Fact or Fiction?

This morning, I waited for my partial boner to soften so I could pee

Meanwhile, I was reading the most beautiful response from an older gentleman:

"In addition to the erotic feelings you arouse in me, you put a smile on my face. That smile is even more important than the erections you arouse in me while I read your blogs and look at your photos, because the smiles come even when I am not reading or looking, but also when I am thinking and reminiscing about you. You write that your activities are factual, but it doesn't even matter to me whether they are real or fictional. I enjoy your openness and freedom of expression all the time. By the way, I am with you in caressing and playing with a man's body and crack before the actual fuck and in not pounding like a jackhammer. I want to make love, not just have sex. Thanks again for the enjoyment you provide for an old man."

Eventually, my cock had become soft enough for me to empty my bladder

The morning ritual: Hard, soft, peeing

And shortly after, I started to deeply finger my love hole and spanked myself while playing with my cock and balls, and twitching my left nipple. I did that simply to give myself a happy start to my busy day.

You can see a short video clip of me doing all that at the end of this post.

The lovely gentleman who'd left me the above feedback said that it doesn't matter if my stories are real or fictional, but inadvertently he'd brought up a good argument:

Where is everybody?

Or more precisely:

Where are the photos of all those men that keep entering my life or getting out of my ass?

Where are the photos of Johnny with whom I didn't have sex this week, even though I wrote in detail about his big cock and beautiful blue eyes:

Johnny Johnny Cum Home

Where are the photos of Avner, the photographer? He licked every last drop of his cum from my open hole after he'd fucked me in the shower.

I wrote about it here:

Blackmailed & Fucked

Let me fast forward to the short answer:

Yes, all my stories are real.

I can write in such detail and express in words my emotions and feelings because I describe events that have taken place and things that have happened to my body & soul.

Some of my followers suggested that I should write fiction because I compose so well.

Sadly, I can't.

My imagination is not that good.

I can relive situations and events that have happened to me, but I can't come up with things that haven't.

Take, for example, the story of how Johnny and I didn't fuck this week:

Would it not be a better ending if I could have made up how he convinced me to be a top, and I ended up forcefully fucking him?

I'm sure that many of my fans, who are total bottoms like me, would have loved to hear a vivid description of how I fucked Johnny and how fantastic it felt to be a top.

But it didn't happen, so I can't write about it.

That's about the stories.

But what about the photos?

First of all, let's talk about my photos.

Lots of guys have asked me who takes my photos.

That's easy enough to answer:

  • People I fuck with (one-offs, or fuck buddies)

  • Friends

  • Friends that I fuck with

  • People I meet at the beach

  • People I fuck with at the beach

  • Photographers

  • Lately: Felix

  • Self-made

I never state who photographed me unless it is part of the story that I'm telling. Generally speaking, If in the photo I'm wet (shower, beach, jacuzzi), sleeping, masturbating, working out, or during the night, someone else took my photograph.

And now back to something that I admit is missing from my blog:

The photos of guys for whom I serviced their tool until they emptied their balls in/on my naked body.

I mentioned Avner and Johnny earlier, but I've written about so many others during the last year.

"Hmmm," the reader must be thinking, "if there are no photos, then the stories are probably fake."

That is not what this nice gentleman mentioned above implied, but others might think that.

The short answer is:

When there are photos, I gladly share them. Like this photo (this time in color) of Aaron fucking me doggie-style.

I wrote about our fantastic love-making here:

I Fucked Aaron - Part II

My free spirit and my casual approach to sex, nudity, and sexuality is misleading. I've never met any Israeli who shares his naked body and life as freely as I do. It's hard enough to get a nude photo (cock + face), from anyone in Israel.

Here's a story to demonstrate it:

Last summer, a hot guy in his 30s was fucking me at the beach while I was lying on my stomach. This went on for quite some time.

He fucked me with a condom (because he was still having sex with his wife). When he got close, he took his massive cock out of my red ass (he'd spanked me quite a lot), took the condom off, spread one ass cheek so he could look at my open love hole, and sprayed a massive amount of cum on my back, love hole and ass.

