How did Lee restore my faith in men? Easy: he kissed me

This is the second part of the blog post.

Originally, I published it as a (much too) long single post. Given the advice of my "editor," I decided to break it up into three separate posts.

You can find the first part here:

Hairy and (not) Evil


Lee is a guy I have been talking to for over three months, but I never got to kiss him or feel him fingering my hole until a few days ago. Besides these trivial facts, he was also the one who restored my faith in men this week.

Why did I need someone to do that?

On Sunday, I was at the office for the first time in 2.5 months. The company used this time to move to another town. It is almost the same commute for me, so I didn't mind it that much.

I'm usually the first to get to the office (before 7 AM). I have plenty of time alone before anyone arrives. The first thing I did on my first day back was to check the toilets.


Generally speaking, I haven’t wiped my ass since 1998. I always use water to clean my delicate hole. Using toilet paper is so gross. You take the remains of your shit, wipe it all over your crack, and pretend that you are clean. 🤮

I wanted to see how easy it would be for me to take care of my ass. There was only one toilet for men, but it was spacious with a faucet and a mirror. 

What a relief, I thought to myself. 

Little did I know that 9 hours later, I would use this very faucet to wash my horny hole so it could be used for exploration.

After checking the toilets, I opened Grindr to see the new potential breeders in this new location. If you have been using Grindr or a similar sex-dating app, you know that it's full of idiots and weirdoes. That's not a big deal; you block them and move on.

Since I was at a new location, I'd received lots of disgusting offers (but also some potential leads for future fun times).

Here are a few examples:

"Listen, I'm not a whore, but because of COVID-19, I'm stuck without money. Please don't judge me, but I could use your help. I'll fuck you if you pay me"

Resolution: Blocked.

"Send photos of your body."

I have five recent photos of me in underwear, and I knew that he wanted to see nude pictures. 

"Are you blind? Check out my profile"
"I meant your cock and as"

He wrote, "as," it was too hard for him to type another "s."

I explained in one of my latest blog posts why I don't send nude photos. This conversation is a terrific example of that.

Resolution: Blocked.

"Listen, you are so fucking sexy. I'm married to a woman, and she doesn't know that I fuck guys. I'll gladly fuck you, but I can't send you a photo showing my face. Are you OK with that?"

Resolution: Blocked.

The next guy was super hot, and he sent me photos of his cock, face, and body. So, the start was promising. He also wasn't too far away from my new office.

"How's your ass?" 
"Naturally smooth and muscular."

I knew that his next message would be a request to see photos of my ass and, most likely, my love hole.

Nothing had prepared me for something far worse:

"I want to know what kind of a woman you are when you are getting fucked. Send me a video clip demonstrating how well you can handle a cock."
"I don't have such clips." 
"So the next time you get fucked, make one and send it to me. "

Resolution: Blocked.

When Lee contacted, it was already 3:30 PM, almost time to go back home. 

"Theon, what are you doing in my area?"
"Same job, new location. Where are you?"
"I'm with a client, half a mile away."

My cock was getting semi-hard. Lee is so handsome. The reason we didn't fuck is COVID-19 and because we live far away from each other.

"I’ve nearly finished work.. I can meet you in 15 minutes.", I told him. 
"We are just going to say 'hello,' correct?" I asked. 
"Are you serious? I'm going to fuck you"

There was some silence. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not. 

"Kidding, kidding, I've not finished work yet, and besides, I just want to see your beautiful smile."


I kept on working and checked my watch. It was already nearly 4 PM.

"Where the hell is he?" I thought to myself. 

I sent him a message: "What's going on?" 

"I'm down by your building waiting for you in the car."

I felt terrible. 

Lee was waiting for me patiently, but I thought he was wasting my time. I guess I got so exhausted by all those lousy guys on Grindr.

"I'm sorry, Lee, I had no idea. I'll be downstairs ASAP."

"No worries, sexy. It's all good"

Before rushing out of the office, I did one essential thing: I went to the toilet and nicely washed my love hole and my ass/genitals with fresh water. 

I know that some guys like the stinky rough smell. I prefer the natural smell of my ass and my hole. After sitting on my ass for an entire day, it felt good cleaning my private parts with cold water.

Lee said he just wanted us to get to know each other, but I'm an experienced bottom. I can never know when my hole is going to be used, even for a brief moment.

And I was correct.

When I got into his car, we kissed politely, nothing more, and started chatting. He wasn't a stranger to me since we'd talked plenty of times before, but it was still a bit awkward at first.

