Fact or Fiction?

This morning, I waited for my partial boner to soften so I could pee

Don't you hate it when you want to pee but can't?

Meanwhile, I was reading the most beautiful response from an older gentleman:

"In addition to the erotic feelings you arouse in me, you put a smile on my face. That smile is even more important than the erections you arouse in me while I read your blogs and look at your photos, because the smiles come even when I am not reading or looking, but also when I am thinking and reminiscing about you. You write that your activities are factual, but it doesn't even matter to me whether they are real or fictional. I enjoy your openness and freedom of expression all the time. By the way, I am with you in caressing and playing with a man's body and crack before the actual fuck and in not pounding like a jackhammer. I want to make love, not just have sex. Thanks again for the enjoyment you provide for an old man."

Eventually, my cock had become soft enough for me to empty my bladder

The morning ritual: Hard, soft, peeing

And shortly after, I started to deeply finger my love hole and spanked myself while playing with my cock and balls, and twitching my left nipple. I did that simply to give myself a happy start of my busy day.

You can see a short video clip of