy to do to my ass. I want a guy to make love to my ass, not abuse it.

"Do you want to indulge my ass or make it bleed?"

"I want to break your ass apart."

Then he sent me a photo of his gigantic cock.

"You have an incredible cock, but I am not interested in someone that will break my ass apart."

Then he demanded: "Show me your ass."

"What is the point? There is no way that I will let you fuck me. At least not how you want to."

"If your ass is gorgeous, maybe I will try to be a bit less rough."

Since I was 12, lots of guys told me that my ass is gorgeous (don't worry, when I was 12, they were also around my age). So, I was quite sure he will say the same thing.

However, his words were unambiguous:

"If," "maybe," "try," "a bit less," - there was no way I would have let him get near my beloved ass, not to mention my precious love hole.

I did not bother sending him a photo.

And now he's blocked.

3) A guy wanted to come over and fuck me Saturday, first thing in the morning. He was 24, living half a mile from my place. He was quite cute.

"What do you want to do?" I asked him.

"I want to fuck your hole and hold you when I shoot my cum deep inside of you, but before that, I want us to kiss a lot. I need you to suck my big cock, and I also desire to lick your smooth hole."

Then he sent me a photo of his cock. It was not as massive as the guy I wrote about before, but quite thick and big. I also liked his mushroom; it was exceptionally red and arousing. His body was beautiful and toned.

Everything he said was how I like to get fucked, except that in the morning, I don't fancy getting fucked. My ass is tenser and not as fuckable like it is later during the day.

"Right now, my ass is not that fuckable, but the rest of what you said sounds great."

"Why? I promise you that I will give your ass a good time, my cock is on fire."

It was so obvious he was thinking of giving his cock a good time. I almost yawned.

"Look, as I said, we can do everything except you fucking my ass. If you want to fuck me, then we can meet in the afternoon or later. You can shoot on my hole if you want to but not inside right now."

"Care to explain why you don't want me to fuck you and cum inside?"

I felt as if I was talking to a retard.

"When a bottom tells you that he does not wish to get fucked, there could be many reasons.

  • It could be that he got fucked recently and needs to give his ass some rest.

  • It could be that his not clean, or does not feel clean.

  • It could be that he does not want a thick cock to open his ass first thing in the morning,

A bottom is like a woman in this regard.

A woman does not always feel that she wants a thick cock penetrating her body. It's fun, but it's not always something we'd like to do.

And in any case, when a bottom tells you he does not want to get fucked, you should accept and respect his wishes."

His response?

"Man, I really need to fuck your hot ass right now."

I did not respond, but I did not block him. He's cute with a tasty big cock and sexy body, so some other time, perhaps.

But how was it with Ofir, or more importantly, how did it even start?

I ended the first part with this sentence:

"I kept on my jocks, packed my things, and started heading out."

Ofir was lightly running on the beach. He was heading north, and I was heading south towards the exit.

I almost lost my breath when I saw him. He was so beautiful.

Ofir was wearing light blue boxer briefs. The briefs were quite loose, but his big cock was quite apparent.

Ofir's briefs were similar, but twice as long

He was so lean, there was almost no fat on his body, and his stomach muscles were visible. However, he was not muscular, his chest was flat.

Ofir was around my height (I'm 6'). His upper body was smooth, except for below the nave. I could see how his hair was getting thicker and longer as it got closer to his pubic hair. Ofir's legs were ravishingly hairy.

He had a long, powerful face with prominent burning black eyes.

He was not adorable; I mean, it was not a babyface, but still very beautiful. At first glance, I thought he was a Muslim or a Druze. His black hair was very short but not shaved.

He also looked very young;

I estimated his age between 18-22.

We exchange looks, and I saw him checking my body.

"There is no chance this hot guy is interested in me"; I thought to myself, "absolutely no fucking way."

However, something beautiful happened after we passed each other. I kept on walking and counted "1, 2, 3," and then I turned my head.

And at the same moment, he did the same.

I saw his surprised and lustful expression when he saw my ass wrapped in my red jocks.

It was such a classic way to start a sex date.

Pass a guy, slowly count to 3, turn around, and if he does the same, you know he is interested.

We both smiled.

We turned around and walked towards each other. We stood next to each other, still smiling.

I started caressing his flat ripped stomach, and before I knew it, we were kissing passionately. While we were kissing, his warm hands were already groping my ass, and my hands were massaging his big and so beautiful (when I saw them later) balls.

I can write a blog post just about his balls. In the third part, I will let you know why his testicles were so fantastic.

I will also detail how we made love while the rabi, the rude guy, and the peeing guy all had some role in our lovemaking (I wrote about them in the first part)

One of them also shot his load.

Was it the rabi?


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