Doc in my Ass

Tuesday, the beach was like a gay bathhouse.

Everyone was walking around naked, playing with their cocks, and looking for sex. Most of them, if not all, were looking for someone to fuck. I got to see a four-way, two older guys fucking a young guy while a third was standing and masturbating.

I was not attracted to any of the guys yesterday, so my ass has remained idle and cum free.

However, I did talk for over an hour with a "wrestler." He kept getting hard and leaking massive amounts of cum. I was laying on my back with my legs spread, so he was able to see my smooth hole. I guess that was the reason for the river of cum he was oozing.

He was not my type and to be honest, I was not his. Yes, he wanted to fuck my ass and breed me but only after we wrestle.

I will devote another post to our conversation and the whole "wrestling" sex scene (spoiler: so not my thing).

But my day (Tuesday) has started quite differently,

I got to work, as usual at 6:45 AM.

Shortly after, my boss informed us that the army has instructed that all schools and workplaces should be closed today.

The reason is that there is an immediate threat that the terrorists ruling the Gaza strip will try to murder civilians today by rockets.

This instruction applied to Tel-Aviv and southward. Since I work in Tel Aviv, I finished a few things and drove home.

Tens of rockets were fired yesterday.

Here is a video showing a missile hitting a major highway. It was a miracle that the two cars missed it by a few seconds only.

In case the video is no longer available, here is a photo showing the moment of impact. Notice how the two cars were miraculously saved.

What has caused the escalation?

One of the leading commanders of the terrorist movements in the Gaza strip was sent to serve his punishment in hell. He belongs to the most extreme Jihad group. A precision missile killed him.

He was always planning and executing terror attacks. It is essential to mention that terror attacks, rockets included, don't distinguish between Muslims and Jews.

So, yesterday (Tuesday), I was working from home again (I always work from home on Monday).

I used this opportunity to do my laundry, hence why I am naked in this photo. Actually, this is a lie. I am always nude at home when it is warm enough.

Monday at the beach, I got a very intimate physical checkup of my ass by a 55 years old short, muscular, and hairy doctor. To ensure that I remain healthy, he also left his cum in my ass.

My cock kept shooting and leaking cum while he was fucking me in doggie without me touching myself.

It was so sensual.

It felt like an orgasm the never ends. I kept feeling the cum moving from my prostate and my balls up my hard cock and leaking out while he was fucking me.

After he filled my ass with his hot doctor's cum, I wanted to use it to shoot what ever cum was still left in my balls, and experience a full-blown orgasm, but I was not able to.

I'll write why later in this post.

Two hours after that I decided to wank and make a video of it. While making the video I was leaking so much cum, and shooting cum just from fingering myself.

In the second part, when I write about how this doctor made love to my ass, I will also include the video of me leaking cum and eating it.

I love eating cum, but only my own. There is a reason why I never included a description of how a guy fucked my mouth, and I swallowed his cum.

That is because it rarely happens.

The cum of a non-vegan man has a foul smell and taste. Before I became vegan, mine was the same.

What you think is the typical smell and taste of cum is quite stinky and awful. It should not be a surprise to you that what you eat affects the smell and taste of your cum. Mine has almost no scent and has a sweet taste.

I love cum in my ass or on my body, or to use it as lube for my cock, but I don't want to experience that terrible taste.

In any case, here is a frame from the video:

As you can see, I was leaking extensive amounts of cum just from fingering myself. You can imagine how easy it is for me to cum without touching my cock when a professional top is making love to my ass.

I need to be very horny, and the guy needs to have a thick cock. However, it is not so complicated; it happens a lot to me.

Sadly, I did not finish shooting my load even when I was wanking.

A guy interfered; you will also be able to see that in the video.

It is amazing how even when the beach is deserted; people come over to interfere.

Take, for example, the guy who came over and destroyed my orgasm Monday, when I was making this video.

He's a guy; I am sure he likes to masturbate.

Would he have liked for me to enter his shower and bother him?


But he was not the first person to interfere on Monday. The first was a bottom who wanted me to fuck him and was not shy about it.

He saw from afar that the doctor was fucking me and came over to interfere. When I saw someone was approaching, I played with the doctors big balls that were banging on my ass (he was fucking me in doggie), in order to make him cum quickly.

It worked.

It always does.

My ass was full of his cum before the bottom had a chance to ruin that beautiful moment. But he did destroy my idea of me shooting my load using the cum leaking out of my ass. I was not going to do a show for him. He was standing and waiting for me.

After the doctor left and I cleaned myself, the bottom placed his beach towel very close to mine.

This bottom saw that I was a bottom as well, and as far as he could tell, I also shot my load. He did not see it, but he, no doubt, heard me moan and yell when the doctor was exploding in my ass.

Nevertheless, he placed his beach towel very close to me even though the beach was empty.

I could not believe it.

To make his intention even more explicit, he lay down on his stomach, spread his legs, and looked at me.

I did everything in my power to make him realize I have 0% interest in him. Something that he should have understood already from seeing what has happened with me and the doc.

Nothing helped; he kept looking at me in anticipation.

I took my things and went behind a big rock. That way, he could not see me.

Did it help?

Absolutely not.

He stood up and started parading in front of me.

I felt tired after the doctor gave me such an extensive rectal exam, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep. It must have been 30 minutes or so.

When I woke up, I was shocked to see that he moved his towel to a new location so he can look at me.

"OK," I thought to myself, "Enough is enough."

I took my things and walked 300 feet north.

Only then did he finally understand that I have no intention of fucking him and left. When he left, I was the only person at this beautiful beach.

Sunset was approaching quickly, and I took a photo of it and decided it'd be nice to make a video of me playing with Luka. I also felt the need to experience a powerful orgasm.

It was an incredible feeling to shoot and leak cum without touching myself while the doctor was fucking me, but I felt that there was still loads of cum stored in my balls.

Then a family came over. Yes, a family - two parents and their teenagers, a boy, and a girl.

They walked until they were 30 feet away from me, then turned around. I expected them to go back when they were 300 feet away from me.

Maybe they wanted to see how smooth my ass is?


I packed my things and went back between the rocks where I was before. I was now determined to wank and to make a video of it to share with you.

Many guys have asked me to prepare another cum video of shooting my cum all over myself. Here is the video I already uploaded before:

I thought that would make an excellent addition to my blog:

Me, naked at the beach, shooting cum all over myself and then eating it off my naked body.

Sadly the guy on the motorcycle thought the same.

Just when I leaned back, spread my legs, and was getting serious about milking myself, I saw him coming over.

He passed me and gave me a long lustful look; I knew that he would soon return, and I was not going to start again.

At least, I was able to make a video of me leaking loads of cum and eating it. As I said, I love eating my cum. I also rubbed some of it on my face.

You can see in the video how easily from fingering myself, my cock oozes loads of cum.

That video and a description of how I got a rectal exam will be in part II.

And now I better start working before my boss arrives...


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