I'm still Gidi's favorite bottom and it makes me feel so good.

When I woke up yesterday, I felt relaxed, happy, and liberated.

It was a cold, bright morning
It was a cold, bright morning

Was it because Passover begins tomorrow?

One of the many names of Passover is "The holiday of Liberation." But that wasn't the reason.

I felt liberated because 36 hours previously,I'd been fucked by a huge cock for over an hour.

Whose cock was it?

It was Gidi's, the 20-year-old soldier who's been fucking me since he was 16. He's taller than me (and I'm 6'), hairy, muscular, and has an adorable baby-face with big black eyes...

...and his cock is huge and unusually thick.

I felt my love hole during my morning shower, 7 hours after the fuck. I could quickly shove three fingers inside. My hole stayed loose and fuckable the entire day.

However, this morning, my hole was tight again!

It's nice to have my love hole tight and sealed again
It's nice to have my love hole tight and sealed again

The night Gidi came over, I didn't expect anything exciting to happen, especially after several daunting conversations on Grindr.

The first guy that contacted me was good-looking, and, like Gidi, 20 years old. When I asked him what he was looking for, this was his answer:

"You'll be a whore.

I'm your master, and you'll be my whore."

I admit that sometimes, I find it stimulating if a guy refers to me as his whore while pounding my hole. But this guy was taking it way too far.

I promptly blocked him.

The second guy is married and lives close to me. We'd chatted a few months ago, but we'd never met. He said that his wife was away and he'd like to come over and fuck me.

"Do you have photos showing your face and upper body?" I asked.

He sent me a photo that I knew was at least a year old. Therefore I asked him for more recent photos.

"I only have this photo which is a year old, and I'm not as toned as you are," was his answer.

I admit that I get photographed a lot, but I didn't find his answer acceptable.

Showering and fucking with a fuck buddy on the roof a few months ago
Showering and fucking with a fuck buddy on the roof a few months ago

Gyms having been closed for a year (because of Covid), I concluded that he must have gained a lot of weight, and that was probably the reason why he'd been reluctant to share an up-to-date image.

I thanked him, and soon after, he blocked me.

The third guy was a manly, 27-year-old who expressed his desire to eat my ass.

For a split second, I had some hope.

"What else would you like to do to my body?" I asked him.

"Nothing, I just want to eat your hole until I cum."

It's true that I want guys to devote their attention to my ass and leave my cock alone.

I don't particularly appreciate getting a blow job.

I know best how to take care of my cock!
I know best how to take care of my cock!

But his desire to only eat my anus without any intention of fucking me was daunting at best.

It was like being invited to a beautiful party and then getting thrown out after half an hour before the most significant guests have arrived.

There were several other guys, but, by 10 PM, I concluded that this was a total waste of my time. I went upstairs to spend several enjoyable hours playing my PlayStation. The plan for later was to stimulate my hole with an anal vibrator before cumming, eating my seed and going to bed.

My anal vibrators give me so my pleasure:

Just when I was about to start playing, Gidi sent me a message.

"Hi, Theon! I'm back from the army. How are you?"

What he actually meant was: "Hi Theon! I'm back from the army, and I've got to fuck your ass."

"Felix is abroad, and I'm missing his thick cock terribly," I replied.

Felix's mighty breeding tool.
Felix's mighty breeding tool.

"You can always enjoy mine," was Gidi's prompt response.

"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked.

"An invitation?"

"You've got one!"

Gidi lives 1.5 miles away from me. Therefore in less than 20 minutes, he was over, and in less than 40 minutes, his huge cock was deep inside my tunnel of love while I was screaming in ecstasy.

While waiting for his arrival, I'd received a message from him: "Let's do something new tonight. Do you have a particular fetish? Perhaps you can wear something sexy."

My only fetish is the male body parts that produce and deliver semen to my ass. When I see a hard cock or loaded testicles, my brain dies on the spot.

Not having a real fetish, I decided to surprise him by wearing a thong.

Gidi didn't notice my thong; he nearly tore it apart when undressing me.
Gidi didn't notice my thong; he nearly tore it apart when undressing me.

It'd been a while since Gidi had devoted his full attention to me, since, the last couple of times, he'd fucked both me and Felix.

You can read about it here:

My anus was cheerful after it had been fucked by two guys.

The last time, he fucked Felix while I was jogging upstairs.

A dilemma: be greedy or let my man enjoy my lover's huge cock?

I was confident that he prefers Felix's ass to mine, and that's why he'd stopped contacting me. I wasn't jealous, but a bit sad since Gidi's been my fuck buddy for the last four years.

I can still remember the first night he came over. A scared teenager who was eager to fuck for the first time in his life.

He honored my ass by allowing me to be his first bottom.

In return, I made him a fantastic lover.

I'm proud of what he's become because it's mostly thanks to me.

However, all my doubts were gone during our beautiful lovemaking. When his massive cock started penetrating my ass, I felt Gidi's tongue dancing, licking and kissing my back, neck and ears simultaneously, I could tell how much he'd missed my body.

After that, he lifted me by his muscular arms and attempted to fuck me like that while we were kissing. He wasn't successful, but it was so hot. I don't recall anyone else doing that to me.

Apparently, Gidi was in the mood to try new things.

After he'd lowered my body, I went down on my knees and serviced his tool that had been deep inside my horny ass only moments previously. Occasionally Gidi slapped my face or pecs with his terrific cock.

It was exciting to feel my other hole enjoying this monster cock.

Giving a blowjob is so much fun!
Giving a blowjob is so much fun!

Gidi moaned and called my name when I swallowed his hairy testicles while playing gently around his furry love hole and massaging the massive tip of his cock at the same time.

"Theon! Oh, Theon! Please don't stop!!!"

However, I did stop because my ass needed Gidi's loving cock.

And love is what my ass received from Gidi that night.

First, he ate my love hole for what seemed to me like an eternity. His tongue danced on my crack, quickly tingling my hole's lips before diving in and then coming out only so he could spank my horny ass a few times before starting all over.