Fame & Power

My birthday was amazing.

Felix drowned me in presents. I'm not talking about the three times he filled my ass with his river of cum. Here's my dinning table full of gifts.

This was waiting for me when I went downstairs:

Felix got me so many presents!!!

It was a complete shock to see them!!!

The second shock was when he told me that, ten minutes later, my apartment would be full of people I love. If you recall, my birthday started with me crying.

I wrote about it here:

Crying @ my Birthday

I wasn't the only one crying.

Felix told me that on Monday, the day before my birthday, he had cried as well. He was so sad that he couldn't do anything for my birthday, on the actual date.

Crying aside, it turned out to be a fantastic birthday, and I will write more about it in my next post. Let me just say that Felix and my dad had worked together to make it an awesome day.

Yes, my parents love him too.

How can they not? He's terrific!!!

But not only is he terrific but so are so many of my followers who keep sending me birthday wishes and feedback. I even got electronic cards from some of you, that was sooo sweet. Thank you all for being so sweet and for following my blog.

Here's an example of such feedback:

"Thanks for your latest blog posting. It brought my libido surging back after a brief hiatus. Your recent nude beach fuckapades gave me a wonderfully hard six inches to pleasure. Also your love hole is so sexy. I can see why so many men want to pleasure it. You are an inspiration to male sexuality. Best!"

Speaking of my love hole, in this photo, there are three birthday presents from Felix.

The first one is a pendant.

The second gift is light equipment that you can't see. Two weeks ago I wrote about the amazing sex I had with Avenr in the shower

Blackmailed & Fucked

Felix also read this blog post; I don't hide anything from him.

That was the reason he bought me a led kit for taking photos at night. When I opened the present Felix told me: "You don't need to struggle with the flash any longer. The led should make it easier for you to take photos at night."

I guess I also no longer have to struggle to take Avne'r huge cock in my ass. Maybe that was why Felix had bought me this gift...

The third gift that you also can't see in this photo is Felix's delicious cum in my ass.

You know that getting fucked makes me extra happy. This is how I looked 25 minutes after we'd finished fucking.

Apart from getting feedback about my photos, I get lots of feedback about my writing and the stories that I share. Some guys have even suggested that I should publish a book about my sexual "adventures."

I’ve never taken that too seriously.

That is, until a month ago.

A leading erotica blogging site asked me to write a short article about photography sites. I was told it needed to be 800-1000 words long. I almost put it out of my mind, but two days before the deadline, I'd completed and sent it.

My life is so busy that I forgot about it.

Four days later, I got this message:

"Theon, This is great!
I need two things from you at this point: A PayPal address so I can send payment. A 2-3 sentence bio for the post
As soon as I have that, I'll get this published and send you the link!"

I screamed when I saw her email. It wasn't as loud as when I get fucked, but it was quite noisy!

She asked me to write a short bio about myself:

This is what I wrote:

"I'm a loving, passionate gay soul. I don't test my boundaries, because I believe in none. I've been sex blogging for over a year. My blog has inspired a lot of men to embrace their sexuality and secret desires. It focuses on male erotica with explicit high-quality nude images. I write openly about my life and my sex life (I'm a bottom and very submissive). I focus on intimacy, world views, sex tips for men/gays, and above all, love and the meaning of life. I'm also a photographer, vegan, and a nudist."

This is the article:

Using Photo Sites to Grow Your Audience

I also received 25$ via PayPal for writing it. It was such a sweet moment. I got paid for writing! For the first time!!!

But there is more to it. I used this article to fight bigotry and homophobia. In this article, I wrote:

"If you focus mainly on nude images of women, then it will be easier for you. Male erotica is rarer and far less accepted, mostly because a lot of heterosexual men are threatened by it. Sadly, you have a much higher chance of having your photos reported, and your profile banned if you publish nude images of men."

I experienced it first-hand today.

I joined a significant photography site a few weeks ago. I was promised before joining that I could publish nude photos, including cock and balls.

I also paid for a premium membership.

People love my photography on that site. I get lots of feedback, sexual offers (sweet), and compliments. However, from time to time, I got a message that a photo of mine was deleted.

At first, the "excuses" were valid. I knew that, had I shown a vagina, no one would have cared, but since, technically, I'd violated some minor rule, I said nothing.

Until today.

Today, I published this photo.

Felix took the photo shortly after he'd filled my ass with his vegan cream, and I'd shot my load on his upper body.

I was so exhausted.

It was our third lovemaking in less than a day. Getting fucked in the jacuzzi is becoming too exhausting as temperatures rise again.

The photo was deleted.

I demanded to know why, and got a typical excuse:

"Your image titled "exhausted" has been removed by one of our community managers because it violated our site's terms."

I demanded to know how my photo violated the site's terms, but I didn't get any response. I uploaded it again, and it got deleted again.

I demanded to know why. The homophobic curator told me it was because I'd shown my cock.

"You can take photos of other people's genitals in a way to project the art.. but not your own."

That was total BS. It is not in the site's terms. I read the terms a few times. So I responded with:

"I want to see where it is stated in the terms. I've read the terms; you've just made up this rule."

The curator couldn't refer me to something that appears in their terms, so he responded with:

"I'm telling you here."

So this is what I wrote to them:

"I am also a blogger, and I also write for influential blogging sites. Here is a recent article that was published
If you don't stop deleting my photos, my next article will be about your homophobic site. I will devote a piece just for that and make sure it is published everywhere."

Guess what happened:

I received this shortly afterward:

"I want to stand up and apologize to you on our behalf for this situation that has been brought upon you. I have now had a discussion with the team and it seems like the thing is that the person who removed it actually would've like to see more underlying work behind the photo, maybe better resolution, backdrop, environment etc. I can tell you now that I personally ask you to upload the photo once again as there is nothing with the photo itself that is violating the terms - I agree on this. Go ahead, Theon, post it again."

And so I did post it again!

And people love this photo!!!

I was on this site three years ago, and back then, when my photos were deleted, there was nothing that I could do.

I guess with fame also comes power.

But more important than fame or power, I have love in my life. This is a small portion of the birthday card from Felix:

“You bring joy, happiness, and love to so many people, including me”

Here's is the cake that he got me:

I am so blessed

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