2 boring cocks from my past and an exciting 1 from the future

Thursday afternoon.

The weekend is almost here (- in Israel, the workweek is Sunday-Thursday).

Two hours before going to the nudist beach, I packed my backpack and refilled the lube bottle. I've been using it quite a lot lately!

Take this week, for example:

I was there twice (on Monday and Wednesday). I got fucked three times (once by the incredible Arab stud from two months ago) and played with a total of six guys.

I wrote about the Arab here:

An Arab prince with a huge hammer made love to my ass

And here's his second load. The first one is inside my ass

We fucked again this Monday
We fucked again this Monday

Apart from that, Felix fucked me twice this week.

The first time was on Sunday.

It was just a quickie, but a delightful one. Felix pounded my ass for twenty minutes in three positions:

  • doggie,

  • on my stomach,

  • and lastly, with my legs on his muscular shoulders.

How did we start fucking?

At first, I licked Felix's awesome balls and sucked his hard cock for a few minutes. Then I positioned myself in doggie, lubed myself and his penis, and waited to get fucked.

This is how I sounded when his thick breeding tool started penetrating my ass.

After fucking me doggie-style for several minutes, Felix pushed my body until I was face-down.

I love getting fucked like that.
I love getting fucked like that.

And here's how it sounded when he was fucking me in this position:

After a while, Felix turned me around, raised my legs on his strong shoulders, and continued pounding my submissive ass.

In this position, a cock gives me a totally different and exciting sensation

Felix is going to use my ass again tonight
Felix is going to use my ass again tonight

"Damn, you're so fucking big!" I yelled on feeling his terrific tool reaching the depth of my ass.

Here's how Felix's cock looks like, in case you've forgotten:

I'm crazy about his cock!
I'm crazy about his cock!

Listen to me yelling "Damn, you're so fucking big!"

I felt Felix's penis growing inside my tunnel of love, and I knew he was getting ready to load my ass with his seed.

The increased pressure his thickening cock was putting on my prostate made me cum without touching my cock:

Listen to me saying in awe: "You made me cum!"

Felix kept pounding me in this position, and I begged him to load my ass with his manly cream.

On feeling his seed firing deep inside my body, I could no longer hold my orgasm, and I started yelling with him. I stopped screaming only after my entire upper body and face were covered with my seed.

Here's how we sounded when we came together:

As I was saying, this fuck on Sunday was just a quickie...

During the weekend, our sex is far better! But I didn't complain that it was all over in less than half an hour since it was a terrific fuck as you've heard.

After our balls had been drained, I ate my seed and Felix's (- his semen was leaking out of my loose hole),

It was a perfect dessert before falling asleep, and I even didn't have to brush my teeth after!

The second time Felix fucked me this week was on Tuesday, and it was a tremendous fuck with so much more ass pounding.

It was the kind of love-making we usually do over the weekend. I hope to write about it and describe what led to it in some other blog post.

With so much fucking and ejaculating during the last four days, I was surprised that my hard cock had demanded my immediate attention that morning.

You've got to be kidding me, I thought to myself.

I guess my cock wanted me to go to the beach again!
I guess my cock wanted me to go to the beach again!

When I shaved my face and scalp this morning, I thought about the stocky gardener who'd fucked me the day before. He fucked me doggie-style the day before, during and right after sunset.

It made my cock rock-hard when I compared him in my mind to Felix.

Even though the gardener wasn't as athletic as Felix, there was something about his stocky and extremely hairy body that convinced me to offer him my ass to use and breed.

"Damn," I thought to myself while fingering my anus in the shower. "I hope to find another guy like him to take good care of my hole today!"

During the rest of the day, I worked from home, naked, and then it was time for my workout.

Usually, before going to the beach, I work out.

The second floor is so hot during the summer.
The second floor is so hot during the summer.

I do it for two reasons:

  • When I return from the beach, I'm too exhausted

  • It makes my body appear more fuckable.

While working out, Felix started chatting with me:

"Are you going to the beach?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm almost done working out." I answered.

"I wish I was there to play with your fuck hole while you lift weights."

My cock got semi-hard from his last message.

Then he continued: "Maybe you can return early from the beach tonight. It's been a while since you made me pancakes."

I know Felix quite well.

It was his way of saying: "I miss you, and I wish you'd stay at home instead of going to the beach."

It didn't necessarily mean that he was horny and wanted to play with my hole. What he was trying to say was: "I want to feel that I'm more important to you than all those guys you fuck with."

What did I do?

I returned my backpack back to the closet along with the hope of getting fucked that afternoon by a hairy guy.

Instead, I told Felix to come over by 7 PM to have dinner and homemade vegan pancakes. In response, he sent me: "😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘"

I finished working out and took a cold shower.

A cold shower at home instead of a hot fuck at the beach.
A cold shower at home instead of a hot fuck at the beach.

