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My fuck buddy Brian made love to my ass at the beach's Citadel

Each morning, on getting up, I shave my face and scalp. while still having a morning boner.

When I'm done, I take a quick shower.

Even though it's still scorching at the beach, I can already tell that winter is approaching because I've started showering in hotter water.

What a shame!

I always finger my love hole while showering because it's enjoyable and keeps my cock semi-hard.

I rarely masturbate in the morning, preferring to keep my sexual drive for either the nudist beach or my boyfriend.

When Felix is making love to my ass, I want to show him how much I love him by being extra horny and loaded with as much cum as possible. That's why I don't empty my balls in the morning.

Felix was here last night, and I screamed while he made love to my ass and filled it with liquid honey. Felix is so marvelous that I want to give him not only my ass but also every fiber of my being.

Of course, if you have been following my blog, you know he's not the only one with whom I fuck. During this time of the year, I'm very playful at the beach. I was supposed to go today (Wednesday) to the beach, but I felt that my ass should rest.

Why does my ass need resting?

Because it served three terrific cocks during the previous three days.

  • On Sunday, I fucked at the beach with a beautiful stud from Switzerland.

  • On Tuesday, Felix fucked me for nearly 45 minutes before he finished using my hole.

  • On Monday, Brian pounded my ass in a citadel.

Or, more precisely, at the citadel.

Where's this citadel?

Here's the citadel:

I never met the guy who cleared this vast area and built the wall that you can see in the above photo.

On Sunday, no one was here, and I took possession of it. Shortly after, a guy in his 70s who'd fucked me last week (it was amazing, and I need to write about it) came over.

"I see that you've got the Villa all to yourself."

"The Villa?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. "That's how the guy who made it named it. He only comes at weekends and stays here from morning till sunset. The white pole is for his beach umbrella."

I was sitting on the sand naked when he stepped into the "Villa" and came next to me.

His enormous smooth balls hung low next to my mouth, and his huge cock was hard. There was no question about it. I had to lick his balls and serve his thick cock again.

"Theon, my wife thinks I'm falling in love with you.", he said after he'd let me drink his cum. Just like the week before, he had shot massive amounts. However, last week it was in my mouth and not my ass.

"Tell her that she need not worry because I have a boyfriend."

"He's a lucky guy."

"And so is your wife."

His cock leaked the last few drops of cum.

I sucked on them and stood up. We hugged (but didn't kiss because he was afraid of CV-19), and then he went back to his beach towel.

The next day, I passed the "Villa" when I arrived at the beach and saw a sexy stud riding a cock and moaning from absolute pleasure. He was dark-skinned, and so was his lover.

I assumed they were a couple.

Both of them were muscular and very hot.

I couldn't see much because the "Citadel's" wall was blocking most of the view and I didn't want to interrupt. When people interrupt my love-making at the beach, rarely am I too happy about it.

I stayed by the shallow pools. This area is farther away, and I'm usually alone here.

Because it's remote, it's easier to get fucked here without interruptions.

Sadly, as when the above photo was taken, for some reason, many people were coming over to this area.

It was weird.

I know I have a very fuckable ass, but I knew that all these people hadn't come over to look at it.

The mystery was soon solved when a young and very sexy straight couple entered the pools. Both of them were naked and very beautiful. The man was lean & hairy with a stunning cock.

He was simply gorgeous.

I was drooling all over him, but the rest of the guys (bisexuals, no doubt) had come over to look at his wife/girlfriend. When there is a naked woman at the beach, somehow the news passes at the speed of light, and people come over to look.

I was tired and closed my eyes.

When I woke up after an hour, I saw that the audience had doubled.

The couple didn't seem to care, but I did. I didn't like all the fuss, plus I knew I had no chance of getting fucked with so many people around. Mainly since most of them were interested in a female's cunt and not a man's.

I took my backpack and returned to the Villa. The couple must have finished fucking, I thought.

But I was wrong.

They were still fucking, and so I waited.

