How did Lee restore my faith in men? Easy: he kissed me

This is the second part of the blog post.

Originally, I published it as a (much too) long single post. Given the advice of my "editor," I decided to break it up into three separate posts.

You can find the first part here:

Hairy and (not) Evil

Lee is a guy I have been talking to for over three months, but I never got to kiss him or feel him fingering my hole until a few days ago. Besides these trivial facts, he was also the one who restored my faith in men this week.

Why did I need someone to do that?

On Sunday, I was at the office for the first time in 2.5 months. The company used this time to move to another town. It is almost the same commute for me, so I didn't mind it that much.

I'm usually the first to get to the office (before 7 AM). I have plenty of time alone before anyone arrives. The first thing I did on my first day back was to check the toilets.


Generally speaking, I haven’t wiped my ass since 1998. I always use water to clean my delicate hole. Using toilet paper is so gross. You take the remains of your shit, wipe it all over your crack, and pretend that you are clean. 🤮