Dor's cum back

"Theon, why are you so sad?"

I was walking with Dor back to his car, and his question surprised me. I did not feel sad at all, or at least, I did not know that I did.

But Dor knows me quite well; he probably noticed I was sad behind the curtain of laughs and the last three enjoyable hours.

Felix, the guy I date, has gone on a ski vacation to Europe. I don't like to ski, and I hate the cold, so I would not have joined him. But it was not a question of wanting, but rather one of being able to. Since I can no longer fly (for medical reasons), the fact I could not join him has saddened me.

I don't think about this limitation during my daily activities. But, during the last few days, it kept bleeding like an open wound that never stops.

And with it tears as well.

I know that this is my life. These are the cards that I have received, but sometimes, even I am allowed to cry over things that I can't change.

When Dor was asking me this question, we were both stoned out of our minds. However, when the day had started, I had no clue I was going to have so much fun and receive so much cum.

I woke up that morning, naked as always and decided to heat my apartment so I can stay naked for a while. I sat in this room and answered some emails.

My morning boner and I am smiling
Starting my day

Shortly after, I got a message from my friend. She and her boyfriend are both musicians.

"Come over at 1:30 PM for a homemade Yemenite soup and bring Dor with you."

I already know her and how generous she is. When she says "soup," in reality, she means "soup, rice, steamed vegetables, salad, bread, hummus, homemade cookies."

Of course, everything was vegan.

I don't have non-vegan friends. The little time that I have I prefer to share with people who choose not to support murderers and abusers (a.k.a farmers)

There were also weed, lots of weed.

After 2.5 hours, we were all on the sofa; I was half hugging Dor from behind while he was talking with my friend. I was half asleep, but my fingers went inside Dor's underwear as much as I could. Slowly, like a dream, I was caressing his hairy crack and smooth ass.

I thought of the time when we spent a weekend together in November. During that night, we made love after such a long time.

I wrote about it here:

Drinking Dor's Cum

We spent the weekend in the area that anti-Semites, idiots, lousy politicians, or self-hating Jews like Bernie Sanders refer to as the "West Bank" or the "Occupied Territories."

On second thought, Bernie Sanders is not only a self-hating Jew but also an idiot and a lousy politician.

For us, the name of this tiny part of the land west of the Jordan river is Judea and Samaria. Judea and Samaria are the heart of the Jewish nation. In these regions, most of the stories from the Bible took place.

We arrived quite late to our B&B. But, right away, we took a short hike to enjoy the last rays of the sun and the colors of the desert as the day turned into night.

Here is the small community we stayed at (Luka and I are the down right corner).

In his arrogant delusions, Bernie Sanders thinks that 500 Jewish families living on an isolated hill in the desert are an obstacle to peace.

The nonstop Muslim propaganda calling for the annihilation of Jews, is probably for him, a matter of cultural diversity.

That night in the desert, Dor and I fucked.

We smoked one joint and had a bottle of white wine. It was enough for us to fuck after not doing so for a few years, but not enough for me to want Dor's giant cock in my ass.

Friday, three days ago, we did not drink alcohol, but each of us smoked a whole joint, and it was much stronger. Suddenly having Dor's huge cock inside my ass seemed to me like a beautiful idea.

After we left my friends, we were walking back to Dor's car, and then he asked me:

"Theon, why are you so sad?"

"Why do you think like that?"

He hugged me while we were walking.

"Because you did not say a word for the last 30 minutes. Are you sad because Felix is abroad, and you can't be with him?"

Dor is so sensitive, and he also knows me quite well.

"Yes, but I was thinking about how much fun we had in November."

When we got back to my apartment (it's a 2 minutes drive). I told Dor:

"Do you want to come up?"

He hesitated and asked me: "What are you up to?"

"What do you think?"

Even though we were both stoned beyond belief, we got naked in record time. We were rolling in my enormous bed, kissing, sucking each other (mostly his cock), and licking each other's hole (mostly mine).

The fascinating fact about smoking weed is that time slows considerably. Each of our love acts seemed to have lasted for an eternity. When he was on top of me, holding my arms and kissing me, it felt like it lasted for hours.

I turned around and spread my legs. Dor came from behind me and started to kiss my entire body. He started with my neck, down to my back. While he was kissing my body gently and slowly, his fingers were stimulating my love hole. I was moaning, nearly crying from pleasure.

When he got to my ass, he dived with his tongue right into my hole. I started yelling in ecstasy. He kept licking and fingering me, widening my hole more and more.

"Dor, fuck me, please fuck me, I love you, fuck me," I kept murmuring.

Like a dream, I felt his massive thick cock carving its way into my tunnel of love. It felt like an illusion as if I was on a boat with gentle waves, and all that time, his cock kept pushing deeper and deeper.

