Does praying for a thick penis work? It did for me!

The first part of my blog post was about staying at home instead of going to the nudist beach because my boyfriend had asked me to.

I also added some audio recordings of us fucking and a video of me masturbating.

I got lovely feedback regarding the video and the recordings.

Several followers expressed their desire to see the final result. That is, how I shoot my seed and eat it right after.

I'll publish that video soon. But until then, here's another video of me masturbating:

And here's one of the many cum shots that soon followed:

I always shoot large amounts of semen.
I always shoot large amounts of semen.

You can read the first part here:

Two boring cocks from my past and an exciting one from the future

I ended the first part with the following paragraph:

"Dear, Mr. Universe," I prayed, "You sent two guys from my past with whose cocks I can’t do anything. Now please send me a guy from my future, preferably a hairy one, to take good care of my ass."
Was my prayer answered?
It sure was. "

How was my prayer answered?

A hairy top named Haim spanked, caressed, licked, and fucked my ass shortly after I'd finished praying.

I saw him from afar.

He was a short, stocky guy in his 50s. I knew that he'd come to the beach searching for a submissive, smooth bottom. Lucky for him, I'd gone to the beach, hoping to find a dominant, hairy top!

While walking towards me, he took off his shirt.

As he got nearer, I noticed how hairy his chest was and how muscular his arms were. When we'd finished fucking, he told me that he was a gardener, which explained his robust build.

Before he got closer, I put on my jock, sat down in this posture, and waited.

All tops love to see a submissive ass wrapped in a jock.
All tops love to see a submissive ass wrapped in a jock.

I noticed that Haim was checking me out while passing by, and I knew what would happen next: He would walk a bit further, then stop and indicate that he was interested.

It happened just as I'd anticipated.

Haim stopped and looked at the Mediterranean while playing with his cock. Occasionally he glanced at me. He was still wearing his shorts, but he took out his penis every so often and masturbated.

To let him know that I was interested in his seed, I stood up and turned my back to him, looking south.

I too could have played with my cock, but I wanted to send him a loud and clear message that my ass was waiting for him.

Haim walked towards my ass, and he didn't waste any time when it was within reach.

He immediately grabbed my ass with both hands. The moment he did that, my cock got rock hard, and I started moaning.

"You're not wearing a thong. What type of underwear is that?" Haim asked. "I've never seen underwear like it."

"It's called a jock," I explained. "I only wear this type of underwear."

"You're hot and that underwear makes it obvious that you want to get fucked, but I wish you were wearing a thong instead."

"I can wear a thong if you want me to."

He was surprised by my offer: "Seriously? Do you have one?"

I wouldn't be an experienced bottom if I didn't have a thong ready on demand.

I put it on for him.
I put it on for him.

The feeling of a thong rubbing against my sensitive hole is irritating - hence why I don't wear a thong daily.

I do have a variety of thongs, but I only wear one for sex.

Here's another one.
Here's another one.

On seeing me wearing a thong, Haim stripped naked and showed me how hairy and thick his hard cock was.

He had a terrific bush, but his penis was relatively small. His hard cock was as big as my flaccid cock is in the following photo...

...but it was almost twice as thick!

Haim's cock didn't get very far inside my ass.
Haim's cock didn't get very far inside my ass.

What had attracted my attention wasn't his cock but his balls since they were massive and smooth.

I usually don't like the guy fucking me to trim or shave any part of his body. That's especially true about the ball-sack and the pubic hair.

A bald cock is a complete turn-off for me.

Playing with Haim's huge, smooth balls while he was behind me turned me on. They were so much fun to play with.

When a guy has such big testicles, I don't mind playing with them for hours without caring that they are smooth.

After massaging his balls for a while, I turned around, kneeled, and started licking them.

Haim threw his head back and started moaning.

For a few times, I put each one, separately, in my mouth. Soon after, I started sucking Haim's extra thick (but not so big) cock.

Haim pulled me up and turned me around. He pressed his hard cock to my crack. The feeling of my smooth ass against his penis turned him into a wild animal.

Here's are a few things that he did to my body before finally fucking me:

  • He kissed my ass cheeks.

  • He sucked on my nipples.

  • He spanked me, first softly, but then harder on noticing how much I enjoyed it.

  • He licked my hole.

  • He pinched my nipples.

The one thing he didn't do was attempt to touch my cock and balls.

"What a relief!" I thought to myself. "Haim is just the kind of top that I yearn for!"

Haim couldn't have cared less if my cock and balls had suddenly disappeared. He wanted to fuck a hole and load it with semen. That's precisely the kind of dominant man that I look for when having sex.

After a few more minutes of repeatedly kissing my ass, spanking it, and pressing his sweet cock to my somewhat open hole, I was eager to feel his thick penis stretching my anus.

I positioned myself in doggie, lubed my hole, handed him the lube, and waited.

Waiting for Haim to fuck me.
Waiting for Haim to fuck me.

Even though Haim's cock was thick, my ass swallowed it in a matter of seconds. At first, Haim only put his strong, warm palms on my ass and wasn't fucking me.

"Is everyone OK?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? Your ass is so amazing that I'm afraid that if I start fucking you, I'll cum immediately."

