Fucked by an Angel - Part I

“Dor, you don’t understand, this guy did not simply fuck me. He made my ass his temple and my love hole was his shrine”

“Yes, I know, Theon, you said it already a few times.”

Last night Dor came over to spend time with me in my rooftop jacuzzi and to go for dinner together. I used a different name for Dor when I referred to him in previous posts. Since he is a teacher, he asked me to use a different name when I write about him in my blog.

He took this photo of me as I was explaining to him with body language and facial expression how awesome it was.

“You don’t understand it was not just fucking; it was the Sistine Chapel of fucking, a masterpiece, a triumph. I feel like writing a poem about it. I was fucked by an angel”

“Maybe you should rest before you paint the Sistine Chapel? You look exhausted.”

I was.

But I also felt so amazingly alive after making love to this 20 years old beautiful angel. I felt like singing aloud. Naturally, not as loud as I was screaming from ecstasy at the beach only an hour before while he was eating my ass.

A week ago I wrote that sex, "done with the right partner and the right way, can lift you to new heights."

Yesterday, the angel of love fucked me just like that. The "new heights" lifted me to heaven.

Maybe you heard someone screaming yesterday, don’t worry, it was just me. I was not in pain; I was in heaven with an angel of love.

But I had to go through a small mini hell to get there.

I was not that horny. The day before, I had great sex with the professor at the beach. I wrote about it here:


Four years have passed since he fucked me with a condom. Wednesday, I felt the raw force of his big cock barebacking my ass. It was brilliant but nothing compared to what I was about to experience a day after.

You can tell how open and aroused my hole looked shortly after Eli so professionally and passionately made love to my ass. He did not cum inside of my ass; he preferred to cream my face and upper body instead.

Thursday, the beach was again nearly empty.

However, the guy that gave me a fantastic hands-free orgasm was there. It was nearly three (?) months ago. It was incredible lovemaking. I shot my load without touching my cock, all over him while I was riding his cock.

I wrote about it here:


I just came out of the icy water when he passed me with his beach bag. He was wearing his speedo as usual.

“Hey sexy, you look cold.”

I sure was.

While it was a hot day, the water was frigid already.

We hugged, he groped my wet ass, and before I knew it, he tried to bury a finger or two in my love hole.

“Wow, slow down,” I told him, “What are you doing?”

“I thought you’d liked it. Last time we fucked, you screamed when I was playing with your hole.”

That was very accurate; he has terrific fingers.

However, back then, we were fucking, and we talked for a while before I allowed him to play with the most intimate part of my body.

Yesterday, before I could take two breathes, his finger(s) were already trying to explore my ass.

What the fuck?

I broke up from his hug.

“I’m not here for sex today; I came to relax.”

“Ok, later.”

There is not going to be "later", I thought to myself.

What he did was rude and totally out of place. Yes, we fucked, he shot loads of cum in my ass, but that does not give him (or anyone) the right to play with my hole whenever he feels like it.

I laid down and fell asleep. I woke up with a massive hard-on. I remembered dreaming about something sexual but I was not sure what it was.

While my cock was still hard, a guy passed me.

I have known him for 10+ years. He is a total bottom like me, and he knows I’m a bottom. He stared at my hard cock and, while walking north, kept looking back, expecting me to give him a sign.

I am not attracted to him, and he’s an absolute bottom. He most likely wanted to give me a blowjob. I don’t like getting a blowjob; I prefer a guy to focus his oral skills on my ass and more importantly my love hole.

He knows I am not interested in him; I never was.

He placed his towel down, close to me and started the "cock parade."

I swear, if one day I can pass a law about the nude beach, I will forbid people to parade their cocks. It’s just so idiotic.

What is a "cock parade"?

A guy walks on the beach, and every few steps he would pull his cock to stimulate it and keep it relatively big. Imagine someone walking, and every nine steps doing that.

It’s not arousing, it looks pathetic.

It would be like me every nine or so steps stop, spread my ass, and finger myself to make sure guys can see how open and ready my hole is.

Is that sexy? Do you think it is arousing?


After 15 minutes, I got tired of this idiotic display of false masculinity, and so I packed my things and walked somewhat south.

Two my left, there was a sexy nude young couple.

To my right, there were three guys:

  • the rude guy,

  • the cock parading guy,

  • and the guy who stopped next to me and peed (the only one who was not naked).


Yes, he was walking, and when he got to me, he went to the side and peed. He was not naked. I am so naive; only later, I understood it was a signal that he was interested in having sex with me.

But more about that very soon.

One of the beach rabbis passed me, and we chatted briefly. Then we hugged he gave my ass a loud cute spanking and left.

Who are the beach rabbis?

There are three ultra-orthodox Jews who come to the beach. It is the most bizarre vision you can think of. Think of a black-clothed religious Jew from Brooklyn appearing at a gay nude beach.

I feel sorry for them because they have such a strong need to bond with naked guys.

The first two, I don’t have any connection with. They are weird, and I already told them more than once not to wank while looking at my naked body.

The third is a nice guy.

He even fucked me once and shot his hot cum on my ass another time.

He is not as strict as them. He is younger and rides a motorcycle. He is not 100% my type, but he is very manly (read hairy) with a huge cock. Sometimes, that's all that I need when I am very horny.

The sun was about to set

The nude young couple dressed up and left.

Only me and the rude guy were still at the beach. The peeing guy also left (or so I thought...)

Clouds were starting to form and it got windy but it was still quite warm.

I kept on my jocks, packed my things, and started heading out.

Then I met 24...22...20 (more about that in the second part) years old Ofir.

And we both traveled to heaven in a chariot made out of passion and cum.

I noticed that keep writing Part I on many posts and never get to Part II. So, I am going to write Part II now.

Part II will be how we met and got to make love.

I will detail how the rabi and the peeing guy are related to it, and even the rude guy will be on stage again.

Eventually, the peeing guy, the rabi, and the rude guy were all gone, and then, among the wild jackals and the moon, we both yelled (me) and moaned (him) while we made love with each other.


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