Then I decided to use the time before Felix's arrival, to write about my beach "adventures" on Wednesday.

It was quite a unique day!

Another beautiful afternoon ended.
Another beautiful afternoon ended.

What made my experience at the beach so unique?

Was it an exceptionally huge cock that had used my hole?

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Quite the contrary; the gardener's cock mentioned earlier was thick but not even as big as mine.

And the other two cocks I met didn't try to do anything with my ass. Anyhow, one of them was incapable of doing so.

It was weird because a sweet blog follower with a similar problem had sent me a long, lovely message yesterday before I went to the beach.

Here are the first lines from it:

"My fantasy boy!
Well, except for the fact that I'm a bottom now.
(I had prostate cancer 15 yrs ago, and don't get rock hard, don't 'shoot,' but DO have intense but dry orgasms when I masturbate(frequently). "

What made it so weird was the fact that Harold, one of the guys I met on that day, had the very same problem!

When I’d last seen him (six years ago) his penis was perfectly capable of getting hard. Sadly, however, this is no longer the case.

I watched him walking towards me, but I didn't realize it was him. Because of how they walk, I can usually recognize most of the guys I'm familiar with, even from half a mile.

But I didn't see Harold for so long!

When he got closer, I was shocked to see him. I thought that he might have already passed away.

Harold is in his late 70s. We'd never fucked because I don't find him attractive. However, six years ago, he expressed his desire to fuck my hole quite often.

To prove his point, he used to proudly show me his hard, thick cock and say: "Can't you tell how badly my cock wants to fuck your sweet hole?"

He had a nice, pinkish penis with a decent girth when hard, but as I said, I didn't find him attractive. Nevertheless, we used to hang out in the shallow pools and talk.

He's always been sweet and funny.

He's Jewish and immigrated with his wife to Israel from England 15 years ago. His wife knew nothing about his desire to fuck men, and especially me.

He always said the same sentence before leaving:

"One day, I will fuck you. You will see!"

Fast-forwarding to the present, after hugging me, he said: "Theon, you haven't changed a bit!"

It was a sweet compliment.

"What have you been up to?" I asked him.

"Getting old!" he answered bitterly and sighed. "I had my prostate removed. I can no longer get hard, nor can I cum. I can no longer fuck, and I miss it so much."

"What do you mean you can't cum? You can't have an orgasm?"

Not being able to get hard and cum must be pretty devastating
Not being able to get hard and cum must be pretty devastating

"I have dry orgasms. Only a tiny bit of fluid comes out." Then he started rubbing his cock and said: "See? I can't get hard."

It was weird that, after not seeing me for six years, talking about his cock was so important for him. It proves what I believe: No matter how old you are, you still want to cum!

What a bummer, I thought to myself and tried to change the topic: "How's your wife?"

"I'm divorced."

"What happened?"

"She wanted to be with someone who could still fuck her. She's much younger than me, and I couldn't give her what she needs."

In my opinion, that was a bit odd.

I can't imagine leaving Felix even if his terrific breeding machine stops working.

Felix is more than just an amazing cock!
Felix is more than just an amazing cock!

I told him that I find it odd that two people in love who'd shared their entire life had divorced because of a flaccid cock.

"Look, we've been together for over 40 years. I'm too old and cranky for her. She decided to move on, but we are still good friends."

Then he attempted to grab my cock.

"Stop!!!" I told him, "Don't touch my cock."

"Still shy about other guys playing with your cock?" he laughed. "I can't fuck you because I can't get hard. However, I'll gladly masturbate your beautiful cock or give you a blowjob."

Maybe I'm weird, but honestly, I don't want anyone to do anything with my cock!!!

I do it exceptionally well myself.

"Yes! I still don't want you or anyone to do anything with my cock!"

It was so weird. I hadn't seen Harold for so long, and it was as if we'd seen each other only the day before.

"Perhaps you would like to fuck me?" Harold suggested.

I laughed:

"You are surely getting old if you've forgotten that I'm a total bottom. Anyway, it's too damn hot. Let's get into the water."

I could tell that he was a wreck compared to six years ago: Prostate cancer, no erections, no cum, his wife gone, and in addition, he also had diabetes.

I felt sorry for him.

But not sorry enough to let him play with my penis.

We were sitting right here
We were sitting right here

Harold kept trying to touch my penis while we were sitting in the pools.

It became somewhat annoying to keep pushing his lustful fingers aside.

"I'm sorry for being like that," he said after another failed attempt to touch my balls.

"It's so hard for me to get excited enough to have an orgasm without an erection. To be sitting next to your beautiful penis, ass and body makes me lose my manners."

It was pretty evident that he was desperate to have an orgasm.

Whereas I didn't want him to touch my cock, I decided to let him have some fun by offering him my ass for the first time.

After all, there was no risk that he would attempt to fuck me because he couldn't get hard.

Therefore, I turned on my stomach and told him to touch my ass and hole so he could have an orgasm.

