Fucked by an Angel - Part I

“Dor, you don’t understand, this guy did not simply fuck me. He made my ass his temple and my love hole was his shrine”

“Yes, I know, Theon, you said it already a few times.”

Last night Dor came over to spend time with me in my rooftop jacuzzi and to go for dinner together. I used a different name for Dor when I referred to him in previous posts. Since he is a teacher, he asked me to use a different name when I write about him in my blog.

He took this photo of me as I was explaining to him with body language and facial expression how awesome it was.

“You don’t understand it was not just fucking; it was the Sistine Chapel of fucking, a masterpiece, a triumph. I feel like writing a poem about it. I was fucked by an angel”

“Maybe you should rest before you paint the Sistine Chapel? You look exhausted.”

I was.

But I also felt so amazingly alive after making love to this 20 years old beautiful angel. I felt like singing aloud. Naturally, not as loud as I was screaming from ecstasy at the beach only an hour before while he was eating my ass.

A week ago I wrote that sex, "done with the right partner and the right way, can lift you to new heights."

Yesterday, the angel of love fucked me just like that. The "new heights" lifted me to heaven.

Maybe you heard someone screaming yesterday, don’t worry, it was just me. I was not in pain; I was in heaven with an angel of love.

But I had to go through a small mini hell to get there.

I was not that horny. The day before, I had great sex with the professor at the beach. I wrote about it here:


Four years have passed since he fucked me with a condom. Wednesday, I felt the raw force of his big cock barebacking my ass. It was brilliant but nothing compared to what I was about to experience a day after.

You can tell how open and aroused my hole looked shortly after Eli so professionally and passionately made love to my ass. He did not cum inside of my ass; he preferred to cream my face and upper body instead.