Doc in my Ass

Tuesday, the beach was like a gay bathhouse.

Everyone was walking around naked, playing with their cocks, and looking for sex. Most of them, if not all, were looking for someone to fuck. I got to see a four-way, two older guys fucking a young guy while a third was standing and masturbating.

I was not attracted to any of the guys yesterday, so my ass has remained idle and cum free.

However, I did talk for over an hour with a "wrestler." He kept getting hard and leaking massive amounts of cum. I was laying on my back with my legs spread, so he was able to see my smooth hole. I guess that was the reason for the river of cum he was oozing.

He was not my type and to be honest, I was not his. Yes, he wanted to fuck my ass and breed me but only after we wrestle.

I will devote another post to our conversation and the whole "wrestling" sex scene (spoiler: so not my thing).

But my day (Tuesday) has started quite differently,