Flickr is Dying!

I have a sweet spot in my heart for Flickr.

Flickr has been for a very long time the only professional site where you can freely post and admire professional male nude photography.

Most sites that allow nudity are biased against male nudity.

500px is a notorious one. They will block profiles that show a hint of testicles but proudly allow photos that zoom in on all sorts of vaginas.

Flickr is the only site that allows sharing high-quality male nudity, as far as I know.

I am a Pro member; it costs 6$ a month. I mainly pay because it is my way to thank them for providing this unique service. All "Pro" members got an email from the CEO, a few days ago. The tone of the email was begging and desperate.

Flickr is losing money, a lot of money.

From what I could read between the lines, it will not survive much longer unless there are going to be more Pro users.

If you value this service at all, if you enjoy it, please consider upgrading your account.

They offer a 25% discount with this link:


This photo of my cock is an example of the kind of picture that no professional site will allow you to share.

The same is true for this photo. I picked two non-sexual photos on purpose.

Part of the reason that I opened a blog was that I was afraid one day Flickr will either close or stop allowing such photos.

Flickr has been around for many years. It would be a real shame to see it closes, and with it, billions of photos deleted.

Please support them if you value this service.

Thank you,


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