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Do you want to lose weight quickly? Here's how I did it!

Recently I wrote about wanking with nearly 17-year-old Avi.

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Under what circumstances will I fuck and breed a man?

I mentioned that my body had changed very little since my army service, but that was only partially accurate.

To begin with, my ass is far more muscular and consequently more fuckable:

However, I've also gained 5 kilos (12 pounds) since my glorious army days!

I was already 6' feet tall (183 CM) in the army, so the added weight isn't because I became taller (I wish!)

Nor is it because my cock got bigger.

It was already 7 inches long in the army.

Here's a video of me using this fantastic sex toy on my thick cock:

The 5-pounds (2 kilos) is because I also became more muscular.

My pecs and legs are more prominent.

I know I'd probably gain more weight if I wasn't vegan.

When looking at my non-vegan friends, they have all gained a lot of weight since the army. That's also true regarding my friends who served with me in the special forces unit.

I've tried numerous times to get rid of the extra six pounds of fat, but without luck.

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It's been hard because I love fried food and desserts.

Still, I was determined to succeed in 2023!

And I did!!!

Before telling you how, I want to share a very moving comment from a follower.

It was regarding this photo:

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Here it is:

So, how did I finally succeed in losing weight?

The first thing I did was set a date for reaching my goal. It was the date of the next mega-gay party (11.3)

At those parties, most guys dance shirtless...

...including me.

I realized I hadn't lost weight a month before the set date.

I decided to take some drastic measures.

The first thing I did was triple my workout from an hour daily to three.

The second was to change my diet drastically.

I began eating half portions and avoiding all fried food.

I allowed myself to eat dessert only once a day.

Pastries were only allowed for Saturday breakfast!

What concerned me was that I'd lose muscle instead of fat.

My two largest muscles are my ass and pecs.

I was determined to keep both large and firm, so I ate a lot of tofu for protein!

I was also worried that eating less would hurt my sex drive.

It actually made me hornier!

Here's a recent video of me masturbating my large cock:

Today is 11.3.

I've almost reached my goal.

There's only one pound (half a kilo) left to lose!

The party starts today at 6 PM and ends at 3 AM!

It's a costume party, and I will dress as a border-police soldier. I even bought an M16 made of plastic.

I hope a different type of gun will fire into my ass tonight.

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