Eating Cum & Yuri's Mom - Part I

Mothers adore me.

It must be because of the way my parents have raised me.

My parents frequently told to respect those who are older than me. Consequently, when meeting the mothers of guys that I date or fuck with, I am always polite and over-friendly.

Me, as a young horny bottom 😝

Look at that left-hand gesture

My God! I was born a horny bottom, plain and simple.

40+ years later and not much has changed:

  • I love being naked at the beach,

  • My balls and my hole are still smooth

  • And even back then I was a grower and not a shower 😇

And most importantly, in the context of this post: I'm still instinctively polite to mothers and people who are older than me.

Saturday night, I had to deal with a new type of mother.

I was informally introduced to the mother of Yuri, the 18-year old Russian that was enthusiastically fucking me. To make matters more interesting, I was informally introduced to her while he was fucking me. Even worse, most likely, his mother was younger than me.

With all my vast experience with people and sex, I was never faced with such a bizarre situation.

Yuri’s massive bent cock was buried deep in my muscular ass, but still, my first instinct was to tell his mother:

“Nice to meet you”


“Hi, I’m Theon. Don’t worry; your son's huge cock is enjoying a professional, smooth ass right now."

What did I end up saying?

More about it below.

One outcome of meeting Yuri's mother while Yuri's Russian cock was exploring the depth of my ass was that I ended up making a video demonstrating how I cum all over myself and afterward eat my sweet vegan cum with great delight.

I will share this video in this post (if it is not too long), or in the second part (if it turns out to be too long).

Why did meeting Yuri's mom resulted in me videoing my orgasm and sharing it with you?

As many of you complain, I don’t have many videos exhibiting my cock blasting my love juices. I know that guys share such videos all the time. It must be a guy’s thing + guys love to see other guys shoot their load.

I do too.

Here is one that I made:

Click here to see my videos page

The reason that I don’t have many videos like that is that if I am horny, I look for someone to fuck me. It's that simple. Shooting cum all over myself while I get fucked is so much more enjoyable than doing it alone.

My orgasm is much more powerful if I experience it after a guy creamed my ass or while we both explode at the same time. If it is after, using his cum to finish myself off, drives me insane. I take the top's cum and rub it all over my nipples, my balls, and my cock. Then I put it also in my mouth and send myself to paradise.

It would be like comparing driving a car to fly an F15.

There is no comparison.

Besides, If I cum while getting fucked or when my ass is full of cum, my orgasm lasts much longer, I shoot much more cum, and I scream much louder (my screams in my cum video are nothing compared to how I shout when a guy’s cock is deep in my love tunnel).

Here's how I yell when I shoot my load, this time with an anal vibrator stimulating my prostate. It seems loud, but it's nothing compared to how I scream when a real cock is stuffed inside of me:

Bottom line (pun intended), I rarely wank. If I’m horny, I have sex. and most times get fucked.

However, thanks to Yuri’s mom, I can share with you a video of me playing with my nipples, my balls, my cock, and finally, finger fucking my smooth hole. When I pushed my fingers inside my open hole (thanks to Yuri's cock), I exploded right away using Yuri’s cum as lube for milking my cock.

Here is the moment of the eruption from that video:

The moment my cock exploded

How did Yuri's mom influence my orgasm?

More about it below.

When my day started, I had no idea I would meet Yuri’s mom in such a unique circumstance. In fact, I did not even know that I would, at last, hold, lick, suck, and get fucked by Yuri's marvelous Russian cock.

Who is Yuri?

Yuri is 18 years old that lives less than a quarter of a mile from my apartment. I am looking at our chat history on Grindr right now. The first entry is from July 2019, but he contacted me even before that when he was 17 (too young for me at that time).

A month after he turned 18, in April of last year, he contacted me. I remember it quite well, that was on 4.8.2019. At that time, he was still a virgin top, and he wanted my ass to be his first.

How do I remember it so well?

Because I wrote a blog post about it :

My ass is not a Cab

Yuri did not change much since that post. He would always start a chat in the same manner:

“Can I come over and fuck you now?”


“Can you have sex now?”


“Do you want to get fucked right now?”

More sentences always followed detailing what he wants to do with my ass.

You can read in the link of that April post why I always said “no” to his fuck offers. Eventually, I was not his first bottom. In fact, despite repeated efforts of him to meet me, this Saturday was the first time his incredible massive cock was deep inside of me, dominating me entirely.

Why did I finally agree to meet him?

I have to get back to the start of my day to explain that to you.

I woke up with my morning boner as ever, but it was a physical reaction. I sleep naked and wake up always on my stomach. That ensures an extra-strong morning boner.

I was not that horny. I have had amazing sex the day before in my rooftop jacuzzi with an Adonis from Jerusalem.

I wrote about it here:

Valentine's Day, 2020

He shot his cum in my ass twice that Friday afternoon.

The first time happened very quickly after he entered my love tunnel. After five minutes of fucking me in doggie, while the jacuzzi bubbles were all over us, Adam suddenly yelled, and I felt loads of hot cum splashing inside of my ass.

His second time took longer and was much more rewarding because he was not that horny and took extra care of my entire body (including the much-desired hole eating) before creaming my ass again.

I ended up shooting my load over his face while we were showering together afterward.

The morning after, when I woke up, was sufficiently warm, and I decided to finally go to the nude beach.

It was a brilliant idea.

When Luka saw me taking down the beach backpack, her excitement was endless. To be honest, so was mine. It was finally a chance to be naked in the place I like most in Israel and perhaps in the entire world.

I did not expect to get fucked there.

