Felix & My Adonis

Thursday at the beach, I was almost totally alone.

I saw only one naked guy, and I was not interested in any of the guys that checked out my ass. I know that I sometimes give the impression that each time I am at the beach, at least one guy opens my ass. This is not the case, especially not during this time of the year.

Monday at the beach, I got twice shots of hot cum. The first one was on my hungry hole, and the second not so deep inside my ass. Monday was election day, and everyone had a day off. That's how I got so lucky.

I wrote about the first guy here:

Cum on my Ass - Part 1

If there was no one to fuck me at the beach on Thursday, what did I do instead?

I did what I do most of the time at the beach.

I slept, read, worked out, took some photos, relaxed and also did a lot of thinking about my 18+ years old fuck buddy (a.k.a Adonis) and my boyfriend - Felix.

How is my fuck buddy connected to Felix?

More about that below.

In the hopes of finding someone to fill my ass with hot cum, I went to the nature reserve above the nude beach, I walked there in my jocks.

Sadly I did not have the same kind of luck I had on Monday. On Monday, Zohar fucked me there and gave me a fantastic orgasm afterward.

I wrote about Zohar fucking me here:

Cum on my Ass - Part 2

It was getting cold.

I put my shirt on and walked in my jocks back to my car. On the way to the car, I talked with Felix. We said we would meet Friday night for dinner (and of course sex), but I needed his cum, or more accurately, I needed cum Thursday night. Since his cum is vegan, and since I love not only his cum but also the person that produces it, he was my #1 choice.

Felix laughed: "I guess no luck at the beach today"