Dor's cum back

"Theon, why are you so sad?"

I was walking with Dor back to his car, and his question surprised me. I did not feel sad at all, or at least, I did not know that I did.

But Dor knows me quite well; he probably noticed I was sad behind the curtain of laughs and the last three enjoyable hours.

Felix, the guy I date, has gone on a ski vacation to Europe. I don't like to ski, and I hate the cold, so I would not have joined him. But it was not a question of wanting, but rather one of being able to. Since I can no longer fly (for medical reasons), the fact I could not join him has saddened me.

I don't think about this limitation during my daily activities. But, during the last few days, it kept bleeding like an open wound that never stops.

And with it tears as well.

I know that this is my life. These are the cards that I have received, but sometimes, even I am allowed to cry over things that I can't change.

When Dor was asking me this question, we were both stoned out of our minds. However, when the day had started, I had no clue I was going to have so much fun and receive so much cum.

I woke up that morning, naked as always and decided to heat my apartment so I can stay naked for a while. I sat in this room and answered some emails.

My morning boner and I am smiling
Starting my day