"Just do it slowly," I suggested. "Take your time. I'm in no hurry."

"I wish I could stay like this forever. But I need to get home soon."

That's how I figured out he was married.

Haim started moving slowly in and out of my ass. After a few minutes, he pulled his thick cock out and said: "It feels too good. I'm so close to cumming just from putting my cock inside."

I smiled.

It's always sweet to get a compliment from a hairy top about how terrific my smooth ass is. However, I didn't want him to cum so quickly. Therefore I suggested that he fucked me while I was on my back, legs raised.

I suggested it because I thought that, by the time I’d removed the sand from my beach towel, laid on it, raised my legs, lubed my hole again, and prepared to get fucked, Haim would cool off.

I raised my legs just like this and waited for his cock

Eddie, my beach friend who's dying of pancreatic cancer, took this photo.
Eddie, my beach friend who's dying of pancreatic cancer, took this photo.

Haim examined my love hole and said: "Damn, that's a beautiful cunt." Then he quickly shoved his thick tool back inside my ass.

He started fucking me again while pushing my legs as far back as possible. I screamed from sheer pleasure. However, five minutes after pounding me like that, he stopped again and moaned loudly.

"I can't go on! I'm going to cum!!!"

"Will you keep fucking me even after you cum?" I asked. "I love to cum right after and while a cock is still in my ass."

Haim moaned: "The way you talk about cum, cock, and your ass, that alone makes me want to breed you so bad."

I felt Haim's penis thickening inside my oven even though Haim was still. I tightened my inner ass muscles on his cock, which made him moan even louder.

He knew that the slightest movement would make his cock erupt inside my body.

That was precisely what I wanted to happen.

Therefore, I stretched my hand and started playing with his terrific smooth balls while the rest of his breeding mechanism was inside my ass.

"Does this make you want to breed me as well?" I asked.

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It was a rhetorical question because I knew exactly what would happen right after I did that.

Haim yelled and started fucking me forcefully, and in half a minute, it was all over. He was breathing heavily while his cock was still inside my ass.

I started masturbating and also, in less than half a minute, finished shooting my seed all over myself. Only when I stopped screaming did Haim take his cum-leaking penis out of my satisfied hole.

He left a few minutes later. I stayed longer because I had more cleaning to do than him (obviously).

Then I enjoyed the after-glow effect of a bottom who'd just been nicely fucked.

I always have a big smile after getting fucked and emptying my balls.
I always have a big smile after getting fucked and emptying my balls.

After climbing the cliffs above the beach, I took this photo.

Another beautiful day ends.
Another beautiful day ends.

This dark bush reminded me of Haim's lovely cock: Not so big, extra thick, and very hairy!

The following day, I planned on going to the beach in the hope of finding another hairy man to spoil my ass. However, as I mentioned, Felix had asked me to stay home and make him pancakes.

After writing the previous blog post, I had nothing else to do but wait for him. Therefore, I decided to read in bed.

However, after a few minutes, I fell asleep.

I always sleep naked.
I always sleep naked.

When Felix came over (- he has a key to my apartment), I woke up thanks to Luka. She was happily barking on seeing him. In her mind (and mine), he's the alpha male of our pack.

I turned on my back because I didn't want him to see my hole so exposed.

Why was I embarrassed?

I wasn't.

I didn't let him see my hole because I wanted Felix to desire my body even though he's fucked me countless times. I wanted him to get excited when he saw this part of my body that gives him so much pleasure.

If he got to see my anus so casually, I feared he would stop getting excited by it.

"Hi, honey," I said on waking up. "How was your day?"

Felix took off his shirt and looked at my naked body:

Felix is NOT a hairy top!
Felix is NOT a hairy top!

"You are so sexy," I told him. "What are you looking at?"

"I'm looking at you: your thick cock, the start of your crack between your legs where your hole is hidden. You are so beautiful."

The way he was examining my naked body made my cock hard.

I'm so attracted to him!
I'm so attracted to him!

Then he came over and kissed me while his fingers were dancing on my love hole and my balls.

"You're so sweet," I said and teased him, "You don't have to worry! I'll make you pancakes even if you don't kiss me and massage my balls."

Felix stopped playing with my hole at once and left the bedroom.

"Come back!" I yelled.

"No! Your hole is going to have to wait until I get my pancakes!"

That evening I made Felix the pancakes I'd promised.

We're both vegan, so I don't use butter or cow's milk.
We're both vegan, so I don't use butter or cow's milk.

We ate them with home-made strawberry jam and maple syrup.

I did force him to eat a salad first.

Pancakes are not main course; they are dessert!
Pancakes are not main course; they are dessert!

That night Felix made love to my ass.

This time he seeded me in this position.
This time he seeded me in this position.

Before we started dating, Felix used to shave/trim his pubic hair. I asked him to keep it wild and free.

After all, that's the only part of his body that's hairy!

His pubic hair is so sexy.

I love running my fingers through it.
I love running my fingers through it.

Getting fucked by Felix, a day after I'd been fucked by Haim, felt so much more intense , even though I find hairy men much more attractive.

And it wasn't because Felix's cock is much bigger than Haim's.

It was because we love each other so much.

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