Felix & My Adonis

Thursday at the beach, I was almost totally alone.

I saw only one naked guy, and I was not interested in any of the guys that checked out my ass. I know that I sometimes give the impression that each time I am at the beach, at least one guy opens my ass. This is not the case, especially not during this time of the year.

Monday at the beach, I got twice shots of hot cum. The first one was on my hungry hole, and the second not so deep inside my ass. Monday was election day, and everyone had a day off. That's how I got so lucky.

I wrote about the first guy here:

Cum on my Ass - Part 1

If there was no one to fuck me at the beach on Thursday, what did I do instead?

I did what I do most of the time at the beach.

I slept, read, worked out, took some photos, relaxed and also did a lot of thinking about my 18+ years old fuck buddy (a.k.a Adonis) and my boyfriend - Felix.

How is my fuck buddy connected to Felix?

More about that below.

In the hopes of finding someone to fill my ass with hot cum, I went to the nature reserve above the nude beach, I walked there in my jocks.

Sadly I did not have the same kind of luck I had on Monday. On Monday, Zohar fucked me there and gave me a fantastic orgasm afterward.

I wrote about Zohar fucking me here:

Cum on my Ass - Part 2

It was getting cold.

I put my shirt on and walked in my jocks back to my car. On the way to the car, I talked with Felix. We said we would meet Friday night for dinner (and of course sex), but I needed his cum, or more accurately, I needed cum Thursday night. Since his cum is vegan, and since I love not only his cum but also the person that produces it, he was my #1 choice.

Felix laughed: "I guess no luck at the beach today"

"My no luck is your luck, unless, of course, you prefer not to make love to my ass me tonight. I miss you too, regardless of being horny"

"How can I say no to your sexy ass?"

Felix is a sweetheart, he came to my apartment in no time.

Felix is so adorable

After Felix fed my ass and before leaving, he told me that Friday, he will be busy and that he has plans for Friday night.

"Plans? Hmm, you can't fool me. I know that Adonis will probably come over to fuck you."

Who's this Adonis?

I wrote about him and one of our sex dates here:

Young Love

The last time he yelled and filled my ass with his young cum was in July, and shortly after, he got drafted to military service. It's been a while since I heard from him. He contacted me this week:

"Hi Theon, I'm back. How are you? What's new? Do you want us to fuck?"

That's typical 18 years old for you: Fast, simple, to the point.

"I have a boyfriend now, but we are in an open relationship. I'd be thrilled to kiss you and feel your massive cock fucking me."


"Let's find a time during the weekend. I spend the weekend with my boyfriend, but I am also alone for at least one night. During that night, you can fuck me all you want."

"Oh, I want you badly. You have the best ass. I want to cum in your ass multiple times. I am so horny."

We kept talking during the week; Adonis kept making me horny using photos of his massive dark cock and large balls. He also sent me pictures of his hairy flat stomach covered with an ocean of his thick cum and more.

How is Felix connected to him?

Felix lives 5 miles from me, and so Adonis contacted him as well. He saw him on Grindr, and while he was waiting for my ass to become available, he looked for other guys to fuck.

Adonis knew that Felix is my boyfriend.

How did he know?

Because after I told him that I am in a relationship, he asked me what is his profile. After he checked him out, Adonis said that he wants us to have a three-way.

"We can both take turns fucking you; I want to cum in your ass after Felix does. If Felix is versatile, I'll fuck him too."

What were my thoughts about it?

Mostly negative.

It had nothing to do with possession. That is, I have no problem if Adonis fucks Felix. The fact that he is going to fuck my boyfriend means nothing to me.

However, I never did a three-way with Felix. I know that he fucks other guys, and he knows that other guys fuck me. Nevertheless, when it comes to a three-way, 1+1+1 does not always equal 3. Sometimes it can be 2 or 1 or -3.

Besides, I thought that it would be too weird to have my fuck buddy and my boyfriend both fuck me. I know it sounds like a beautiful story for my blog, but my blog is about my real life. In real life, this could be either amazing or a total disaster.

These were my thoughts when Adonis suggested that he and Felix take turns fucking my horny ass.

"I don't think it's such a good idea. Let's stick to our original plan of you sticking your huge cock in my ass, just you and me."


Thursday morning, Felix sent me a message:

"Your fuck buddy wants to fuck me. He somehow knows I'm your boyfriend. Do you mind if he fucks me?"

"Of course not, have fun and use a lot of lube, his cock is huge and very thick."

"Thanks, honey, that is exactly what my ass needs."

Friday morning, I woke up and noticed that my refrigerator door was not sealed properly.

What did I do?

I called Felix.

Did I mention that he is a sweetheart?

He came over in no time and fixed it:

Don't be fooled by his smooth crack.

Deep inside his crack, there is plenty of gorgeous hair, and his beautiful love hole has lots of hair all around it.

Besides, he has an amazing muscular ass.

Later he helped me hang my new art piece. OK, he did not help me; he did it all:

While Felix was fixing the refrigerator, I was making breakfast for myself and teasing him with my ass.

"Do you want to join me for breakfast?"

"No, honey, I gotta run. I told you that I have errands this morning. But you are so damn sexy."

Felix kissed both my smooth ass cheeks, then me, and left.

I thought that I would not hear from him until Saturday at noon. He said he would come over after his workout, and we can go hiking. I was planning to find a sex date for myself for Friday night.

At 10 PM, I got a phone call from Felix.

"Your Adonis is a little piece of shit. He canceled our sex date."


Felix sounded hurt. I felt like hugging him.