Fear & Monogamy

The last couple of days in Israel have been quite unbelievable.

My state of mind has shifted between being uncontrollably horny and utterly terrified.

Nothing that I am going to write about would surprise you.

I'm sure that you all follow the news. Like the rest of the world, we are experiencing a spike of infections that results in more and more restrictions.

  • First, no more than 5000 people were allowed to gather.

  • Then 2000.

  • Then 100.

  • Then 10.

  • Then 5.

  • and now 0.

A nationwide curfew has begun this morning. You may leave your home only to buy food and medicine, or if you are an key worker.

If you leave your home for any other purpose, you could face a considerable fine or half a year in jail. I had a feeling this was going to happen. That's why I went to the nudist beach this Monday.

I wrote about it here:

Uncut Delight

In that post, I wrote:

"The government is already discussing imposing a countrywide curfew for a few days or even two weeks if the situation gets worse. That was the reason why I decided to go to the nude beach yesterday. "

You probably think that I am this stupid horny bottom that can't think of anything but his beach orgasms. The entire world is spinning downhill, people are sick or dying, and I whine about not being able to be naked at the beach and get fucked outdoors.

It's not like that.

What I miss is what you all miss.

I miss some sense of normality:

  • I miss going to my favorite coffee shop and having a carefree talk with the owner.

  • I miss seeing my parents (they live next door).

  • I want to give my mom a huge hug but I can't.

  • I miss the feeling of not being worried sick about my parents.

  • I miss my friends.

  • I miss my best friend, Dor

  • And most of all, I miss my boyfriend.

To summarize: I miss my life, just like all of you.

A week ago, I invited my parents for a Friday dinner. Felix came later for dessert (a vegan dessert and then my vegan ass). My parents had already fallen in love with him (that's easy enough because he is a charmer).

In one week things have changed dramatically.

I dare not hug my parents, and I am worried sick for them. They are 79 years old. Need I say more?

I keep telling them that they should stay at home. My sister and I will get anything they need. I had a serious conversation with my mom last night because they're not taking this epidemic too seriously.

I mean, they do, but not seriously enough.

"Think of this as your second honeymoon. Stay at home and be together, but don't make us any more brothers and sisters!"

My dad was listening.

"We can't start our second honeymoon. We are still on our first one."

My dad: he is such a terrific guy.

I also worry about myself and my survival. Take last night, for example:

I finished running 7 miles on my treadmill. Thursday's workout is the toughest of the week. It takes me three days to recover.

Sweaty and happy after running 7 miles.

After my workout, I'd soaked in my rooftop jacuzzi and went naked downstairs. Suddenly, I felt as though I had a chill. Before Corona, I would not even have thought about it. Last night, though, I'd already envisaged myself been taken away from my home for isolation in a Corona Hotel.

You can no longer be sick at home; you must go there.

And lastly, I worry about my boyfriend.

Felix has been under house arrest for four days because one of his employees got sick (Felix was not ill, and his employee is now recovering). To say that I miss him terribly would be an understatement.

To say that I miss him kissing me and making love to my ass would be an even greater understatement.

I miss every fiber of his being: In or out of my ass, naked or clothed.

The last time I got fucked was by the Peruvian stud. It was Monday night in the backseat of my car at a parking lot.

I wrote about it here:

Diego in my Ass

Why have I not been fucked since Monday?

I have had much fewer offers than in a typical week. But it was for the same reason I am less likely to get fucked by anyone but Felix. As much as I detest monogamy, it appears I will practice some form of it in the near future.


Because I'm afraid of getting infected and so are most other guys.

But being afraid and controlling my horny ass has its limits, and so it's a good thing that I have a boyfriend to supply my ass's needs for cum and love.

During the last two days, I have been so horny that I haven't been able to get much done. Sure, I've wanked a few times, but masturbating relaxes me only for a short while.

Tonight I had fallen asleep at 1:30 AM and suddenly woke up at 5:30 AM. I'd realized that during my sleep (I sleep naked), I kept playing with my sensitive love hole. I was fingering my horny ass while caressing it at the same time with my other hand. I did all that while I was half-dreaming and moaning. In my dream, someone was fucking me, but I don't remember if it was Felix or Diego.

I did not wake up because I was playing with my ass.

What woke me up was my throbbing hard cock. I took this photo when I woke up.

Zoom on my hard cock
My cock got hard because I was playing with my love hole

That's how horny I am to get fucked!

By the way, I keep getting a lot of messages from male followers and, surprisingly, also from female followers regarding my cock.

Only recently, I have found out that an overwhelming percentage of my followers are women. I sure hope my mom is not one of them 😱

Some of my male and female followers express their desire to suck my thick cock. Almost all of them declare their wish to drink my sweet tasting cum while I empty my balls in their mouth.

If you have been following my blog you know that I don't like getting a blow job.

Of course, it is enjoyable, but when a muscular hairy top approaches my relatively smooth body, I want him to focus on my ass and not my cock.

That's my more significant sex organ.

I want him to hold me tight and force me to spread my legs. Then split apart my muscular ass cheeks and examine my smooth hungry hole. I desire him to lick my anus with lust and gentleness until it is loose and ready to accept his manhood. At that point, I want to embrace his massive cock as it penetrates my tight ass, and makes love to me.

Once my trained ass swallows his hard cock, I will start massaging it using my strong inner and outer muscles. My sex partner will spank me and fuck me at the same time until he yells and, finally, cum oozes out of my satisfied love hole.

That's how I want a guy to make love to me.

Now you can understand why I don't like getting my cock sucked.

The sensation is so pale in comparison to the feeling of a guy forcing his way inside my body until he brands me with his hot white treasure.

In two hours, Felix's quarantine will be over and he will come right away to me.

The first thing that we are going to do is fuck like rabbits.

This weekend, I want to milk Felix's thick cock inside my thirsty ass as many times as possible. I believe that I have just the right set of powerful muscles to extract every drop of his vegan cum:

By some miracle, I managed to find myself in a relationship just before this craziness had started. I am a very independent person, and that was the reason why I always had trouble finding a boyfriend.

I am so grateful to have Felix because I would not know what I would have done without him in my life right now.

By that, I don't mean what he gives to my ass, but rather what he gives to my heart.

Balls and cock - zoomed
My heart-shaped balls this morning

Felix gives my heart:

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Caring

  • Peace and mind.

In times of war (we are at war, you know that don't you?), those things are priceless, and without them, I don't know if I could carry on the way I do.

Please stay safe.

Isolate yourself.

God Bless.


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