After 20 minutes, both went to wash off, and I admired how beautiful they looked. They had great looking bodies and terrific looking muscular asses.

I thought that after cleaning, they would leave, but they remained.

Thirty minutes later, they went to clean again! The bottom washed his ass, and I assumed he was forcing the cum out. The top carefully washed his big and still hard cock.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "What's going on there? These guys have been fucking for over two hours already!!!"

After cleaning for the second time (it was the third time, actually), the bottom had left, and I waited a bit longer. I was sure the top would also go. I walked with Luka to see if he was packing and leaving.

I only saw his muscular back and smooth ass as I passed, but shortly after, I heard my name:

"Theon??? OMG!!!"

The top turned out to be Brian, my beach friend and fuck buddy.

Why didn't I recognize someone who fucked me quite a few times?

Brian has been on unpaid leave since February because of CV-19. He has been spending a lot of time at the gym because he has so much spare time. He was always muscular, but he'd become a strong hunk, and his ass had nearly doubled in size.

He'd become a mega stud.

Mega stud or not, he was still adorable, lovely, and charming as always.

Brian gave me a big man hug to show how happy he was to see me. We kissed for a long time, and he ended our kissing with two intense spankings on my horny ass cheeks.

I too was really happy to see him.

Brian is a classic beach fuck buddy (BFB).

We have fantastic chemistry, and he's an incredible lover. However, I only meet him at the beach, and like most of my BFB's, I see him only during the summer.

We usually meet twice at most. This was our first encounter of the season and it happened just in time.

We can’t have a beach season without Brian's dark, thick cock being pressed against my white ass.

We fucked twice last season. The second time ended abruptly and I'll explain why.

We were fucking in the shallow pools. We kissed and caressed each other for a long time before Brian started pounding my love hole while I was in a doggie posture and screaming.

Doggie isn't as special as looking into a lover's eyes while he makes love to my hole. But since we'd kissed and been very intimate for a while, I didn't mind him ordering me to serve his dark cock in doggie.

I've known Brian for over ten years, and he knows very well how to get the most out of my experienced love hole. He added many spankings to spice things up while he was fucking me because he knows how it drives me insane.

Occasionally, he retracted his breeding tool from my love hole and ate my anus for a while before fucking me again.

As I said before, when there's a naked woman at the beach, people know about it somehow. Many of them arrive to watch her.

The same is true when two good looking guys are fucking out in the open.

Usually, I don't get fucked while people are watching, but we were both so horny and into each other that we didn't care this time. Besides, they weren't standing too close.

I yelled at anyone getting too close to us. Eventually, there were about 12 of them standing some 30 yards away.

Some were fucking or wanking while watching us.

Brian thrust deep into my ass, and his spankings became more powerful and frequent. Finally, I felt his mighty cum shots creating an ocean of cum inside me.

"Theon, Theon, Theon - your hole is legendary."

He kissed both my ass cheeks and played with my loaded hole before lying on his back.

His cock was still fairly hard and covered in cum. I sat on top of Brian and slid my loose hole onto his cock.

"Now, I'm going to shoot loads of cum all over your face."

"Bring it on, stud."

My cock was just about to shoot when I'd felt a burning, most painful sensation. The sheer pain caused me to scream and rush from the pool.

Particles of jellyfish had given me a severe burn. After two days, it became blisters.

I didn't shoot my load that afternoon.

Brian took this photo shortly after I got hurt.

That was a year ago, and I reminded him: "You still owe me an orgasm!"

"Babe, I know, but not today."

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"I came three times in that guy's ass. I'm afraid I have no more cum left for you, cutie."

Since Brian's balls were empty, we talked while he kept playing with my ass, hole, and smooth balls. He was teasing me and making my cock go up and down like Tower Bridge.

Sunset was fastly approaching, and people were leaving the beach.

Oliver, with whom I fucked last week, passed us and waved at me. You can read how I attempted to fuck his tight hairy hole here:

Are all Slavic cocks made equal? Part I

"I tried to fuck him."

I told Brian the story once Oliver was gone.

