Double Cream

"What are you reading?"

It was 1.5 hours before sunset and the stud asking me this question was a muscular hairy guy. He was shorter than me (I'm 6') but was very manly. He had big muscular arms, pecs, beautiful hairy legs. He was a little bit overweight, but only in his abdomen area.

If you are not vegan, the body tends to store fat from dead bodies. When you are young, it's usually not an issue. When you pass forty, it is nearly impossible to keep a relatively flat abdomen unless you give away eating body parts.

He was not young; I'd say he was more 50- than 40+. Still, he was very sexy and manly.

I was reading 'In Praise Of Slow'

"What's it about?"

"It's about how to slow down your life and why it is a much better way of living. That's how I live my life: Taking things slowly. Slower meals, slower vacations, and slower sex."

When I said that I noticed that his massive cock was growing, he was wearing long swim trunks. But like the Arab prince from Monday, an enormous cock looks even more massive when it is noticeable through loose trunks.

"You know what?" I told him "I'm too hot, do you want to join me for a swim?"

"Sure," he said and promptly removed his swim trunks. As he did that, his massive cock was in front of my face (I was still sitting down), and started growing and did not stop until his cock was fully hard.

Damn, it was so hot.

With hunger, I started leaking his balls first, and then he held my head and started face fucking me. I could tell he was very horny and also getting very close to shoot his load in my mouth

Suddenly, I wanted to practice what I have been reading about for the last half an hour.

Slow sex

I stood up: "Come on; let's go to the water."

There we switched to slow, erotic sex.

It was the first time this season that I was able to make love in the water.

Before the water was too cold, then for a month there were jellyfish. Today, was the first day without jellyfish and warm water.

We kissed passionately while the waves were rolling over us.

I was on top, kissing him while he was holding my ass tight. Then he rolled me over and was on top of me kissing my neck, while his cock was searching for my love hole. This was going on for nearly half an hour. It was so erotic that I felt like crying from joy.

Then I felt a certain tingling in my leg; perhaps there was still some jellyfish around.

"Let's go out."

He walked in front of me, and I noticed again, how beautiful and muscular has hairy ass was. This guy was so sexy. He was a real mature man, body, and soul.

When we got back to my blanket, he positioned himself in doggie.

"Will you rim my hole, please."

That was so unexpected that I lost my breath for a second.


"Yes, I love it when a guy does that to me. If you rim the way you kiss, it must be divine."

For the first time, I took a closer look at his love hole.

It was perfect.

It was hairy, but not too much, and it was shaped beautifully, like a cute button. The outside lining was symmetrical with beautiful coloring.

Without further ado, I dived in with my tongue.

"Oh my god, this feels so good, your tongue is amazing."

I spit on his hole, and in response, he raised his ass some more. I started diving in with my fingers and my tongue. He was moaning loudly.

I stepped back for a second; he kept moving his hole, begging for me to continue. Now his opening was partly open since I already pushed three fingers inside.

I grabbed his ass and started spanking it and hitting his love hole with my hard cock. I grabbed his cock with my hand and wanked him while my cock was hard pressed against his hole. Before I knew it, I was deep inside, fucking him.

It felt amazing.

So warm and soft inside, and he kept squeezing his ass cheeks on my cock. I felt that I could explode in any minute.

I probably would have had I not pulled out.

I laughed

"This is not how I planed it. I was supposed to be in this position, and you were supposed to fuck me."

"I love your smooth ass; I'll fuck you if you want me to. But, I want you to shoot your cum in my ass."

"But, I also want you to shoot your cum in my ass."

It seems that we were in a deadlock.

A deadlock is a concept from computer science. It means that the system hangs and does not respond.

He turned around. Now that I saw how red and thick his massive cock was, I was not going to give away my desire to be fucked by him.

He had a suggestion.

"Why don't you continue fucking me until you cum, and then I will do the same to you?"

It was a tempting offer. But, after I shoot my load, my ass tightens. There was no way I could accommodate such a big cock after I shoot my load.

I told him that.

"My cock is not that big."

"Oh, you are big; you got a massive tool. I am going to lube you up so you can slide in my ass."

It was not before long that I was in doggie and he was the one doing the fucking and spanking. I was playing with his hairy balls at the same time and moaning loudly. His cock was pressing hard on my prostate, so I oozed cum nonstop. It was like an orgasm that never ends.

"I getting close, I going to shoot."

In response, I grabbed his balls again.

"Oh, fuck, I can't hold it. Don't cum, remember, you need to shoot in my ass too."

I did not respond. I wanted so badly to cum with him, but I kept my promise. I felt his cum shots hitting my insides while he was screaming. It was a feeling out of this world.

When he was done and still deep inside of me, he asked: "Did you cum?"

"You would have known if I did, but I can cum in a second with you still inside of me."

He pulled out

"Oh no, I want you doing me now."

I have to admit that I was surprised. I was sure that he would not want it after creaming my ass.

He went back to doggie.

Damn, his hole was so beautiful.

I went back in, he was a bit tighter than before, but it only added to my pleasure. He ass was groping my cock hard and tight.

I can never be a top if I want to practice slow sex. In less than a minute, I was the one screaming and shooting my load into his terrific ass.

When I pulled out, I almost fell on the sand from pure exhaustion.

I don't remember when I was with a guy and ended with both our asses full of cum. It was simply beautiful beyond words.

We went back to the water to clean. This time I just hugged him from behind. Pushing my body against his, kissing his neck, gently massaging his ass.

We watched the sunset together, and he took some photos of me. This is one of them. I think he did quite a good job and my tired and delighted smile says it all

Relaxed and happy after an amazing beach sex

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