He looked just like in his photos plus some extra pounds, but Lee is a beautiful guy, and I knew how terrific-looking his dark cock was.

"It's so hot today; I'll take you to your car."

While we were driving, Lee said: "I owe you a huge thank you."

"What for?"

"Thanks to you, I'm vegan, and it's so easy. I love it, and I feel so much better! My mom is having a hard time cooking for me, though"

When I started talking with him, pre-COVID-19, he was a vegetarian. I didn't press the issue, but I answered all his questions and gave him many tips on stopping supporting criminals like dairy farmers and ranchers.

It was awesome to find out that Lee was polite, cute, good-looking, with a fantastic thick cock, and vegan!

I prefer that the guy making love to my ass has compassion for all animals and not just humans. 

Such as these cows that Felix and I had seen while hiking last week

Why anyone would want to murder and later consume these beautiful beings' corpses is something that I can't even try to comprehend.

When we got to the outdoor parking lot, Lee parked his car next to mine, and we kept on chatting. He turned out to be a charming guy, and I didn't feel any pressure from him.

It was as if we'd known each other for years.

Because of a recent lousy sex date with a fake top, I had to make sure that Lee was a total top, and so I navigated our conversation in that direction.

I wrote about that incident here:

The Fake Top

"I find a guy's ass to be the most beautiful part of his body. That's what excites me the most.", Lee told me.

"I'm glad to hear that because I don't like it when a guy sucks or plays with my cock."

"I love to suck cock as well, but if you don't like it, no problem. It means I'll get to spoil your hot ass longer."

What a relief!!!

We kept talking, and then Lee said:

"That coin is so beautiful and special,"

Lee knows that I have a boyfriend, but I didn't want to tell him I got it from Felix. It was probably not the best time to remind him that I have a boyfriend.

"Can I take a closer look?"


I got closer to him, and he held the coin before starting to caress the back of my head. I lowered my head a bit and moaned softly.

"I remember that you said you enjoy a massage. I'll gladly give you one. You are so beautiful."

"So are you."

Lee kept massaging my neck and my upper back. It felt awesome even though he was caressing my back while I was still wearing my t-shirt. Then he moved his hand to my lower back and under my shirt.

I loudly moaned because he was getting close to my ass.

I bent forward so that he could push his hands into my shorts if he wanted to. I was so happy I'd come to work that day wearing very loose shorts instead of jeans.

It was too hot for jeans.

When Lee's fingers started playing with the upper part of my crack, it was unquestionably getting very hot, and I released a loud moan.

"You are very loud, Theon; I love it."

Lee kept exploring my ass with his horny fingers until he'd found my love hole and managed to push one finger inside.

"Fuck, what an amazing ass."

I nearly yelled when I felt how quickly & deeply his finger went into my horny ass. I forgot that the parking lot is used by other people whom I work with.

I was lucky that no one had seen us.

Lee was moving his finger in circles, massaging my prostate; I felt that I was leaking a massive amount of precum. I had to hold my breath in order not to scream.

"Oh no, someone's coming."

Lee took his finger out of my love tunnel and his hand out of my shorts. I took his finger and licked it.

"Theon, you are a terrific bottom, I can tell. Do you want us to move to the back seat so I could fuck you?"

My ass was so horny at that point that I didn't even consider that it could be a joke. I could tell how hard his thick cock was even though he was wearing jeans.

We both laughed when I realized that he really was kidding.

"You wouldn’t be the first guy to suggest moving to the back seat to fuck me. I thought you were serious for a second"

Lee leaned forward and kissed me for a long time. I felt my ass getting looser and my hard cock leaking loads of precum again.

"You are far sexier in real life than in your photos," Lee whispered into my ear. "I want us to fuck at the nudist beach. Will you be there this weekend?"

"No, I only go there on weekdays. It's too busy at the weekend."

"I'll take a day off then."


"Absolutely! Fucking an ass like yours is worth it."

After I left Lee, I checked my "Deviant Art" profile and found out that someone had left me this comment on this photo:

"It would be a pleasure to spend weeks subjecting those perfect mouth-watering globes of gravity-defying ass flesh to some very intense anal training as I prepare you for a very private auction. Of course, after spending weeks of tending to that exquisite part of your anatomy, I might just decide to keep you all to myself...and an occasional friend who may just happen by. Truly beautiful. It is easy to understand why numerous guys would want to take control of it."

It's true that "numerous guys" want to take control over my ass. But tonight. I'm focusing on giving it to my boyfriend.

He is, and always will be, my first choice!

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