We all want to look good, stay fit & keep our weight in check

What do you think about staying in shape?

I'm sure that you want to.

I'm confident that you need to. However, most likely, you don't try to or don't get the results that you are hoping for.

Ten days ago, I published a blog post that started this mini-series: 

You can read it here:

What's My Secret? - Prolog

My sweaty body after completing my 7-miles run

I named it "What's my secret?" because I wanted to share how I can maintain my figure and toned body even at my age. 

I get many compliments from followers and people I fuck with (or more accurately: I get fucked by)

Here's one from a week ago:

"You are gorgeous as ever and showing me all of your wonderful sexy body to enjoy."

And this came just now (!). I've said it before; God is a follower of my blog. 

" First, I find your body, fore, and aft, quite enticing. You mentioned that you work out to keep yourself looking as good as you do and that you are older than I might suspect. Regardless, it is working. By the way, your ass is, again, for me, your finest asset. It stands to reason that it would be the main focus of my attention."

There is no reason why you shouldn't get such compliments if you put your mind and body towards achieving this goal. 

And more importantly: You will live longer, look younger, and feel fantastic!

Everyone, within limits, can have a toned body, no matter how old he is. It also doesn't matter if you’ve never worked out before. When you do start, you’ll see the change very quickly.

My preferred method for staying in shape is jogging. I do it three times a week, 7 miles each time for one hour.

I set my treadmill at level 7. It forces my ass to work extra hard because it's like running uphill. Forcing my ass to work hard makes it very attractive for hard cocks.

That's because it shapes my ass, keeps it muscular, firm, and round.

A man's ass is like a woman's breast. 

The shape somewhat resembles it and it also tends to fall because of gravity over time. The process accelerates because, as we age, we begin to lose muscle mass.

The amount of muscle mass that you lose depends on how much you use that particu