Finally, an Uncut Delight!

My plan yesterday was quite simple:

  1. Work from home (we have to)

  2. Go to the nudist beach

  3. Meet for a romantic dinner with Felix (my boyfriend)

  4. Kiss him after he has fed my ass with his vegan cum

It was quite similar to the plan I'd had two days ago.

What was that plan?

  1. Work from home

  2. Go to the nudist beach

  3. Meet for a lovely dinner with Felix and Dor (best friend & past fuck buddy)

  4. Kiss both Felix and Dor after they've both fed my ass with their vegan cum

That plan did not work out at all. You can read more about it here:

Cock-Rona Times

In the times of Corona, every day brings new "surprises" and new regulations that limit our freedom.

The government is already discussing imposing a countrywide curfew for a few days or even two weeks if the situation gets worse. That was the reason why I decided to go to the nude beach yesterday.

Even though I was extra horny, and I wanted to get fucked badly, I knew the chances of that at the beach were close to none.


Because it was somewhat cold and I guess many people are afraid of getting in touch with others.

Nevertheless, I went there because I needed to be naked and relax from all this craziness. For me being naked is not just about getting fucked. It is about relaxing and feeling natural.

From the beach, I planned to drive to Felix's place and spend the evening with him and execute parts 3-4 from the above plan.