Does your anus change if you get fucked a lot? Mine certainly does!

People who see my fuck hole usually tell me that it's obvious I get fucked regularly.

Here's one example:

After working out this morning, I checked out my sensitive hole.

I worked on my back muscles this morning.
I worked on my back muscles this morning.

My love hole looked somewhat swollen and aroused, but that wasn't a surprise since last night, Brandon had fucked it for an hour for the fourth time.

I caressed the delicate dark skin, fingered my hole, and smelled my fingers. There was still a faint smell of Brandon's lovely sperm.

So, after a night of passion, you can tell by looking at my cum hole that it had been used.

But, regardless, I think that my anus has changed because I've been a bottom since the age of 16 and get fucked quite often.

Speaking of which, how many times a week do guys enjoy my fuck hole?

I'm not a prostitute!
I'm not a prostitute!

My boyfriend fucks me 2-3 times a week and others once or twice.

When I masturbate, I always use a vibrator. So, my anus is stimulated every day, which explains why my hole appears aroused in every photo.

As for Brandon, having his beautiful cock on demand is just what I need right now.

It's been a cold spring, and I've been only a few times at the nudist beach.

There's almost no one there to have sex with!
There's almost no one there to have sex with!

Brandon lives close by, and the sex with him is terrific. Until beach season truly begins, I think I will get fucked often by him.

All I miss is making love to his body indoors, on clean sheets in my king-size bed.

It's fun to get fucked outdoors, but I want him to fuck me in this posture.

I was thinking of Brandon this morning.
I was thinking of Brandon this morning.

As for our love-making last night, I won't write about it before completing the story of the second time we'd made love (it was also the first time he shot his seed in me).

You can read the first part here:

Can romance exist with a fuck buddy? It's tricky but possible.

That blog post ended just before I started detailing how Brandon had begun fucking me after offering him my ass.

Brandon didn't need any more hints.

He applied more lube to his long cock and started penetrating my body. My love hole was already loose, and in less than 30 seconds his 7 inches of throbbing flesh were deep inside my ass.

"Theon, I'm inside your body. Oh my god, what an ass, what a body! It feels incredible!"

"Your ass is like a smooth, tight oven."

Most tops describe my ass as Brandon did.
Most tops describe my ass as Brandon did.

In response, I began fucking Brandon's cock with my ass.

I fucked his cock by doing the exact movements you see in this video:

To further enhance his pleasure, I also tightened my grip on his cock using my powerful inner ass muscles.

Brandon loudly moaned: "What are you doing with your ass??? You are killing me!!!"

"Am I? Oh no! I don't want to kill such a beautiful guy like you." I responded and pulled his cock out.

"Oh no, you can't do that to me! I'm begging you!!! My cock needs to be inside your ass so badly."

I wouldn't admit it to him, but I also needed to feel his cock, branding me as his.

And so, I quickly shoved Brandon's tool back into my ass.

Even though we were standing, he shoved his entire penis inside me.

It's not the most enjoyable fucking posture.
It's not the most enjoyable fucking posture.

Feeling Brandon's cock deep inside my body felt normal as if we were walking hand in hand in the city park.

We moved in perfect harmony, fucking each other. Brandon stopped fucking me a few times only to turn me around and kiss me passionately before continuing.

Suddenly, I felt his hand grabbing my hard cock while he was still fucking me.

Brandon knows that I don't like when guys play with my cock. However, I felt so comfortable and close to him that I didn't mind that time.

"You're so hard. It's incredible."

My thick tower.
My thick tower.

"So are you!" I told him.

"My cock is inside your body, and your ass is heavenly, so it's no wonder that my cock is hard."

"I also feel in heaven when you're fucking me. That's why I'm hard."

Brandon stopped fucking me and hugged me strongly: "Oh, Theon. Do you always have to say the right words?"

Then he grabbed my cock again.

"Your penis is also very thick!"

My semi-hard penis.
My semi-hard penis.

"So is yours," I replied (which wasn't entirely true because mine is thicker). Then I grabbed his large hairy balls.

