Finally, an Uncut Delight!

My plan yesterday was quite simple:

  1. Work from home (we have to)

  2. Go to the nudist beach

  3. Meet for a romantic dinner with Felix (my boyfriend)

  4. Kiss him after he has fed my ass with his vegan cum

It was quite similar to the plan I'd had two days ago.

What was that plan?

  1. Work from home

  2. Go to the nudist beach

  3. Meet for a lovely dinner with Felix and Dor (best friend & past fuck buddy)

  4. Kiss both Felix and Dor after they've both fed my ass with their vegan cum

That plan did not work out at all. You can read more about it here:

Cock-Rona Times

In the times of Corona, every day brings new "surprises" and new regulations that limit our freedom.

The government is already discussing imposing a countrywide curfew for a few days or even two weeks if the situation gets worse. That was the reason why I decided to go to the nude beach yesterday.

Even though I was extra horny, and I wanted to get fucked badly, I knew the chances of that at the beach were close to none.


Because it was somewhat cold and I guess many people are afraid of getting in touch with others.

Nevertheless, I went there because I needed to be naked and relax from all this craziness. For me being naked is not just about getting fucked. It is about relaxing and feeling natural.

From the beach, I planned to drive to Felix's place and spend the evening with him and execute parts 3-4 from the above plan.

3. Meet for a romantic dinner with Felix

4. Kiss him after he has fed my ass with his vegan cum

The thought of Felix making love to my ass and yelling while he pours his love inside me was enough to make me extra hard most of the time at the beach. Felix's cock gets unusually thick moments before he erupts. It is so special to feel my love tunnel expanding to embrace his love.

After sunset, the wind was blowing hard, and I decided that It was time for me to leave and blow Felix's hard cock.

However, my plan to kiss Felix after he'd filled my ass with his love never happened. This time it was not Felix's jealousy that stood in my way of getting fucked.

It was Corona.

There is no reception at the beach, so Felix could not inform me of what was going on. On leaving the beach, I sent Felix a text message:

"Hi Poo, I've left the beach. I'm coming over to cook you dinner and eat your cock, love you."

-- Poo is the nickname I had given Felix

In response, Felix called me and told me the bad news: We can't see each other.

Felix is under house quarantine. It means he is not allowed to leave his apartment or meet anyone. If he tries to and gets caught, he will be arrested and will have to pay a fine of 1400$. The Israeli FBI is monitoring all people who are quarantined in their apartment. They can tell if you get out.

What has happened?

One of Felix's employees got infected and is in hospital.

He said that the first four days were hell, but now he feels better. It’s most likely that he got infected in Amsterdam. However, Felix was with him for four days before he traveled. If you count back 14 days, Felix still has three days to be under house arrest until he is no longer a suspected carrier.

If Felix gets sick, most likely, I will too. In any case, I will be under house arrest for 14 days if he gets sick.

If you get sick, you are no longer allowed to stay at home.

You have to be locked in certain hotels requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence given that there are no tourists around. Most people will have to spend there five weeks in isolation.

I did not expect Corona to hit me so close. Felix is my love 😪

Felix was not nervous at all. We talked for a long time, and he calmed me down.

"I was so hoping to see you, Mr. Poo," I told him, "I miss your beautiful smile, your strong hug, and your thick cock in my ass."

"You're going to have to wait before seeing my smile again, as for my thick cock, I have a feeling you will find another thick cock to satisfy your ass tonight."

Felix was right & wrong at the same time.

I did find another cock to satisfy my ass.

But it was not a thick cock.

It was a beautiful uncut brown cock from Peru. It belonged to 27 years old, very sexy Diego.

Diego moved to my little town only a month ago. He lives two blocks away from me. When he'd sent me yesterday his photos on Grindr, I was thrilled to see his beautiful, toned, somewhat hairy body and cute face.

I had little hope of sex that night. I worked out naked and was planning to use my anal vibrator to open my love hole until it made me cum.

After chatting for a while, Diego asked to see my cock.

"Why do you want to see my cock? You will see it soon enough."

"I want you to blow my cock and I want to blow yours."

"Don't you want to fuck me?"

"I prefer not to fuck a guy on our first meet."

I did not send Diego any nude photos. I know from experience that if you send nude photos, it decreases the chance of you meeting your sex partner. As for his preference for not fucking me, well, I was not going to give up that easily.

I badly needed to get fucked last night.

Diego did not want to come over to my place because we live so close, and he is deep in the closet. He was afraid someone he knows would see him going into my building in the middle of the night. It was an irrational fear for so many reasons. He'd just moved here, so who could have known him?

"Can you pick me up and we'd go and fuck somewhere?"

Luckily I know a few places where we could fuck.

Until a year+ ago, I had a bartender as my fuck buddy. He would return from his Tel Aviv shift around 2 AM, pick me up, and we'd go fucking somewhere. He was 24 and sexy beyond belief. He enjoyed fucking me outdoors; that was what turned him on.

I guess his girlfriend was less into that kind of sexual activity...

"Sure, I know of a few places where we could fuck."

"Will you drive me back home afterwards?"

Damn, I guess he'd met some nasty guys. Why would I not drive him home after I'd extracted his cum?

I picked Diego up, and we drove to the parking lot next to the train station. The parking lot was empty. We talked on the way there, but I forgot it all because Diego was so sexy. I know that he told me why he lives in Israel even though he is not Jewish, but my mind was focused on the idea that, very soon, I'd be holding his uncut cock in my hand/mouth/ass.

When we got there, we moved to the back seat, and in no time we were both naked, moaning, yelling, eating each other.

Diego proved to be a fantastic Latino lover.

At a certain point, I was on my back, and he pushed my legs back as far as I was able and started gently playing with my love hole.

"Theon, your hole is so nice, so smooth and so warm."

And then he dived in with his tongue.

I can't describe in words what he did to me down there, but I am going to try.

He switched between eating my tasty hole, pressing his warm uncut cock to it and pushing it just an inch deep, (while I was playing with his balls), taking it out and spanking my hole with it, and then moving back and finger fucking me (two fingers at most), and then he started the entire process again.

During one of these times, when he pushed his hard uncut cock an inch deep into my throbbing love hole, I reached out and felt the rest of cock.