Extracting Amit's Cum

I wrote this week about my view about an open relationship and how it works for my boyfriend and me.

You can find more about it here:

Yes, It's Open!

Among other things, I wrote: "I got fucked by so many married guys and so many gay guys that were cheating. So I know that this pattern does not work."

And I added a photo of me, in doggie, showing my cock and my smooth love hole and about to get fucked.

Who was the married guy who took this photo (and others), and how was our lovemaking?

This post talks about that:


"You know what I admire about you? That you always get what you want. You mark a target, and then you work towards getting it."

My lady friend was correct about the second part.

I do mark targets as part of my daily life.

Of course, not always do I achieve these targets. But mostly because of reasons beyond my control. I am good at getting what I want.

These targets can vary:

  • A promotion at work,

  • Having a blog with thousands of followers

  • Spending more time with my parents,

  • Renovating my dream apartment,

Or, first winning Felix's cock and later also his heart:

Some targets are more modest in scale but not so in execution.

Such was the target I set myself this Monday at the beach: To get fucked by the shirtless hairy muscular guy who passed by me walking southwards.

His name was Amit; he was in his mid 30's and very cute.

I was sure he would come back.

How was I so confident?

Because I saw him checking me out, it was not a long look, but it was the kind of look that says: "I like your body, I will come back later."

I decided to help Amit with that non-verbal decision by bending over when he was passing by. I did it so he could see a little bit of my love hole.

I bent long enough to plant the seeds of his desire to plant his seed in me. But not so long that it made me seem really desperate for his cock.

There was hardly anyone at the nudist beach.

It's either because of Coronavirus fear or because it's still not very warm. This morning a guy asked me on Grindr if it is not too dangerous at the nude beach (because of the epidemic). I think we should all be terrified (especially Americans 😱) by this epidemic, but the nude beach is the safest place after your home.

It was hot and dry, but my ass wanted to feel some wet cum leaking out of it. I was sure that this hairy stud would provide me with that. I was putting my hopes on Amit because no one else was around.

However, an hour passed, and my possible cum supplier was still not visible.

I was starting to wonder if I was wrong, after all. I was sure I'd seen Amit's desire for my ass. Of course, there was always the possibility he’d fucked someone else or that he lived in the neighboring city, and had kept on walking to it.

Then I saw him coming back.

When he got to my location, it was 30 minutes before sunset. I had my camera around my neck and the lube within reach. When he got closer to me, I smiled at him. I was not going to pretend that I wasn’t interested in extracting the white gold from his balls.

We started talking.

I knew he wanted to fuck me; it was quite evident because he was semi-hard and got harder each time I turned around so he could see my ass.

"It took you a long time to get back here," I told him.

"I saw some guys fucking there," he pointed southward, "It was hot. It made me horny."

You were already horny when you passed me an hour ago, I thought to myself. But, I did not say anything. He kept staring at my naked body while we were talking about nothing. I kept staring at his hairy chest, muscular legs and the very prominent bulge in his tight shorts.

"So, what kind of photos do you take," he asked me.

"Nature, sunset, me & Luka, just me."

"Nude photos of yourself?" he asked, surprised.


"I can take photos of you if you want."

He took several photos of me, including this one. I spread my right leg just a bit so he could take a small peek of my smooth hole. After he took this photo, I saw that his cock was hard and big. I got hard, as well.

Amit stared at my hard cock:

"Did you not have fun at the beach today? Your cock is hard."

I smiled, and without answering, started playing with his hard cock. My camera was still around his neck. He moaned loudly and threw his head back. I pulled his shorts down with one tug and revealed a beautiful big thick cock with lush pubic hair. His dark pubic hair hugged his hairy balls from both sides and dived down to his moist hole and then up to his ass.

In other words, he was very hairy, and that made me want to get fucked by him even more.

But first, I serviced his cock for a while and swallowed his hairy balls in my mouth while holding his hairy ass and feeling his tight very hairy hole. The thought of all the cum stored there for my smooth hungry ass made me crave his cock even more. I left his balls and started sucking on his red manhood.

That turned him on even more. He was continually leaking cum in my mouth. I looked upwards when I was holding his cum factories and sucking him and saw absolute pleasure on his face.

Yes, I got some ball's hair in my mouth. So what? I know that guys complain about it - I think it's part of lovemaking.

Then I turned around and asked him to take this photo. It was the first time that he’d seen my horny love hole..

"Damn, Theon, I want to fuck you so bad, your ass looks amazing."

That was his response after he took this photo.

"You better put the camera down," I smiled to him, "I want your cum in my ass, not on the lens."

I felt his thick hard cock that was super warm, frantically pressing my hungry hole. It was hot to see him with sneakers, pants down, and with a hard cock.

I got the lube, and since I was also very horny, he was able to penetrate me fully very quickly in doggie. Before I knew it, I was screaming and moaning while he was fucking me. I was rubbing my cock and getting very close.

ere is what I sound like when I get fucked in doggie (this time by my boyfriend). At the beach I was much louder because servicing a cock with my ass at the beach, always excites me beyond measure:

After five minutes of dominating my muscular ass and spanking me, Amit pulled out:

"I am going to shoot if I go on, your ass feels so soft, warm and tight. It is the most amazing feeling ever."

What can I say? I know how to get fucked, and my muscular ass gives the ultimate pleasure for any kind of cock.

"Go ahead, cream my ass, but wait for me to start shooting mine first."

"How will I know you are going to shoot?"

"Oh, you will know, trust me."

Amit started fucking me again but slowly this time, carefully monitoring his pleasure. I was not monitoring my enjoyment at all. Two days had passed since Felix fucked me during our hike and I badly needed to cum.

I was wanking, moaning, screaming, focusing on that amazing feeling of a thick cock fucking me. I could sense every inch of it inside my love tunnel. I wanted to play with his big hairy balls, but I knew that if I did that, he would shoot his load before me.

As I was getting closer to shooting my load, I started to raise my voice louder and louder. When Amit heard that, he started fucking me for real, with forceful thrusts, and then even harder until we both exploded. I was screaming like I always do when I shoot my load while another guy fills my ass with his white cream. Amit was not at all quiet. I could tell he was not only releasing cum in my ass but also some chains of the closet with it.

Then Amit pulled out and just sat on the sand. His cock was still hard and covered with cum. He seemed exhausted.

"Oh my God, that was amazing."

If I could speak freely, I would add:

"Yes, I am sure your wife never lets you fuck her like that." The label "Married with kids," was all over his forehead.

Instead, I went to the water and discharged his cum from my ass. Damn, he'd shot a ton of cum in me. Some more leaked on the way to the car.

Then I grabbed my things and prepared to leave.

"Stay for a while; you don't need to leave so quickly."

That was a bit surprising. Most married guys, disappear at the speed of light after they've fed my ass with their white DNA.

I never run away after an orgasm, but it was getting dark quickly.

"Well, thank you so much, that was awesome. Maybe I will see you again."

Probably not, I thought to myself.

I can't see Amit's wife letting him out of her sight again that quickly. He was too damn cute. I could tell he only gets a chance to fuck a man every few months. Amit did not have to say it, the hunger in which he fucked my ass demonstrated it.

As for me, while I was walking back to my car (and feeling some more cum leaking out), I could happily report that I had fully achieved my target for that afternoon.

I do get what I want, not always, but usually, I do.


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