Brandon suddenly pulled his cock out immediately.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"When you held my balls, I was so close to shooting my load, and I remembered you don't want me to shoot inside you. Besides, I don't want to end it so soon."

I adore the feeling of a cock breeding me, so why did Brandon say that?

Because the first time we'd fucked I told him to pull his cock out just as he was about to shoot and cum over my ass and cum hole.

He fucked me doggie-style immediately before ejaculating and a few minutes after

Doggie-style is the most practical position when fucking outdoors.
Doggie-style is the most practical position when fucking outdoors.

Because we were fucking outdoors, I asked him not to breed me last time because there was no way to clean my ass afterward.

Being such a terrific lover, Brandon remembered my request from our previous fuck.

"Let's take a small break," Brandon said. "I need to pee, anyway."

While Brandon waited for his cock to soften, I hugged him from behind. Then I kneeled and started kissing his smooth ass cheeks.

I spread them and began licking his mostly smooth love hole.

I rarely get a chance to lick a naturally smooth hole like mine.
I rarely get a chance to lick a naturally smooth hole like mine.

"Theon! You're not helping!!! I need my cock to soften."

I laughed and let go of his incredible ass and body.

When Brandon had finished peeing, I hugged him again and pressed my hard cock to his smooth crack, and eventually massaged his hole with my large cock head.

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On feeling my throbbing hard cock, Brandon's got hard instantly since he also enjoys being fucked.

"You said that you only bottom," Brandon whispered.

Many guys mistake me for a top because of my cock.
Many guys mistake me for a top because of my cock.

"I do," I answered. "However, your ass is so beautiful, and you fucked me so wonderfully that I might return the favor one day."

Brandon reached back and attempted to push my thick cock inside his muscular ass. I took a few steps back and laughed: "I said 'one day,' and now it's nighttime."

"You are so clever and sexy," was his response.

I moved in front of Brandon and pushed his long cock back inside my ass. We both moaned on re-uniting our bodies and souls.

Brandon resumed fucking me and grabbed my hard cock again.

My cock constantly leaked while Brandon was making love to my ass.
My cock constantly leaked while Brandon was making love to my ass.

"I really like fucking a man while holding his cock," Brandon explained. "Since most bottoms aren't as hard when being fucked, I can't resist holding your thick cock."

"Actually, I'd prefer if you paid more attention to my nipples."

"Sounds good, but first, let me prepare a joint," he replied.

He took his cock out of my love hole but fingered me a few times while I moaned. Then he said: "I'll be right back inside, I promise."

"Please hurry up!"

I watched and admired Brandon's naked body while he took out the weed and prepared a joint. His magnificent cock remained hard the entire time, and I complimented him for it.

"There's nothing special about it," Brandon said and lit the joint.

"I'm standing next to you, and your beauty keeps me horny and hard."

Brandon gave my pecs and nipples countless compliments.
Brandon gave my pecs and nipples countless compliments.

I pointed at my hard cock and said: "That's also my reason."

"Your cock stays hard like mine because you're so beautiful?" Brandon laughed.

"Shut up, you know what I meant," I said, "and hand over the joint."

"Not so fast, my sweet bottom," Brandon replied while turning me around and shoving his long cock back inside my body.

Only when his cock was entirely inside my submissive ass did he hand me the joint and resumed fucking me.

The feeling of Brandon's tool taking control over my loose cum hole while I was getting high was unbelievable. It made me lose all sense of time and space.

Brandon was no longer playing with my cock, but neither was I. I wanted to focus on the feeling of his cock moving in and out of my tunnel of love.

As for Brandon, he was focusing on my nipples and my pecs.

Playing with my nipples also makes my cock rock hard.
Playing with my nipples also makes my cock rock hard.

When Brandon wasn't pinching my nipples or caressing my pecs, his arms held my ass or ran all over my body.

At the same time, his cock was thrusting into me, faster and faster. It was so intense that we were sweating even though it was a cold night.

I was getting ready to grab his massive testicles because I was sure he was about the cum.

But then, he pulled out, breathing heavily.

"I don't want it to end, Theon. I want to fuck you forever!"

I too wished for his cock to keep pounding my smooth ass.
I too wished for his cock to keep pounding my smooth ass.

