From 20 to 120

He passed me as I was in the shallow pools.

He was an older guy and not my type. 

He was not my type, not because he was older.

I don't care how old you are. It does not matter to me if it's just for socializing or for fucking. If there is a mutual interest, why would I care if you are 20 or 120?

He would not have been my type even if he was 20 years old.

Still, he smiled at me, and I smiled back. He kept walking and placed his towel far away from where I was sitting.

That was the minute I started to like him.

You see, if he were a pervert, he would place his towel close to me so he can observe my naked body and probably wank. Instead, he sat far away from me. In that way, he gave both of us privacy. 

After he spent 20 minutes between the waves, he came over to the pools where I was sitting or more precisely laying on my back. 

He smiled again. I smiled back and invited him to sit by me. I still did not want to do anything with him, but I am always open to a friendly chat. 

He was an architect with his office in Tel Aviv. Of course, he was married with kids and a first grandchild soon. We had a pleasant time, and he did not try to do anything. His cock stayed soft the entire time, so the atmosphere was not sexual.

After a while, we ran out of things to talk about. He closed his eyes and let the cute waves run over his body. I turned around on my stomach to give my back some rest and closed my eyes. 

I was so calm; I started to fall asleep. 

Suddenly I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. 

"Sorry, I am not interested in sex today."

I never tell a guy that he is not my type. It's more convenient to make up an excuse like that. 

"Sorry, I just wanted to touch your ass since I first saw you. It's so inviting."

There was silence for several minutes. I expected him to leave since now he knew I don't want him to fuck me.

"Would you care to have just a massage instead? I have a great touch."

It was true.

When he felt my ass cheeks, I could tell that he knows how to touch a man's body. 

"Sure, but please remember, just a massage."

I put my head down and surrendered to his touch. It felt terrific, and I remembered my masseur (who by the way wants to start meeting with me again). 

He started with my shoulders, then moved his hands down my back from the sides. He kept pouring water on me from time to time. 

Then he moved his hands to my ass. Since my ass is so sensitive, I got hard right away, but he did not know that because I did not pull my cock back between my legs. 

I still did not want to have sex with him.

If my cock were pulled back between my legs, he would think that my hard cock means that I want him to make it more than an erotic massage. 

I am used to moaning loudly when guys play with my ass. This time I kept my voice down. Moaning is a sexual sign for your partner that you want to get fucked. His hand on my ass felt terrific, but I did not want his cock inside of me.

He left my ass and ran his hands down my legs, slowly to my feet. He massaged each toe. It was so sweet.

Then slowly, he moved his hand up my legs. When he got to my upper thighs, he caressed the inside of my thighs. He was getting very close to my balls but not touching it. I knew I was dripping precum because I was hard the entire time. 

I almost had to bite my lips to prevent myself from moaning loudly.

He went back to my ass, and this time started massaging my crack. I wanted to feel his marvelous fingers on my love hole, but I was concerned that he would see that as an invitation to lay on top of me.

I fully spread my legs (like in this photo), so he has better access to the most intimate part of my body. He did not see that as an invitation to rub his cock there. Instead, he gently kept massaging the entire area.

That's how my legs were spread when he was playing with my love hole

He did not try to finger me or lick my hole. It was nice that he stayed within the set boundaries. It also made me relax and enjoy his fingers playing with my love hole because I knew nothing would happen.

Well, he almost stayed within the boundaries until the very end. 

While he was playing with my love hole and my ass, I suddenly felt hot cum shots firing on my back, then my ass and finally on my hole. He released a loud moan when that happened.

It was then that I realized that this is why he was massaging my hole and my ass with just one hand for the last five minutes.

His other hand was massaging his cock. 

"I'm so sorry; I could not help it. I got so horny from playing like this with your smooth hole."

"That's OK; you gave me an amazing massage. It felt fantastic. You do have a great touch."

He poured water on my back, ass, and hole, washing off his cum. That was sweet of him.

Two hours later, I was hoping to find someone more to my taste to make love to my ass, and not just run his fingers on my hole. The massage left me very horny.

But, there was no chance.

This photo demonstrates what I am talking about all this time.

Do you see the guy running? He is close to my left shoulder in the photo.

No chance to relax - sigh

The beach is empty.

The setting is ideal.

I want to relax and perhaps have someone make love to my ass. Then, while he breeds me, I will shoot my load as well. We will join our bodies and souls together while watching the magnificent sunset show.

But no.

People keep running or walking on the beach: Single woman, perverts, two women, straight couples. 

Some of them stare at my cock without hesitation. Like the two women yesterday. Others like this runner, glance as they pass me.


I had a great time nevertheless. I don't need someone to fuck me each time I go to the beach.

But I do need it to happen this afternoon.



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