The cozy feeling changed when he started fucking me, and I started screaming from sheer pleasure. My poor neighbors, they are used to my screams, but this time I was extra loud.

Dor took his cock out and pulled my body up. I was so relaxed that I was not sure what he wanted; I kept trying to go back to be on my stomach and to raise my ass.

He spanked my ass hard to wake me up.

"Theon, baby, stand in doggie for me."

Dor hugged my upper body and started fucking me hard in doggie. I was wanking the entire time, and when my orgasm started, the effect of time slowing made me feel that I was ejaculating for minutes, and even long before it started.

Dor kept fucking me frantically after I was done, and with loud yells filled my ass with his thick cum. Again, I thought he was shooting in my ass forever. When I look back, his cum shots felt like the bullets in The Matrix. Very slow and powerful, but probably it was only for 15 seconds until my ass was an ocean of thick cum.

We both collapsed. I was lying on my stomach on my cum, and Dor's cock was still inside my ass.

We both fell asleep like that.

When we woke up, it was already dark outside. Of course, Dor's cock was no longer in my ass. It probably slipped out as soon as it got soft. My bed was a mess. The sheets had lube spots everywhere, and the cum was still drying out where it leaked from my ass and where I shot my load.

Before we fucked, I was thinking about our night at the small desert community. Now, I remembered our fun day.

We hiked to the "Good Samaritan Inn."

and later to "Qasr al-Yahud."

I wrote about both places in my blog post from November:

"Qasr al-Yahud" is a large complex of huge deserted monasteries and churches. It is finally coming back to life. Lots of Christians from all over the world come over here for a spiritual experience.

There was an empty army base nearby. We hiked there, I was in my jocks, and Dor took some photos of me and this heavy equipment. It was not as heavy as Dor's massive cock, but quite similar.

If the plan of Bernie the Imbecile succeeds, the Muslims will control this holy site.

If that happens, how many Christians will be allowed to visit this place? How many will feel safe enough?

The number is zero, which probably represents the I.Q of anyone that thinks that handing over this area to Muslims is a good idea.

"Remember Qasr al-Yahud?" I asked Dor. I watched his naked body with great pleasure. His cock was soft but long and thick as ever.

"Oh, Theon, Theon, that was such a fun weekend. I can't believe you hiked in your jocks next to all these churches and monasteries."

'You know me," I told him, "It is their problem if they can't handle a guy's ass from a mile away."

He came on top of me, "I can handle your sexy ass from any distance."

And then he kissed me. We were still stoned, and it felt so good, his cock was starting to get hard again.

He could handle my ass for sure, anytime. But my ass could not handle him again so soon. His cock is massive, and he fucked me with force. Usually, I stop a guy from fucking me that hard, but because of the weed, we both enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, but now my hole needed some rest.

"Dor," I told him, between kissing, "You are the most uncomplicated laid back sexy guy that I know, and I love you for that."

"I love you too, I am crazy about you," and then he reached down with his fingers to my love hole.

I moved his fingers away, "Not so quick, tiger," let's take a shower first and go to the Jacuzzi."

While in my rooftop Jacuzzi, we started to make out again. I was not that horny. I masturbated the night before after the erotic chat with the German student, and now I felt more happy than horny. But Dor stood up and started slapping my face with his massive cock. I was more than happy to help him cum again. He face-fucked me, and I kept playing with his hairy balls and letting the jets stimulate my hole. It was not before long that I felt his sweet vegan cum smoothly sliding down my throat.

I did a lot of thinking since Dor was here. I also kept chatting with my sweet German student. Of course, Felix and I send messages to each other all day long.

I am no longer sad that I can't fly.

Life is so short. Being sad is not a luxury that I can afford.

Very quickly, we all end up being like this guy:

The cold reality is that nothing that you do matters. It is all going to be forgotten. In the end, even well-known figures are gone forever. Do you think anyone will remember Hitler in a million years? He, too, will be forgotten long before that.

There is no legacy to leave behind. Even your "legacy" will die out very quickly after you are gone, including those that have known you.

It's a dark way to look at life, but in reality, it is not. While life has no meaning, it is full of meaningful moments.

Such a meaningful moment was me and Dor making love this Friday and in November in Judea.

Every day I have lots of meaningful moments with my new German friend.

Dean, my 20 years old fuck body, was here yesterday, for three hours. His visit provided many meaningful moments. Not all of them were about him kissing my hole and later fucking it.

And most importantly, my connection with Felix provides many meaningful moments.

Some of these moments are now clearer because he is far away, and the distance helps me see things vividly.

I want him to join my life's journey.

Felix and I are not going to leave any legacy behind, but hopefully, we are going to create lots of meaningful moments for years to come (and cum)

And with lots of mutual smiles and love.

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