I turned around and kissed him passionately, and we smoked what was left of the joint.

"We will fuck, kiss and smoke many more times," I promised him. "After you cum in me, it won't be the end. I won't disappear, never to be seen again. I'm not that kind of a guy."

"Can I cum inside you? Do you really mean it?" he asked, and his voice trembled with absolute desire.

"Nothing will make me and my ass happier than you experiencing an orgasm while breeding me."

"Oh, Theon! You have no idea how many times I've wanked since our first fuck while fantasizing about breeding you."

"The time for dreaming is over," I said, grabbing his balls. "Let's make your dream our incredible reality. I need your seed in me!"

Then I kneeled and gently sucked his cock. It was full of blood, extra hard, and so hot after being inside my body.

Then I sucked on his hairy testicles, one at a time.

Brandon's hairy balls.
Brandon's hairy balls.

While swallowing his cum factories, I tried to decide if I wanted Brandon to breed me doggie-style.

I prefer the top to shoot his love juice in me while I'm on my back.

I enjoy holding my lover's balls while looking into his eyes as he climaxes!

In my opinion, it's the most intimate position.
In my opinion, it's the most intimate position.

However, it was impossible to milk Brandon's balls like that, given the circumstances. Therefore, I decided I'd like Brandon to drain his balls while fucking me doggie style.

Like our first fuck, I got out to the yard and positioned myself in doggie.

The ground was somewhat wet.
The ground was somewhat wet.

No more words were needed nor spoken.

Brandon's cock was so hard and almost as thick as mine. It was ready to explode and send us like a rocket into the stars.

He started fucking me slowly, but he moaned when I grabbed his hairy balls, "Oh Theon, Oh Theon."

After every "Theon," his thrusts became more potent until he was fucking me so fast that I wondered how long he could keep doing it without flooding my ass.

I didn't have to wonder for too long because, suddenly, he began shouting my name, and I felt an enormous amount of semen firing at an incredible force into my body.

It was such an intense moment.

Pleasuring my cum hole while fantasizing about Brandon.
Pleasuring my cum hole while fantasizing about Brandon.

Brandon took his cock out of my satisfied fuck hole and kneeled next to me. He kissed me gently, and I knew it was his way of thanking me for giving him one of the best orgasms he'd experienced in a long time.

His cock was beginning to lose its stiffness, but it was still so beautiful and dripping semen. I sucked every last drop that was still in it.

We went back to the building, and I felt Brandon's cum leaking out of my satisfied ass.

As for my loaded balls, Brandon was well aware of the tremendous amount of semen that I had in them... you can see in the following video:

I asked him if he would be willing to get a cum shower over his upper body.

"Of course, sexy. Cum all over me!"

That was another example of what an incredible lover Brandon is. Not only was he excited about me shooting my seed after he'd shot his, but he wanted my river of semen all over him!

Brandon leaned on the worn sofa, and I sat on his upper right leg.

My leaking hole and smooth balls were rubbing against his hairy thigh.

My balls when they are ready and loaded.
My balls when they are ready and loaded.

Brandon grabbed my tender balls and said: "Theon, shoot it on me! I want you to prove what an incredible stud you are!"

I held Brandon's cock and frantically wanked mine. Now it was my turn to moan: "Brandon, Oh Brandon."

Then I looked deep into his blue eyes and said: "I'm going to cum, are you ready? You'll need to do a lot of cleaning afterward."

While still holding my balls, Brandon shoved two fingers into my leaky hole and said: "Don't think about me. I want you to enjoy yourself."

Brandon's perfect answer, combined with his fingers deep inside my tunnel of love, immediately pushed me beyond the point of no return.

I began screaming while shooting long, powerful bursts of seed.

I don't shoot that much, but my shots are legendary.
I don't shoot that much, but my shots are legendary.

When my cum shower was over, I looked at Brandon and started laughing because there was so much sperm on him.

"Theon, your cum fires out of your cock so hot and forcefully! Look. There's cum all over me!"

"The better the lover, the more cum I shoot," I explained. "Your cum-covered body is the utmost testimony of your incredible love-making skills."