I knew that there would be less than ten people at the nude beach (and I was right). But I was not looking for anal play. As I said, I was not that horny after sex with Adam (that’s the Adonis from Jerusalem) the day before.

In any case, I did have a date.

But it was not the date of the body; it was instead a date of the mind.

To my surprise, as I was descending to the beach, I was presented with an opportunity to have the first fuck of the season. I saw a guy who fucks me once or twice each season at the beach.

I wrote about him several times. I forgot his name because he is very tight-lipped.

I know that he is married with kids and lives 60 miles north of the nude beach. He is 50+ years old and has a fantastic body plus a colossal cock. He has a way of persuading me to let him empty his balls inside my horny ass. He is straightforward since we know each other for six or so years. He allows himself to grab my smooth ass first thing when he sees me.

And that is precisely what he did while I was walking in front of him. I stopped for a second to get little rocks out of my sandals, and then his hands were in my shorts, pulling them down with my jocks and grabbing my sensitive ass cheeks.

“I missed you, babe, It’s been a long winter and a long time since I fucked you. Will you give me your sexy ass today?”

To make his intentions even more profound, he pushed his fingers into my smooth crack and was about to start massaging my love hole with his fingers and probably finger me.

My hole was sweaty from the heat; he could have easily finger fucked me with two fingers, had I let him.

I missed him too.

He fucks gently but roughly at the same time, and he cums tons. It is so sensual. We are very compatible. He prefers to fuck me when I'm on my stomach, legs spread like in this photo:

Alternatively, if I want to hasten his orgasm, I close my legs and tighten my grip on his thick brown cock.

I guess he likes me facing down because, in his mind, he can pretend he is not fucking a muscular guy but instead his wife. However, with him, even before his cum starts leaking out of my love hole, he rushes back to his wife.

That’s the main reason why I hesitate to have sex with him. Most guys are not like him. They will not stay over for a conversation about the meaning of life, nor do I want them to. But they would be more pleasing than him after their balls are empty.

To make my point short: I need to be extra horny to take his long cock in me.

I took his hungry fingers out of my crack and pulled my jocks and my shorts up.

“Not today, sorry, I’m not that horny.”

And besides, I had a spiritual date.

With Thomas Sowell and his book:

“The quest for cosmic justice.

Here is more about the Thomas Sowell:

It is an incredible political science book. I am certain that it will change your way of thinking about the meaning of “justice,” especially the so-called “social justice.”

Yes, apart from enjoying sex, playing with Luka, and drinking beer, the beach is my favorite place to read books.

And so, I laid naked on my stomach (like in the photo above) and read for two hours. Some guys passed by, they all seemed horny, but that afternoon, my brain was hornier than my ass.

It was scorching, but the water was icy. I splashed some water to cool myself and nothing more.

When I got back to my apartment, I slept for nearly two hours. The sun wore me off. When I woke up, there was a WhatsApp message from Adam, the Adonis.

“Hi, sexy, what's your opinion about an orgy? I’ll bring another top with me, and we can both fuck your smooth man-hole.”

Hmm, interesting, I thought to myself. It has been a long time since two guys fucked me. Too long, way too long.

I was still hot from the sun at the beach, and I was sitting naked in my game/office room:

Around 11 PM, Adam was online again, and he started discussing with me the planned orgy:

“I know several 40+ years old guys that will gladly fuck you"

"Do you have a problem if I bring a guy over that is that old?”

That was an odd question. I am 40+, and Adam knows it. I never ask a guy how old he is (18 is the lower limit); I only care about his looks.

“I don’t care if they are 400+ years old,” I told Adam. “As long as they are fit & athletic.”

His response was: “Lol, OK, well, what would you say if one of them was not fit, but he likes to fuck hard and he has a huge cock, even bigger than mine?”

That was even worse.

I hate it when guys treat my ass like a barrier that they need to rip apart. The fact that this guy had a huge cock and likes to fuck hard made him an absolute no for me.

“You fucked me for a long time yesterday,” I told Adam, “You should know I don’t like it so rough.”

“Well, Theon, it’s tricky,” he wrote me back:

”How many 40+ years old guys do you know that are fit and athletic?”

“Your cock was for a long time inside one of those guys yesterday.” was my witty response.

In retrospect, I could have also mentioned the sexy 50+ years old guy that I have met earlier that day at the nude beach.

He sent me a "😀", followed by:

“And it felt so amazing fucking you, especially when I came. But you are unique, Theon, you have an amazing body, especially for your age.

I admire you so much.

When you sent me that photo yesterday, I knew I must fuck with you even though we live so far apart.”

I sent him many heart emojis: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

“Well, I’ll keep looking, and regardless I will find the time to come back and fuck your hot ass.

Shooting my cum inside of you twice was not enough. I wish I could do it 20 times yesterday's afternoon.”

Adam is so sweet; I wish he could too.

The conversation with Adam has left me horny.

It was not only the idea of two guys taking turns fucking me (one of them being him!). It was also the memories of the afternoon with him and how beautifully he twice came in my ass. Adam later helped me cum on his face in the shower. He was on his knees, licking my balls and finger fucking my open hole at the same time.

The time was 11:20 PM.

I was naked, hard, and started leaking.

Precisely at 11:25 PM, Yuri sent me a message:

“Can I come over and fuck you now?”


And that’s how I finally got Yuri to make love to my ass after nearly a year of him trying to (the time before he was not 18 does not count).

What about Yuri's mom and the video of me shouting and then eating my cum?

I will answer all these questions in the second part of this blog post. You deserve to know how I met Yuri's mom while he was fucking me and why it ended up with me licking the cum off my fingers with such pleasure.

And of course, I want to share in the second part the actual video.

To be continued...

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