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Do you want to become popular? Think again because it will cost you!

I decided to open a blog three years ago after becoming 30% disabled.

My life's journey has become very challenging since that day.
My life's journey has become very challenging since that day.

My first intent was to inspire people who struggle with a disability and encourage them not to give up.

Since that naive ambition, the blog has become something entirely different. It still inspires people, but mostly to jerk off.

Not that I have a problem with it.

On the contrary, I'm delighted that people enjoy orgasms thanks to my smooth hole and large cock.

However, it's far more than just a masturbation aid.

It helps many people who question or struggle with their sexual identity. Many followers thank me for assisting them in connecting with their true passions...

...such as this one:

However, the blog's popularity has introduced two new challenges:

The first one is a shortage of time.

I need more time!
I need more time!

A final version of a blog post takes a day to compose before it's ready for publishing.

In addition, I spend many hours answering followers and assisting them. I'm not a professional counselor, but I know much about gay life, especially gay sex.

I'm happy to share it because I still want to help people, even if it's more related to anal sex and less regarding living with a disability.

The second challenge is cost.

The blog costs so much that I've no money left for groceries!

Is this bone vegan?
Is this bone vegan?

A professional blog costs a lot of money.

With inflation and rising costs, it has become a challenge for me to fund it.

I've given these challenges a lot of thought because I don't want to entirely close the blog or limit access to knowledge and helpful information.

I've decided that the parts that inspire people to jerk off will only be available to paid subscribers.

Right now, I'm offering two plans:

  1. A one-time weekly ass, I mean pass 😜, for approximately 15 cents per day

  2. A monthly pass for approximately 6 cents per day

What do you get for this low price?

You will enjoy everything you get right now for free. In the future, I will add more exclusive content (such as videos of Felix fucking me).

The following photos and videos will no longer be accessible to non-supporting members:

  • My hole

  • My hard cock

  • Masturbation scenes

  • Cum shots

  • Anal or oral acts

  • Pissing

  • Enjoying a dildo or vibrator

Blog posts for supporting members will feature videos and uncensored photos. In comparison, non-supporting members can still see most photos and enjoy the written content.

However, explicit photos will be blurred for non-supporting members.

I know this motion might anger some people, and I understand why.

No one wants to pay for something that's been free for so long.

However, I think there's also value in paying for something you appreciate, especially since the payment is so reasonable.

Feel free to contact me if you have a concern or disagree with me. As always, you can email me directly:

Thank you, my followers, for your understanding and for being a part of my life for so long.

Hugs & Kisses, Theon

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