"You tried to fuck him? You? The number one beach bottom???!!!".

"He has a tiny penis; I had no choice."

"Ouch! That's tough."

A few other BFBs passed us, and I waved at all of them. The last one was Amir. Amir is another BFB who has been to my apartment a few times.

Amir's hard cock and mine, kissing.

Amir has an amazing love tool
Amir has an amazing love tool

His thick cock curves to the left, and being fucked by him feels terrific. After he'd left, Brian asked me: "Another bottom?"

"Hell no! Amir's a very dominant top and quite a sex maniac."

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"He's obsessed with sex. I mean, all the time. He loves to watch porn and wank non-stop. I never watch porn at all."

Brian shrugged: "I do. Sometimes I come home having fucked three guys and loaded their asses with cum. Even so, I'll watch porn and cum again for the fourth time."

"If that's true, then you can get hard and fuck again for the fourth time this afternoon! We still haven't fucked this season, and you owe me one!"

Brian laughed.

"Your ass and mouth are going to have to work extra hard for my cum. I'll get hard because your ass is amazing, but it'll be a while before you get my load."

"I'll serve your cock in any way you wish."

On finishing that sentence, my cock got rock hard, and my hole was begging me to get Brian's terrific cock inside as soon as possible.

First, we washed in the ocean and then went to the Citadel. That's how Brian named the Villa. He called it a Citadel because of the surrounding wall.

Before that, Brian took a photo of my ready-to-be-fucked love hole.

Brian laid on his back, and I started serving his cock with my mouth immediately. His huge smooth balls were so lovely to feel, lick, and swallow. However, despite my best efforts, Brian's cock didn't get rock hard.

"I need to see your terrific-looking, smooth hole again. That will make me ready to fuck for the fourth time and feed your ass."

I laid on my stomach and raised my legs as in this photo.

"It's all yours. Feel free to inspect and use it."

Brian spread my smooth ass cheeks, and I felt his fingers playing with my love hole while his other hand was spanking my left cheek.

I'm doing something similar to what he did in this shower video

I moaned on feeling his fingers deeply invading my ass. First, one finger, then two, lastly, three fingers were circling inside my horny ass.

At that point, I was screaming.

"I'll never get used to how smooth and amazing your hole is. Babe, you're a lucky bottom. I love the colors of your ass lips, so beautiful!"

"Would you have fucked me if my hole had been hairy?"

"No way! I can't stand a hairy ass and especially a hairy hole. It's a complete turn off for me. A naturally smooth hole like yours drives me insane."

To prove his last point, Brian pulled me up to a doggie posture and almost instantly shoved his hard cock into my hot oven. I yelled when he started pounding my ass.

I knew he wasn't going to give my ass the gift of cum that quickly because he'd already shot his load three times. So I enjoyed playing with his massive balls while he kept thrusting deep inside me and repeatedly spanking my ass cheeks.

I couldn't keep my voice down because I was enjoying so much. Brian knows my ass so well. Getting fucked by him is a dream come true.

"Theon, if you keep on screaming, the entire beach is going to be here!!!"

Brian was right.

People were leaving the beach and passing the "Citadel." I was in doggie, so I didn't see them, but Brian did.

Each time a guy started watching us, Brian stopped fucking me. If the guy didn't leave, Brian's cock would get soft and slip out of my loose hole.

We would stop fucking until the intruder left.

These interruptions happened five times.

Brian had no problem getting hard again and continuing to fuck me, but eventually, he pulled his superb breeding tool out of my hungry ass and said:

"I'm sorry, babe. There are too many annoying people. I can't cum like that."

"No! Please!!! I'm dying to feel your cum in my ass! Last year you didn't care that people were watching us!!!"

"Last year, I hadn't shot three times before I was about to cum in your ass. My balls were so full that I wasn't thinking."

Brian was right again.

The people coming over to look at us were a real nuisance.

I was so horny and happy to get fucked again by him that I didn't give a damn. But I hadn't already shot my load three times already that day.

Or even once.