Then he gave my satisfied ass one last spanking and said: "Wow, that was awesome; you are an amazing fuck."

Since he was so happy and relaxed, I felt secure enough to ask him: "Can you please take a photo of your cum on my body?"

He was terrified that I even brought up this idea, and consequently, he never attempted to fuck with me again.

Mostly, I have better luck with the tourists, such as with this Belgian stud of whom I had the pleasure of servicing his huge uncut cock and hot body last summer:

But where are photos of my family?

Why don't I share photos of my parents who live next door, for example?

That's because this is a sex blog. I don't want to share photos of my elderly parents on a blog that discusses anal sex. The same goes for my sister and her family.

What about my best buddy, Dor? I wrote about how he fingered-fucked me at the nudist beach here:

Balls or Eggs?

Dor is in the closet at work. I can't even post non-nude photos of him. I've often written about how we enjoy spending time together, or how we smoke weed and chill out.

We hiked with Dan, who is a fuck buddy of mine.

I wrote about it here:

Hike & Anal Fun

Dor and other nudist friends appear in many of my nude photos from the beach, but I crop them out.

Just as I did with the above picture:

The rest of my many friends either have kids or have sensitive professions.

For example, one of them is a lawyer, another a psychologist, another one is a high-up manager in one of the leading banks in Israel. I can't have their photos in a blog that features my love hole and other intimate parts of my body.

But what about me?

Am I a real person?

Maybe I'm a troll that doesn't look all the same as in my photos? Perhaps that part is fictional?

That question is easy to answer.

I have done webcam with many of my fans. Most times, it was non-sexual. We talked. I've said it many times; I'm a good listener.

So a lot of my blog followers have seen that my smile is genuine. It's not something that I do for the camera when my balls fall out of my tiny shorts.

With some guys, the talk got more personal, and we were naked while talking.

It wasn't necessarily sexual. I'm naked at home when it's warm enough. These guys can testify that my naked body is toned, mostly smooth and muscular like in my photos:

With a few of my followers, we've had such a good connection that we ended up masturbating together.

They could comment on how very sensual I am when it involves sex. They can testify how much I enjoy fingering my love hole while playing with my cock:

To keep a long story short:

  • I'm a real person.

  • My stories are real.

  • And the people I talk about are all real.

If you ever come to Israel, I invite you to share a beautiful afternoon with me at the nudist beach and witness all of that with your own eyes.

I'm not saying that we would fuck; that depends on many factors. Maybe I'll fancy you, but you won't fancy me, for example.

But you will get to see more of my naked body than in this photo:

As for the video of me enjoying my love hole this morning:

I enjoy playing like this with my horny ass at least once a day.

Playing with my cock is less important to me. The feeling of my hands of my ass or my fingers going deep inside my hot oven is what gives me immense pleasure.

The same goes for spanking my smooth bread rolls.

You can imagine how crazy with lust and desire I am when a hairy guy (preferably with a hairy ass) does the same thing to me.

When I feel the hands of a strong man on my ass, I scream and moan uncontrollably. And when his thick cock goes inside my gates of heaven, I see angels.

Later tonight, I will have 10 of my closest friends over to celebrate my birthday. I already celebrated my birthday with Felix and my family last week.

I wrote a little bit about it here:

Fame & Power

Here's my dining table loaded with the present that Felix bought me:

Last week, Felix couldn't invite my friends to my surprise party, because of the lockdown. Israel is quickly returning to normality (under restrictions). Therefore this weekend I could invite all of them.

The last time Dor was here, in February, Felix did a jealous act.

Since then, our love and trust have increased enormously. I don't think that Felix will feel threatened any longer if Dor fills my ass with his delicious vegan cum shots as he did in January.

I wrote about it here:

Dor's cum back But if tonight, or some other time Dor makes love to my ass, I can only tell you about it in writing.

There are not going to be any photos of this happy event.

And now, you can understand why.

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