Forest Fuck - Part I

David, whose hobby is being a carpenter, was looking for wood during our hike today.

We hiked in the mountains leading to the holy city of Jerusalem. It was a hot day, and the 10 miles hike was not easy, especially climbing up.

I hiked naked whenever I could, or stripped naked when we stopped to chill out.

On our way back and not too far away from several SUV's (we only saw them after we emptied our balls), David decided to stop looking for wood and instead fucked me with his thick woody.

To get all of that thick cock smoothly inside of my love tunnel, I had to lube it with silicon-based oil.

Where did I have such lubricant in the middle of the forest? I have a small bottle in each of my backpacks. A real bottom should always be ready for a happy occasion.

I allowed him to breed me under one condition: that he at least takes some photos of our lovemaking (like I did two days ago), and this time allows me to publish them. He enjoys taking pictures of us fucking. It turns him on. However, once our balls are empty, he insists that I delete them all.

He is closeted and has a girlfriend, so it took some convincing on my part.

Of course, I would have let him fuck me regardless, but he was too horny to think straight (pun intended).

We also fucked two days ago in the forest, not too far away from where I live. But then it was more about me giving David a blowjob and both of us masturbating together. I took some photos two days ago.

In both cases, the fact the I was naked (or wearing jocks) while hiking has made him do things that he did not think he was brave enough to do before.

More about our two great hikes and fantastic outdoor fucks hopefully soon.


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