Doggie & Horses

"Do you honestly expect me to take a photo of you when you are naked in this position when the only thing that I can think of right now is shoving my big cock into your hot hole?"

Dan, my fuck body, said that to me yesterday before taking this photo and several others.

He did try to take a detailed photo, but it came up out of focus. I can't expect a horny stoned top with a hard cock to be able to focus when I tease him with my ass like that.

The photo that he took is at the bottom (pun intended) of this post.

I was at the nude beach yesterday, half an hour before sunset I was alone.

I was thrilled as you can see in this photo.

I was looking forward to seeing the sunset naked and alone

I was looking forward to being alone in such a beautiful place. I was also planning to masturbate freely. Something that I was not able to do at the beach for quite a long time.

Not that I complain, because almost every time that I was horny at the beach, I was able to have my hole nicely taken care of. But I was not alone like this at the beach perhaps since May.

There were no weird people
No paragliders peeking from above
No "runners."
No middle-aged wives were coming to take a look at the naked guys.

It was just me, the wind, the waves, the gentle sun, and my cum that badly wanted to erupt.

I was so happy.

Then they arrived.

Those evil people that ride horses.

I wrote about this topic many times, but it's worth repeating.

Animals are here not for us but their purpose.

We should not exploit them in any way. We should not make clothes from them, take their babies (like the cruel dairy farmers do), murder them and so on.

We should also not ride on them.

Horses were not born to serve; they are not slaves. They should not be dragged to a sandy beach during the summer, so some ignorant and cruel creatures can ride on them.

Yesterday, there was a unique display of cruelty.

A trashy woman rode her horse deep into the ocean, into the waves.

What was she thinking?

Was she pretending that she was some world explorer?

From her looks, I could tell that she is a miserable lousy wife, bored out of her mind and that she uses a horse to feel powerful and meaningful.

Not that much different from creatures who torture people for their amusement.

I was so disgusted by them that I put on my speedo.

Not that I think that seeing my cock is such a thrill, but I wanted to look at them and show them with my facial expression and eyes that I believe that they are low life evil, vicious creatures.

When they passed me by about 200 feet, I felt comfortable enough to start forgetting about them and got naked again.

It felt good to be naked on this rock and feel the last rays of the sun gently massage my exposed smooth hole and my balls.

Then, as you can see in this photo, I noticed that they were coming back.

I dressed up, packed my things, and left.

I did not want to see this display of cruelty again.

When I see people who use animals so they can feel that they have some meaning in their absolute shit life, it makes me angry and sad.

Dan is, of course, vegan like me.

I called him when I was returning from the beach and told him about these cruel creatures.

"Poor baby, I am sorry you had to witness that, I know how much you love that beach and your nudity. It is disgusting what they were doing."

That was sweet of him.

"Do you want to come over? I got some good weed, and I would not mind if you licked my hole until I forget about them"

"I think I am going to be doing more than just licking your beautiful hole."

Dan is a fantastic top, and spending three hours with him was just the thing that I needed.

We talked, smoked, and laughed for an hour in my roof top jacuzzi. Going in and out of it because it was so hot inside.

That's the out of focus photo he took of me

Then we fucked for an hour an a half. We started in the jacuzzi but moved to my king size bed because it was too hot to make love inside. Getting fucked in the jacuzzi is more of a winter thing anyway.

After he filled my ass with his creamy cum, I shot my storage on his upper body. I used the cum that was leaking out of my hole as lube and rubbed it on my nipples as well.

Then we went back to the jacuzzi to talk and smoke some more. I was playing gently with his hairy balls, and my head was resting on his shoulder while we both smoked another joint.

It made me forget about those damn riders.

But only temporarily.

Be kind to animals, don't use them, and of course, don't pay people who murder and torture them like dairy and poultry "farmers."

It's so easy to make the right choices in life.


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