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In my dream, Harvey Specter kissed me instead of Mike Ross

Last night I had a dream about Harvey Specter.

Harvey Specter is a main character from Netflix's "Suits"

He is the alpha male of the show.
He is the alpha male of the show.

I was surprised that the dream was about him kissing me and not Mike Ross, his young legal associate.

Am I more attracted to Mike Ross?

Not at all! I find Harvey more to my taste because:

  • He's older than Mike

  • He's butch and manly in the show

Harvey's penis in my dream was a massive, pink uncut beauty:

That's how it looked in my dream
That's how it looked in my dream

So why was I surprised that Harvey's cock was about to fuck me and not Mike's?

When Felix and I start watching a new TV series, we pick an actor that we think best resembles either one of us.

My choice for Felix was the actor that plays Mike Ross, and that's the reason why I expected to dream about him kissing me.

Does Mike Ross resemble Felix?

He's so fucking handsome.
He's so fucking handsome.

Well, what do you think?

I think Felix is more handsome.
I think Felix is more handsome.

I decided that Mike Ross resembles Felix in that show because:

  • They both have blue eyes

  • They are so handsome

  • He's a genius, and so is Felix

  • Both have smooth upper bodies (although Felix is way smoother)

  • They are both American.

Who did Felix think resembles me the most?

Louis Litt

In my view, he's the best actor in the show.
In my view, he's the best actor in the show.

Do I resemble him? 😱

Felix took this photo during a recent hike.
Felix took this photo during a recent hike.

"Me? Louis Litt? Seriously?" I argued. "Is it because we're both Jewish or because he's so hairy and I'm not?"

Felix laughed.

"Because he's tough with the people who work for him but also cares about them a lot. That's how your manager described you in your latest annual review."

That's true.

I do care a lot for the people that I work with. I try to be a mentor and teach them what I know. I can be tough at times, but I always try to be fair.

So how did it feel in the dream to ride Harvey's incredible pink cock?

In my dream, Harvey was sitting on his expensive couch, in his marvelous New York apartment, and I was on top of him. We were both naked and passionately kissing.

While kissing, Harvey pinched my nipples with one hand and fingered my love hole with the other.

It was an incredible dream!

Just when I was about to sit on his hard cock, I felt a warm fluid on my fuckable ass, and it didn't feel like cum.

I reached back and realized his huge cock was pissing on my ass and also wetting his couch.

At that point, I woke up and felt how hard my cock was.

I squeezed it, and a little bit of cum leaked out.

I licked the cum with great pleasure.
I licked the cum with great pleasure.

What woke me up wasn't my hard cock, but an urgent need to pee. It explained why my dream had ended with Harvey pissing on my ass.

I wish it would have ended with me showing to Harvey what an amazing bottom I am!

I went to the toilet, waited until my cock was soft, and pissed.

My pubic hair has several colors: black, brown, orange, and red.
My pubic hair has several colors: black, brown, orange, and red.

The dream was sweet and very hot, but I'll never have sex with Harvey in his gorgeous New York apartment.

In a recent quiz, however, I did win a "Submissive & Breedable” award.

Please tell me you're not surprised…
Please tell me you're not surprised…

Not having sex with Harvey in his fabulous New York apartment is because I can no longer fly. Therefore, I will never be in the States again.

Is it because I'm afraid of flying?

Not at all.

It has to do with my brain injury which you can read about here:

How long did it take me to recover from my brain injury?

One of the risk factors for a recurrence is low air pressure. Therefore, I can't hike above 9000 feet.

In Israel, that's not a problem because there's only one mountain so high. However, air pressure in an airplane is also too low:

"Exterior and interior altitude profile on a typical flight: Pressurization systems are designed to keep the interior cabin pressure between 12 and 11 psi at cruise altitude. On a typical flight, as the aircraft climbs to 36,000 feet, the plane's interior 'climbs' to between 6000-8000 feet. "

That's too close to my danger zone, and there are other risk factors associated with flying and my brain. I'll never take that risk!

My last trip abroad, two years ago, was to London.

I loved it!
I loved it!

A week after returning from London, I suffered from neurological trauma. That means London was my last trip abroad, at least by plane.

You don't need to feel sorry for me because of it (or for any other reason!). I'm pleased to take my vacations in Israel...

...especially since I have such a terrific American boyfriend whom I love so much!

I was surprised that I had such an erotic dream about Harvey since that night Felix and I had fucked twice.

Usually, it takes my balls a day to refill before I begin to have erotic dreams.

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Was I surprised that Felix and I had fucked twice that night?

Not really, since Felix had promised me: "I'm going to fuck and breed you twice tonight."

You can read about it here:

Why am I angry when people think that I'm an exhibitionist?

Our first fuck was right after I'd finished working out.

My jock was soaking wet.
My jock was soaking wet.

While taking a shower, I caressed, spanked, and fingered my ass.

Suddenly Felix opened the door and looked at me. I was still facing the wall.

On hearing him, I turned around and asked: "Is everything OK?"

Felix rarely opens the shower when I shower after working out.
Felix rarely opens the shower when I shower after working out.

"I missed looking at your wet ass," Felix said, "Please turn around again so I can take a good look at it."

I did as he'd asked me, hoping that he was planning on more than just staring at my ass.

I patiently waited for Felix
I patiently waited for Felix

Felix had stared at my ass for a while and finally said, "You have such a beautiful ass. The water makes it appear so fuckable!"

I laughed and said: "Even straight guys like my ass."

