Do I "freak out" when guys tell me they masturbate to my photos?

Good Morning from sunny Israel,

Before sharing a beautiful email that I've received, I want to answer some questions from blog followers:

1) Are Felix and I still together?

Some blog followers were asking that because I haven't written anything about our relationship for quite some time.

The simple answer is: Yes, we are together, and we love each other more and more with each passing day.

This week we took a 2-day vacation and hiked in the northern part of Israel.

Here's a photo from that hike:

I hiked most of the 12 miles wearing a jock or shirtless.
I hiked most of the 12 miles wearing a jock or shirtless.

Because of this hike, Felix and I have made our first major purchase together (7700$ worth). What we purchased and how it's connected to this hike will be the subject of another blog post.

Like every weekend, Felix slept at my place and poured his delicious vegan seed inside my muscular ass just before we went to bed.

I woke up while he was still sleeping and hugging me from behind. Felix doesn't sleep naked, but I do.

I positioned myself so I could feel his hairy legs pressed against my smooth ass.

It made my morning boner even more demanding.

I love playing with my penis in bed.
I love playing with my penis in bed.

I exposed my smooth love hole and pressed it against Felix's athletic legs.

My hole was still aroused and sensitive because it got fucked the night before.

My loose cum hole this morning.
My loose cum hole this morning.

Felix pushed his fingers into my crack and caressed my anus while still half-asleep. We slept like that for another half-hour.

Felix woke up before me and went to the gym. I stayed in bed and read the email I'd referred to earlier.

I also had a bizarre Grindr chat with someone whose nickname was: "Top Soldier,20":

Him: "Your boyfriend is really hot."

Me: "I'm glad that we share the same opinion about him."

Him: "Do you mind if I fuck him again?"

Me: "No, we are in an open relationship."

Him: "Can you please tell him to answer my messages?"

I ignored his last message because the conversation was becoming too weird.

Him: "Are you still there? He's a great fuck, and I want to fuck him more often. Tell him to get in touch with me."

I've made breakfast for both of us and waited for my stud to return from the gym.

That's the most recent photo of Felix eating breakfast after working out.

Isn't he adorable?
Isn't he adorable?

While he was eating breakfast, I've asked Felix about "Top Solider,20".

Felix laughed: "Yeah, he fucked me a month ago. He's very sexy, and his cock is incredible."

I asked Felix why he hadn't responded to his messages.

"You know those 20-year-old guys, they are obsessed with sex. I've explained to him twice already that I work long hours and want to spend my free time with you. But he keeps sending me messages, so I no longer respond."

Knowing that Felix chose me over a 20-year-old soldier with a massive cock was such a sweet compliment.

2) The next question was about one of my many necklaces:

"On one of your photos, there is an oval or round pendant resting on your bare chest. It is either silver or steel, with shiny raised parts and black parts deeper in. The image is small, but it looks like a male figure. It looks most attractive, so I'd like to see the detail. I love beautiful things, hugs."

He was asking about this necklace:

I have dozens of necklaces.
I have dozens of necklaces.

It was a present from Felix for my birthday (- he got me over 20 gifts).

He bought it from this artist:


3) "Can you say why now you get cold showers as it's coming winter?"

In Israel, we use solar power to heat water. It's not practical when it's cloudy, as it usually is in winter.

I shower in cold water only in the summer

I shower every morning and after working out.
I shower every morning and after working out.

Because I try to use as little energy as possible, I don't turn on the electric water heater unless I must. Hence, I sometimes run out of hot water or have to wait a long time for it to heat up.

And now for the beautiful email that I read in bed this morning after Felix had left:

"It was really nice of you to respond to my message, and I enjoyed hearing from you. I love your nude pictures and frequently masturbate to your penis. Really your whole body arouses me, but your erect penis really makes me hard and leak and, well, I just can't help but masturbate while I look at you."

At that point, I knew that he must be a bottom like me.

Otherwise, why would he be so excited about my thick cock?

My hard penis hides the reality of me being a submissive bottom.
My hard penis hides the reality of me being a submissive bottom.
"Your latest blog about your friend ejaculating on your hole was very good and brought back early memories of experiences I had in high school with my friend <friend's name>."

He was referring to this blog post:

Would you let a stranger come on your hole? I enjoy it quite often.

Here’s where and in what posture my hole received cum shots.

I prefer to have sex outdoors.
I prefer to have sex outdoors.
"We were in 11th grade and began sexually exploring each other - fondling each other, sucking, masturbating together. One night I was staying with him, and we were in his bed together, naked, and our penises were hard. "

I'd begun exploring my sexuality at the age of seven. I had my first cum drink when I was nine. When I was in 11th grade, I was already an experienced bottom, and my ass received cum shots sometimes several times a day from other teenagers.

"My friend rolled me over on my stomach and lay on top of me, placing his hard penis in my crack. He began sliding his penis up and down. His penis head would press against my hole at times, and the sensations were incredible. So much pleasure, and I just didn't understand why his penis felt so good there. "

At that point, I remembered how wonderful the sensation of Felix's hairy legs pressed against my love hole had felt.

The memory got my cock hard and leaky.

My hard cock while reading his email.
My hard cock while reading his email.
"Without saying anything, my friend ejaculated all over my crack and hole, and it filled me with so much desire that I immediately had an ejaculation as well. It was a wonderful experience, and we repeated it often."

I had similar experiences with a boyfriend when I was 12. We were together for two years.

You can read more about it here:

Before Danny became "straight", I licked his balls one last time.

"When I'm masturbating, I sometimes fantasize about your penis entering me or you watching and masturbating while another man penetrates me with his hard penis.  I hope that I sometimes imagine about you doesn't freak you out, but it's a very erotic fantasy that makes me ejaculate really forcefully.  I'm glad I felt safe to share that with you."

I didn't freak out that he fantasizes about me while ejaculating.

I get similar messages every day...

...for example from this guy who shared with me his terrific uncut tool.

That's what he wrote me, along with the photo of his terrific penis:

Here's another example from another guy, that has just arrived:

As regards the earlier fantasy, it was lovely, albeit totally unrealistic.

I'm a bottom, and I enjoy my ass more than my cock

I've been enjoying this vibrator since 2014
I've been enjoying this vibrator since 2014

My cock gets hard instantly when a vibrator stimulates my fuck hole... you can see in this photo (that's a different vibrator)

This vibrator is 6.5 inches long.
This vibrator is 6.5 inches long.

If you are curious about this toy, here's the link where I bought it:

Butt Plug Anal Sex Toys with Penis Ring & Anal Bead

After I'd finished reading his lovely email, I got out of bed.

I noticed that my cock was leaking.

My leaking pipe this morning.
My leaking pipe this morning.

I kept thinking about this guy and others fantasizing about my naked body and ejaculating. Most guys tell me that they fantasize about breeding me while experiencing an orgasm.

These thoughts made me very horny, and as a result, my penis was semi-erect or erect all the time...

... and constantly leaking

While waiting for Felix to return and hopefully solve my leaking problem, I worked out, cleaned the house, and made him breakfast.

My underwear became wetter, but from sweat.

Felix is now with me, and we will probably watch a movie and then hike until sunset.

He will most likely breed me outdoors right after sunset.

It's going to be awesome!

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