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If you value honesty, my blog will give you great joy.

Click here for the uncensored version of this post with gorgeous photos of my hard cock and fuck hole

I received mixed responses regarding my latest blog post.

Here's the link to it:

Men with small penis can't satisfy my needs...

The responses concerned my approach to getting fucked by a micro penis:

A guy asked if I would have enjoyed his micro penis.

I was honest and answered he couldn't satisfy my fuck hole's needs.

A cock pleasuring my ass needs to be at least 5 inches long...

... and preferably thick!

Here's a ridiculous response from a blog follower:

"I read how you traumatized the man with a small penis. How mean you were. It shows a lack of compassion and understanding of this guy.

We are not here to undermine others. When we do that, life eventually makes us pay for that. Karma is a bitch, and you were despicable. Really sad! I won't visit your website anymore."

That fool forgot that I encouraged the guy with the micro penis to enjoy it, and we'd had a lovely conversation until he'd asked for my view about getting fucked by him.

In his defense, he was really attracted to my fuckable ass:

I expect honesty when asking for one's opinion.

Was I supposed to lie and tell him it's always been a fantasy of mine to get fucked by an cock less than 2 inches long?

I believe in honesty. Therefore if you ask for my opinion, I will never lie.

For example, I don't find a shaved cock attractive at all.

Even a huge, uncut one such as this:

I neither trim nor shave mine:

If you ask if I like your shaved cock, I will be frank and tell you the truth.

If a guy with a boy-like shaved penis approaches me at the nudist beach, I will always turn him down.

My smooth cum hole needs a hairy penis!

I advise guys on many sexual problems and life challenges.

I know that I've helped many guys:

If you want my advice on how to enjoy your small penis, I've many tips, even though my cock is relatively large.

At least, that's what most guys tell me:

Most of my readers appreciate my approach...

...such as this one:

Do you think that I'm being too "straightforward"?

Then I hope you will at least stay and enjoy looking at my "hot body and nice ass."

For example, in this photo:

On a different topic, I couldn't work out for two days.

Starting my day without indulging in my daily endorphin dose felt odd.

At least I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend happily shot his sweet semen down my throat during my morning shower.

Felix finger-fucked me until I ejaculated as well.

He took this photo after we'd finished fucking:

Do you want a fit, healthy body like mine?

Then the first thing you must do isn't join a gym. It's to switch to a vegan diet.

Don't you believe me?

Then perhaps you will believe this blog follower:

By the way, I've recently lost 15 pounds as well.

I think it's pretty visible in my latest shower videos:

The amount of meat (including fish), dairy products, or eggs you need to stay healthy is zero.

Eating these products harms your body in more ways than you can imagine.

Wouldn't you like to be in perfect health like me?

People already in their 40s suffer from heart and blood pressure problems.

I know quite a few of them.

I realize that people don't give a fuck that animals are being tortured and murdered in those gulags of despair we call "animal farms."

Try to imagine such horrors being inflicted on your beloved dog!

Human beings are selfish.

However, doesn't being selfish mean you want to live longer, be healthier and have fantastic erections even as you age?

I'd never trade my terrific erections for a steak!

Nor stop enjoying my semi-hard cock for a cup of milk!

I discussed this issue with a close friend.

"I don't feel sorry for non-vegans," she told me. "All the facts are out there. It's not like 30 or even ten years ago. A simple Google search will show anyone with little intelligence how harmful a non-vegan diet is."

She's right.

Even ChatGPT (Google it) knows it:

"It's important to note that there is no scientific basis for a "daily milk dose" being necessary or beneficial."

"If non-vegans get ill, they deserve it," she concluded.

I disagree with her because I feel sorry for anyone suffering.

Being disabled, I can't feel indifferent to misery!

You shouldn't suffer from ill health!

In addition, you should considerably lower your chances of becoming ill.

it's time for you to stop being selfish.

For the people

For the planet