Dealing with Disability: Reading glasses and an ass full of cum

"Hi, gorgeous:
You gave me the entry for your blog, and I have to say that I have read a lot of it. I get turned on and very hard every time I read what you have and look at your pics. I can edge myself for a while; then, I shoot a tremendous load.
Please keep it up; I love seeing you and reading what you have to share."

It was such lovely feedback, one of many. He left me guessing what aspect of my photos made him so horny.

Because he talked about his cock and shooting cum, he was probably referring to my horny ass

Maybe my thick cock was what got him so horny?

Grabbing a mid-night snack
Grabbing a mid-night snack

Either way, I hope that this blog post will also excite him and others, even though it's the third part about getting older.

You can read the first two episodes here:

What were/are my fears about getting older?

I lost my erection and got it back four months later.

The first two episodes talked about many fears I have/had regarding getting older. I shared concerns about getting my dick hard when I'm older or fears of being lonely.

This post is about needing reading glasses.

Even before my brain injury, my vision had started to deteriorate due to my age. There was nothing unique about that.

As we get older, eventually, we all need reading glasses.

I wasn't too concerned about it.

Naturally, I was hoping I could postpone it for as long as possible. I figured out that it would be at least five more years before I'll get to the point of needing it.

Then my brain injury happened, and I found myself in need of reading glasses in a matter of days.

I could neither read books nor use my iPhone/iPad

I love gadgets and reading. Not being able to use either was devastating for me.

I read a lot, and suddenly I couldn't. I was hoping that once my brain had adjusts to the damage, I would regain my ability to read.

But I didn't.

I also tried fiddling with the accessibility features of my iPhone/iPad.

It somewhat helped, but it was still a challenge to use it.
It somewhat helped, but it was still a challenge to use it.

Before getting reading glasses, though, I had to recover from my brain injury.

It was a long, painful process.

Besides crying and being depressed, I also had to deal with the horrific side effects of taking a substantial daily dosage of steroids.

Four months after my injury, I finally had enough strength to buy reading glasses.

My optometrist's store is "old school."

His father was the first optometrist in my little town more than 70 years ago.

He passed away twenty years ago, but his wife (who must be close to 90) proudly stands behind the counter, wearing elegant clothes and welcomes customers.

Such small shops have become a rarity in Israel.

That's why I've been buying from him since 2003. I plan to do so as long as he's in business. Generally speaking, I don't buy anything from large retailers.

As much as I like this neat store and my trusted optometrist, I didn't want to rely on him to help me choose a fashionable frame.

I didn't trust my gay fashion instincts either; therefore, I took my mom over to help me. Her choice turned out to be disastrous. My sister made fun of my new glasses, and so did my nephews.

They laughed at me: "You look like a woman!"

I don't mind when guys tell me that my ass resembles a woman's just before they start pounding it:

But I don't want to look like a woman when I'm not naked!

Two months before getting my woman's reading glasses, I went to see him because I was running out of contact lenses.

The timing couldn't have been worse.

I've been taking steroids to treat the swelling in my brain. I was hoping it would help me recover faster and also perhaps reduce my disability which was at 30%.

The pills gave me these side effects:

  • My heart rate doubled

  • Type 2 diabetic

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Weakened immune system

  • Unable to sleep more than 3 hours at a time

  • Being hungry all the time

  • And it made me gain 10 pounds

  • Acne on weird parts of my body

  • Feeling exhausted all the time

  • The appearance of a fat lump above my ass

  • Delusions

  • Depression and mood swings

  • Abscess on my back (that required a surgical procedure to drain)

My female friends kept telling me that now I know how they feel when they have their period. Just like them, my mood changed from screaming at co-workers to crying about nothing.

Looking back, maybe my confused hormones made me choose a woman's glasses!

One expected side effect that didn't happen was substantial hair growth in places that used to be smooth. As silly as it may sound, I was terrified that my smooth hole or my ass would become permanently hairy.

As you can see, my ass and love hole stayed silky and smooth!

As I was saying, I had to go to my optometrist to get contact lenses. It was during the peak of my side effects. I felt that my body and mind were falling apart.

I took my contact lens prescription when I left my apartment. I was walking to the clinic. About half a mile from the clinic, I checked, and I had it in my pocket.

However, it had disappeared when I got to the clinic.

I searched for it in all my pockets, but it had vanished. I had absolutely no idea where it was.

I felt that I was losing my mind or what was left of it.

I went inside the optometrist's and started crying.

I'd never seen his mom leaving her post behind the counter, but this time she did. She hugged me, made me sit down, and got me a glass of water.

Or maybe this was all a dream that never happened?

I know that I suffered from delusions because of the meds.

For example, I remembered talking with my dental clinic and setting a time to clean my teeth. I set a reminder on my calendar.

When I got there, I was told that the dental nurse never works on Mondays, and therefore, indeed, I was mistaken. However, I remembered vividly a phone call that apparently had never happened!

As for my hard-on, It took me four months to get it back after my injury.

And, after five months of not meeting anyone for sex, I got fucked by Daniel, my trusted fuck-buddy who also helped me regain my boner.

It felt so good to let a man make love to my ass after such a long time.

He passed away twenty years ago, but his wife (who must be close to 90) proudly stands behind the counter, wearing elegant clothes, and welcomes customers.

It was much louder than how I sound in this recording when my ass got loaded with cum:

And even louder than this one when I emptied my balls:

Two years have passed since my injury.

The 10 pounds I'd gained because of the meds are (mostly) gone, and I no longer suffer from delusions.

I also no longer cry over nothing, although, but I still cry more often than before my injury.

I'm at risk of losing what's left of my brain, but this doesn't stop me from living, laughing, getting fucked, shooting cum, and enjoying life.

Life Goes On!

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