He was sitting next to me.
He was sitting next to me.

With his left hand he caressed my ass and played with my hole and said: "Oh wow, Theon, I can get an orgasm just from looking at your smooth ass and tight hole."

Then he moaned loudly and said: "Fuck! I wish I could fuck you just like that. But look at my cock; I'm not hard!"

He didn't exaggerate.

His cock was soft, and I was wondering if he could have an orgasm at all. But that part of his anatomy was still working.

He started to moan and frantically played with my love hole until he yelled, and then he let go of my ass and hole.

Then he showed me his fingers.

He'd ejaculated this much.

That's my morning precum.
That's my morning precum.

"That's all I can cum," he sighed. "Even that little amount is more than usual. It must be thanks to your perfect ass."

I was happy that somehow after all these years, he got to enjoy my ass. I doubt I'll ever see him again.

"It was so lovely seeing you again, Theon," he said before leaving. "Perhaps next time, you will let me suck your cock..."

And, just like six years ago, I thought to myself: "It's not going to happen!"

Two hours later, I was half a mile south and getting ready to watch the sunset.

Except for sex, the sunset is the best part of the beach.
Except for sex, the sunset is the best part of the beach.

However, before watching the sunset, I saw something even more spectacular.

I raised my head and saw Avner's thick cock and beautiful hairy balls. It was then that I'd realized that the universe was trying to send me a message that afternoon.

As with Harold, I haven't seen Avner for at least six years.

Yet, there he was, standing naked next to me.

Avner is sweet and funny too. Our good connection is also based on the fact that we grew up in the same shitty, small town.

Avner has a toned, dark body and I'd always fantasied about letting him fuck me. But, sadly, he wasn't interested in my hole.

Was it because he prefers hairy holes?

Not quite.

Avner is like me. He couldn't care less about holes in general. He wants another man to use his hole.

"I can't believe it's you!" I told Avner.

"I hesitated to come over because I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me."

"How did you know it was me from afar?" I asked.

"When you arrived at this spot, you were wearing a tight, purple-blue speedo and kept your sunglasses on your head...

...I knew it had to be you."
...I knew it had to be you."

I laughed and said: "Yeah. I'm pretty much the same way."

Avner examined my naked body and said: "You haven't changed one bit! You look just the same. It’s as if we’d seen each other only yesterday."

I kissed him in response.

It was lovely of him to say that, and I knew that his compliment was genuine.

How did I know that?

First of all, Avner is a great guy.

He wouldn't say something like that unless he'd meant it. And second, since he's a bottom, I knew he hadn't complimented me so that he could gain access to my hole.

After we'd broken our kiss, I said: "That's so sweet of you to say that. But why did you think I wouldn't recognize you? You also look just the same, and besides, I never forget a beautiful, thick cock!"

He laughed.

"You and your dirty, horny mind! That's another thing that hasn't changed."

hugged him and enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock rubbing against mine. Then I stretched out my hand to feel it before massaging his hairy balls.

Avner softly moaned on feeling my fingers playing with his breeding equipment. And shortly after, he did the same to my cock and balls.

Why didn't I mind?

Because he's a beach friend that I trust, and more importantly, I knew he expected nothing from my cock.

He knows that I'll never fuck him and that I won't let him suck my cock. Besides, it was only fair that I let him play with my cock because I enjoyed seeing his thick cock getting hard.

My cock got hard too, and Avner pressed our two hard cocks together.

"Still a bottom?" he asked me.

"Till the day I die. How about you?"

"Even a hot ass like yours isn't going to make me a top!" was his answer.

I was hoping that Avner would finally take advantage of my smooth hole.
I was hoping that Avner would finally take advantage of my smooth hole.

"You'd be surprised how many bottoms fucked me since the last time we met."

"Sorry, Theon, It's not going to happen!"

Before leaving, he said, "I've always wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. The way you live your life, so open, honest, free. I'm still not like you, but I'll get there one day."

A lot of guys tell me that.

Here's a message another blog follower left me:

"I find you absolutely sexy and stunning.
I have read several stories on your blog and am hard the entire time I read them. You're an inspiration, and I'd want to be down on those beaches with you every week, stud."

After Avner left, I realized that my beach experience so far had been quite lousy. I met a top who couldn't get hard, and I wasn't interested in him fucking me anyway.

Two hours later, I met Avner, whose dark cock I’d love to have had deep inside my horny ass, but he wasn't interested in fucking me.

"Dear, Mr Universe," I prayed. "You sent two guys from my past with whose cocks I can’t do anything. Now please send me a guy from my future, preferably a hairy one, to take good care of my ass."

Was my prayer answered?

It sure was!

Thirty minutes later, the aforementioned gardener's thick cock was deep inside my ass, getting ready to shoot hot semen while spanking me.

And he was even extra hairy!

I'll write more about him in part 2 of this blog post.

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