Fountain of Youth

What would you say if I told you that you can travel back in time?

What would you say if I told you that you can have the same testosterone levels as if you were a guy in his early twenties?

My levels are 650 ng/dl. That makes me younger than 25.

That probably explains why I get hard so often and so quickly:

Raising my legs and showing my hard cock and my anus
Do you like my thick hard cock?

Keep reading if you want to understand how is this possible:

Yesterday, at the restaurant, I took a few bites from my pasta and realized it had a disgusting fatty taste. Upon closer inspection, I realized the cook put inside parmesan cheese.

"Are you trying to poison me?", I asked the waiter.

The "food" was sent back, and the chef prepared a new pasta dish for me. One that does not contain the blood of newborn babies.



Yes, how do you think dairy products come into this world?

The "farmer", rapes a cow with semen stolen from a bull by force. After nine months of pregnancy (just like a human mother), the cow gives birth. Minutes after birth, the farmer snatches the baby so that he can rob the milk the belongs to him.

This process repeats itself 2-4 more times at most until the cow can no longer endure this suffering, and then she is sent to a death camp. On average, a cow lasts three years as a slave before she is murdered.

She is murdered at the equivalent human age of 23.

Her baby ends in a death camp much quicker. In the States, dairy farmers send millions of not even a week old babies to death camps so they can profit from stealing the milk the belongs to them.

Here is a photo of one of them.