Fucked by an Angel - Part II

Today, while driving to work, I was thinking about Ofir. Ofir is the angel that made love to my ass at the beach last Thursday.

You can find the first part of "Fucked by an Angle" here:


Shortly after I took this sunset photo, we were kissing passionately while he was holding my ass.

I kept thinking about him all weekend because he was incredible, and we have had such a fantastic connection. Every time I thought about him I had this stupid smile, and I got rock hard.

Our special bond was not only while he was fucking me. It started from the moment we exchanged looks to the moment he was hugging me strongly from behind even though I was covered with a massive amount of cum.

I also thought about him in comparison to other guys.

He was only 20, just a soldier. But he had sexual & emotional wisdom of a guy twice or even three times his age.

He was nothing compared to the three following guys who wanted to fuck me this weekend. I picked the worst cases, but there were several others:

1) Friday at 6:50 AM, a guy already sent me a message. I recognized his photos because we talked before, and his photos are at least three years old. He is in his late 40's.

"What a chest, what an amazing body, do you want me to fuck you this morning? I've got a 7-inch cock. I will make you feel good."

"I'm sorry, but it seems that we have already spoken in the past. Have a good day."

I thought I was clear enough, but he has sent me another message:

"And...what happened after we spoke?"

"What an idiot", I thought to myself. My patience was low, to begin with; I have had so many errands to do that morning.