Like this one:

"Every straight guy would love to fuck an ass like yours," Felix said and took off his clothes. It was the first time I'd seen his hard cock since he'd been unwell.

Felix got closer and started soaping my back, legs, and ass. As always, he paid particular attention to my anus. Then he hugged me under the running water.

He pressed his hard cock onto my anus and slapped my ass with it a few times. I knew that he was about to start fucking me and couldn't wait!

To my disappointment, Felix let go of my submissive ass and retook the bar of soap. I didn't want him to soap me again.

I wanted him to fuck me!

I was just about to protest and demand his cock when he dropped the bar of soap on purpose and said: "Oops, you should pick the soap up."

I positioned myself in doggie and said: "I can't find it. You’d better get down here and help me."

Waiting for Felix's cock.
Waiting for Felix's cock.

"Fuck yeah! That's my perfect bottom!" Felix yelled and took the lube out of the cabinet. He lubed my smooth, hungry hole and his terrific cock. Then he came behind me and started shoving it deep inside my body.

On feeling his thick cock penetrating my ass, I started to scream and didn't stop until it was entirely inside my ass. Felix deliberately pushed his penis very slowly to enhance our pleasure.

From there on, things moved quickly.

It was the first time we'd fucked in almost a week, and I knew that Felix's penis would shoot massive loads of semen inside me in no time.

"Breed me," I begged him after he'd stopped fucking me to delay his orgasm.

"I want to fuck you and make you cum first," Felix said.

Unlike the older guy from the beach, who had failed to give my ass his white gift, I knew that I didn't need to worry about Felix denying me his semen.

You can read about that older guy here:

The last time he fucked me was indeed very upsetting.

Felix resumed pounding my love hole, and I let go of my control that kept me from emptying my balls. I started to raise my voice and soon after was screaming while Felix's penis was fucking me and mine was shooting cum.

"I'm so close, fuck!" Felix said. "It felt amazing to be inside your ass when you shot your load. You have such strong contractions. Your ass was practically milking my cock when you were having an orgasm."

There was so much semen on the shower floor.

I asked Felix to take his cock out of my thirsty love hole. I lubed it with my semen, and then he pushed it back and started pounding my ass again.

Felix is not a screamer like me, but he yelled this time on shooting his seed into my ass since his orgasm was so potent.

We stood up, firmly hugged and kissed each other under the running water. My penis was no longer hard, but Felix's still was and leaking a few last drops of cum.

I loosened my love hole and let his seed leak out at the same time.

It was such a romantic moment.

Later that evening, I made us dinner, and we ate it on my roof terrace. Before eating, we smoked weed, and it made us very happy.

When Felix smokes weed, he becomes hilarious, and makes me laugh uncontrollably.

That night he pretended that he was a reporter. The topic that he was discussing was crazy people on Grindr, and he shared with me all the sexy guys that wanted to have sex with him.

I have to admit that I didn't know he had so many admirers.

I mean, I know he's handsome, but he's always been quiet about the guys he's had sex with.

My beautiful boyfriend.
My beautiful boyfriend.

Later that night, as Felix had promised, he fucked me again.

Since he wasn't so horny (because of the earlier shower fuck), he was able to hold his seed for much longer.

He fucked me for 45 minutes in bed in the following order:

  • Both of us standing

  • Felix standing and me leaning over the bed

  • Felix behind my ass and me on my left side

That was partially enjoyable because he rarely fucks me like that.
That was partially enjoyable because he rarely fucks me like that.

Then our fourth fuck position was doggie-style in bed.

After pounding me in doggie, Felix pushed my back down until I lay on my stomach…

…and kept pounding my ass for what seemed like an eternity.

Felix took this photo.
Felix took this photo.

Just when he was about to flood my ass with another hot supply of his seed, he pulled his hard cock out of my tunnel of love.

"That was so deep," I whispered and moaned; "I want your cum!”

Felix turned me around on my back, and I was confident he was about to raise my legs on his shoulders and pound my hole until his sweet, juicy cum was deep inside me.

Instead, he brought his hard penis to my mouth, and I knew what was expected of me. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, and he quickly shoved all of it inside.

It felt incredible to suck his cock straight after it had made love to my ass. It was so hot after spending such a long time inside my body.

I stopped sucking him for only a second to tell him, "Fuck! I love your cock.”

Felix took his sweet penis out of my mouth and started rubbing it next to my face, and I knew he intended to shoot his seed all over it.

I opened my mouth (and closed my eyes) in anticipation and caressed his enormous balls to enhance his pleasure.

Seconds later, his hot seed was on my forehead, cheeks, nose, neck, and of course, some shots went right into my mouth.

"You came all over my face," I told him, and we both laughed.

Felix lay on his back, and I used his seed to lube my cock, balls, and hole. There was so much of it so I swallowed the rest.

His seed tastes sweet just like mine (it must be because we are both vegan).

I climbed on his upper body, and my loose hole was right above his left nipple. My hard cock pointed directly at his face.

Now it was my time to give him a gift.

And just like earlier that morning, Felix held my balls tight.

In the morning, he ate my hole while holding my balls.
In the morning, he ate my hole while holding my balls.

Holding my testicles was Felix's way of showing me that, even though I was about to shoot my cum on his adorable face, he was still the dominant male in this relationship.

For me, it felt incredible that my man was holding my testicles so tight while I was getting ready to shoot my seed.

I begged Felix: "squeeze it, squeeze my balls, squeeze it hard!"