I'm still Gidi's favorite bottom and it makes me feel so good.

When I woke up yesterday, I felt relaxed, happy, and liberated.

It was a cold, bright morning
It was a cold, bright morning

Was it because Passover begins tomorrow?

One of the many names of Passover is "The holiday of Liberation." But that wasn't the reason.

I felt liberated because 36 hours previously,I'd been fucked by a huge cock for over an hour.

Whose cock was it?

It was Gidi's, the 20-year-old soldier who's been fucking me since he was 16. He's taller than me (and I'm 6'), hairy, muscular, and has an adorable baby-face with big black eyes...

...and his cock is huge and unusually thick.

I felt my love hole during my morning shower, 7 hours after the fuck. I could quickly shove three fingers inside. My hole stayed loose and fuckable the entire day.

However, this morning, my hole was tight again!

It's nice to have my love hole tight and sealed again
It's nice to have my love hole tight and sealed again

The night Gidi came over, I didn't expect anything exciting to happen, especially after several daunting conversations on Grindr.

The first guy that contacted me was good-looking, and, like Gidi, 20 years old. When I asked him what he was looking for, this was his answer:

"You'll be a whore.

I'm your master, and you'll be my whore."

I admit that sometimes, I find it stimulating if a guy refers to me as his whore while pounding my hole. But this guy was taking it way too far.

I promptly blocked him.

The second guy is married and lives close to me. We'd chatted a few months ago, but we'd never met. He said that his wife was away and he'd like to come over and fuck me.